Odyssey: Caring for Others, Chapter 1

While Realm of Magic has just released, Brigitte has already committed to the vampire lifestyle.  Magic will join the EPIC in the next generation.  In the meantime, they are all continuing on with their daily lives.  Denim masters gardening while Brigitte is waiting for her work shift to begin.

Brigitte comes home just barely missing her promotion.

She has a long life to live, as a vampire she will be part of the household for the rest of the challenge, most likely.  So, she begins to work through the aspirations, starting with Friend of the Animals.  She won’t complete a lot of them for reasons, but she will complete as much as possible.

Brigitte watches Amelia destroy the dollhouse.

And that makes Brigitte cry because she is Childish.

Amelia is working on getting her next skill to level 8 – video gaming or painting, whichever comes first.  She plays games on the tablet until she gets burned out and then she creates paintings on the sketchpad.

Brigitte works on Bodybuilder until she pulls a muscle and then she moves into the Creative aspirations.

When Brigitte goes out to job, she runs so fast that she can make a lap around the entire island.  Although it is a small island.

A new sim moved into the neighborhood, well a neighborhood.  So, Brigitte went over to meet him.  She has pretty much decided that Caleb will not be her mate since they need to leave the option open for other occults to move in, and there is the whole living-forever thing.

They get along great and soon become good friends.

They even build a strong romantic relationship and don’t even notice that it is raining.

He agrees to become her boyfriend, and she is hoping to propose before she heads home.  I am just hoping they don’t get struck by lightning in the process.

They take a small break so that Lex can get something to eat.  While he eats, Brigitte plays with the toys inside.

She caresses his cheek and he melts at her touch.

She decides that it is time to propose, so she does.

He accepts the proposal, as he should.

They head back to Brigitte’s house since there is a wedding arch there.  The first marriage of the challenge that is not an elopement.

Lex Kirby is Outgoing, Neat, and Self-Assured.  He wishes to master spellcraft & sorcery, and he is already a spellcaster so there are points for that.

Lex was made by my sister, dlwarren.

The things that happen when I am not paying close attention.

Thankfully I noticed she was hysterical before it was too late.

Brigitte heads to work, and I have to tag along with her because she needed to diagnose and treat a patient for her next promotion.

Brigitte was able to diagnose and treat two patients today, and gained half of the performance she needs for the next promotion.

Lex is a new spellcaster and the first thing on his list is to visit the Magic Realm.

Lex introduces himself to the magic sages, and is able to ask each one for a potion recipe and a spell.

When he heads home he has added three spells and four potions to his spellbook.

Then he heads to Caster Alley to buy out the stalls.  He takes home two brooms, three wands, four familiars, and two spells to learn.

The Magical Realm makes me think of the Wizard 101 worlds.

Lex comes back from the magical realm to realize it is Winterfest.  Everyone takes a moment to open a present and Denim makes a grand feast for those that want to complete that tradition.

As the day winds down, everyone is just hanging out.  Lex is working on improving his spellcraft – he needs to get to Acolyte rank, he is currently at Apprentice.

Father Winter is still wandering around, so it must still be Winterfest, even though everyone else has moved on to other things.

Brigitte can’t be sent to bed since she doesn’t sleep in beds any more and she hasn’t bought a coffin.  So, she starts working on the Musical Genius aspiration to kill time.

Lex is learning the family skill of gardening by tending the garden each morning before he begins working on his spell-casting and potion-making.

Once the chores are done, Lex invites all of the sages out to the beach where he duels with one for knowledge.  He lost.

Then he just asks them to give him some magical training.  There isn’t an option to ask for spells or potions, so he heads home.

Denim had a birthday when no one was looking but he is still looking good.

Lex binds Coco to him as a familiar, but he never has the option to send her out foraging.

Deciding to head to the magical realm to see if he can learn more spells, he discovers that he now has the option to ask for spells and potion recipes.  He also stops at Caster’s Alley to pick up whatever is being sold today.  He comes home a lot happier than when he left.

He adds a cauldron downstairs next to the vault, and he makes several potions of Plentiful Needs, then he experiments until he reaches Adept.

He casts a spell on Denim to clean him up even though Denim didn’t need it.

Then he begins reading some of the tomes he picked up while he out.

Brigitte earns a promotion to Doctor, level 5.  They are waiting to have babies until she is a little higher in her career.  She has all the time in the world, even though Lex won’t live forever.

Amelia decides to take a nap in all their simoleons.  She is lucky no one closed and locked the door while she was in the vault sleeping.

Later on, she has her own birthday quietly without any fanfare.  Generation 6 is now elders, and generation 7 has not even been thinking about bringing on generation 8.  Soon enough though.


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