Ocean ABC Legacy, Chapter 9

I forget why I took this picture.

Bayou finally earned his A in high school. And Bondi is still waiting for her bubbles.

Bayou builds a spellcasting room.

I have been building so long today that I didn’t even realize there was a house full of people watching a movie.

Jade wants to die. Although, I locked the gate after she left so maybe that will stop the trash attacks.

Bondi finally begins bubbling and there is an extra cake in the fridge.

Bondi rolls Hot-Headed and the Trend-Setter aspiration.

Since it is Harvestfest and Ariel is out painting, Bali gets the pleasure of making the grand feast for the holiday.

Three of the family made it to the table while Ariel is still painting and Bayou is experimenting with his cauldron.

I have spent so much time managing the family and not taking pictures.

Bali will be attending Foxbury starting on Monday, so she can’t register until Friday. She received several scholarships to help with the costs.

I took some time and did some thinking. I am going to let the teens graduate early whenever they earn their A. That means Bayou can graduate as soon as he receives the special call.

Ariel is closing in on mastering Baking.

And she is done. That just leaves mastery of Mixology.

Barista is hard to master since each work shift is only two hours long. So, she tries the new wishing well. She doesn’t get a promotion but it does max out her work performance so she will earn the last promotion on her Monday shift.

I forgot there was a delay between applying and enrolling in university. Bali applies Friday morning and now has to wait for her acceptance before she can enroll.

Speaking of the new wishing well, the garden is completed. Slowly, slowly the house is undergoing a remodel, room by room.

Bali also decides to switch to the Academic aspiration. She is stuck on asking other sims clean, so she will come back to that. She also just needs to have a party in a clean house, so she might do that this weekend.

Bali switches back to Perfectly Pristine and schedules a House Party. She doesn’t even need to have the party, just scheduling it counted. But since she is having a house party she is going for gold. And they can finally eat through the special cakes Ariel bought previously trying to get around having to bake a birthday cake.

The party reached gold with minutes to spare, thanks for Bayou playing video games with the other guests.

Another day, another promotion.

Bali completes Perfectly Pristine which really surprised me, but it is done. She switches her aspiration to Academic and continues to check her application status while she is waiting for Foxbury to send her acceptance.

Checking on the requirements for Trend-Setter and I realized it is a tutorial aspiration. Got to love the Random generator mod. Not complaining though, it is new to me. And it is appropriate for Bondi.

Since it is Saturday Bayou heads to the Magical Realm to look for more tomes. While he is there he asks all three sages for a potion recipe and various spells. He leaves with four new potions and three new spells, plus four new tomes to read. It was a really good haul and it isn’t even lunch yet.

Henri is one promotion from reaching the top of the career. He only needs two more levels of logic, so he will be playing chess until he gets there.

At the same time, I realize that Bondi needs the acting skill for her last promotion in Drama club, so she is doing her thing.

Bayou is having fun learning his potions. Thankfully this is not a killing curse.

Finally!!! It took 2.5 days for her to receive acceptance. She immediately enrolls in Foxbury, in the Physics degree plan. She will live at home and her scholarships will pay for her first semester. Sucks because she enrolled Sunday evening, so she won’t have any classes on Monday. Well, maybe that is a good thing and not a bad thing. She has three classes on Tuesday-Thursday and one on Monday-Wednesday-Friday.

And her “career” as a Barista was switched to E-Sports Competitor. And, she can’t drop the after school activity, which is every freaking evening. Oh. She went to quit the team and apparently it is part of a scholarship. Whatever, she can afford whatever she has to pay.

Bayou is taking advantage of this weekend to make a lot of progress on his aspiration. He is moving up as a spellcaster and should complete the aspiration before becoming a young adult.

One thing about Bayou practicing his potion making is they now have a stack of Plentiful Needs.

So Bayou’s curse is still there. I just found out that it doesn’t wear off. It is a good thing that Bayou has a free sample of a Curse Cleanser in his inventory.

Drink a potion.

Back to normal but still needing a shower.

Bondi is fed up with everything. She is still trying to earn her last Drama promotion.

Family projects, must be Monday.

Everyone is struggling. Between teenagers and elderly, I am not sure which stage I dislike the most.

Ahh, it is Winterfest. Also, the entryway received its makeover.

Bali has had a good first week in university, so far. She has turned in two term papers and is on her way to give her presentation. All she has left is class on Thursday and one final on Friday.

This is how you work from home. Work or school, either one is improved when the surroundings are nice.

I love Bondi. I really do. She became Hysterical earlier and I waited it out because as much as I love her, she would be remembered forever if she provided the legacy an hysterical death. She didn’t die.

Bayou has remained focused on his potion making and has reached Master level spellcaster.

Maybe he should have stopped sooner.

Ariel received the promotion at the career path split and chose the Patron of Arts path.

Bondi also, finally, received the last promotion in the Drama Club. She will be quitting momentarily.


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