Ocean ABC Legacy, Chapter 8

Henri has a good amount of reward points saved up so he goes through and buys each of the consumable rewards. He gets everything except one.

There are 20 potions, the mermaidic kelp, and the sacred candles.

Since we aren’t entirely sure about the scoring we decided to include the kelp and the candles for the points. As soon as someone can afford the Re-Traiting Potion for 5,000 points, the collection will be complete.

Bayou has an A in school so he is allowed to take a holiday. He will spend the entire day learning to ride a bicycle.

Literally, all day.

He finally learns to ride around dinner time.

Those that went to school have projects to complete. Everyone is roped into helping and finally they are both done.

Bondi completes her aspiration after spending the night in the treehouse.

Another day of school and work and this time Henri is the only one home. He paints all day. He is coming up on his elder birthday. Apparently he is a full life stage older than Ariel, although with the additional life stages and the change in life spans, it seems like they should both be elders by now. But they are not.

The one trouble with displaying the potions is that the daily maid puts them in the fridge every single day.

Drama club is over and neither one is happy. Bali is level 3 and has one more promotion. Bondi is level 2 and has two more promotions. Poor Bayou is still a scout but hasn’t completed any more badges. He still has his teen years so I expect he will get there sooner or later. And yes, Bali had too much of the skinny ice cream.

Ariel, on the other hand, is still eating a lot of food so the ice cream has not made her too skinny. In fact, she is gaining weight again.

Ariel is now an Adult. She remembered to blow out the candles before it was too late.

Bayou gets to stay home once again, this time to work on badges. He completes three before bedtime leaving only three remaining.

The girls finally bring home an A so everyone is good for the moment.

The evening consists of homework and drama practice…


…and, badge work. Everyone gets to bed just after midnight. Of course, it is almost Bayou’s birthday, just waiting for the bubbles and then there will be two teens in the house. Bondi’s birthday is in 6 days and Henri is in 4 days. Bali still has 16 days as a teen while Ariel has 40 days until she is an elder. With the changes to the life spans, it almost feels like I am playing on long.

The little table in the kitchen is the most popular table in the house. It almost always has someone sitting there.

Bali reached the top of the Drama Club and I realized that neither Scouts nor Drama are even on the Legacy scoring. Well, they are now included in the list of Careers on my sheet. Bondi is level 3 but cannot have the final promotion until she is a teen.

It is time for Bayou to blow out his candles but I realized at the last minute that he has less than half of a level of mental skill in order to complete a second aspiration. So he plays chess until he gets there.

Bali drops Drama Club for a position as a Barista, which means she needs to know how to mix drinks.

It is time for Bondi to learn to ride a bicycle.

Bayou is ready to blow out the candles. But he is still waiting on the bubbles, which should start any moment now.


As a teen, Bayou is a Cheerful Child of the Ocean. He also rolled the Purveyor of Potions aspiration so will become a spellcaster.

Of course, Bali slept through her first day of work, showed up at the last minute, and earned §2 for her trouble. Now she has to improve her work performance.

Not a single care is given.

Henri is level 8 and needs to improve his logic skill for the next promotion. As soon as he reaches the top of the career, and becomes an Elder, he will be able to retire.

Ariel has completed the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration. Henri is about one or two paintings behind her.

Bayou receives his makeover and a hairstyle that is a little more different from Henri’s.

Henri completes the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration when he mails off his next painting on Plopsy.

Bondi is working hard on her Drama club requirements. Even if she can’t receive the last promotion for now, she will be ready.

Since Bayou rolled a spellcaster aspiration, he heads to the Magical place to become a spellcaster.

Hmm, which one to choose.

Even though it really doesn’t matter, he chooses Simeon.

Simeon gives him the sight to see motes.

After collecting the required number of motes, it is time to become a spellcaster, for real.

Simeon does his thing.

Bayou buys one of each item at the shops and then heads home. This. This was his choice for summer wear so I had to let him keep it.

Today is New Skills Day so everyone picks a new skill to work on. Ariel chooses mixology.

Bali chooses fitness.

Bayou starts practicing with his new cauldron but that doesn’t give a skill for the holiday. So, Bayou and Bondi both use photography for their new skill. Henri worked on piano for his skill.

Then, Bondi has Bali teach her to ride a bicycle.

Success – Bondi can ride by herself now.

And, she masters the motor skill.

They build a new art studio out back and move all of the art items from the foyer to the studio.

Kind of loving this, a lot.

Bondi masters the mental skill while she is doing her homework.

Bayou is trying to complete his last badge by helping Bondi with her homework. It is going to be tight.

Of course there are projects for Bondi and Bayou. Bali took another holiday.

Oh yes. I thought about it and Bali is going to graduate early. She will enroll in Foxbury and begin her college career.

That takes care of the question of what to do with her for 10 more days.

Bayou finally completes the last badge and promptly drops out of the scouts. Just in time because Bondi’s birthday is tomorrow.

I missed Henri’s birthday. He aged up in the art studio, which is so appropriate. I was so focused on managing the kids, I forgot to check his age bar. He still has two more promotions to earn before he can retire.


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