Odyssey: Caring for Others, Chapter 2

Brigitte starts off this update by asking Lex for some play time.  For those counting along at home, they are generation 7 and they are working on bringing in generation 8.

I am curious as to what their child will be since she is a vampire and he is a spellcaster.

Lex is working on two aspirations without the hassle of a career, so once resolutions are made and completed – it is New Year’s Eve and the resolution bug has been fixed apparently – it is time for him to head back to the magical realm.  He needs to learn more spells.

Random toddlers everywhere.  Lex greets the toddler and she talks to him for a little while.  She does all of the talking, Lex just stands here.  Then he tells her goodbye, and still she stands there

Daisy is cute and she doesn’t like flies, apparently.  Then Lex went off and learned a bunch of potions and several more spells.  It was early the next morning when he finally returned home, without any pictures.

Brigitte kills time during the night by playing with toys.  What isn’t seen here is Denim standing behind her shaking his head because she keeps hitting herself in the face.

Brigitte heads to work at 6am and today she has company – we are going along.  She needs to diagnose and treat two patients.  She works on Darwin as hard as she can, but she can’t get anything better than a weak diagnosis.

She rolls the dice and makes a diagnosis and refers him into surgery.

She was wrong and she lost a lot of performance points today.

Darwin counts himself lucky to still be living and he runs off to another hospital.  Along with the patient that called her for a house call, which she didn’t have time to make.  They also went to a different hospital.

She moves on to the next patient and is able to reach the point of a compelling diagnosis.

She treats him and this time she was right – he leaves the hospital cured and happy.  She will be back tomorrow for another successful diagnosis and treatment, she hopes.  At some point during the day, she realized she was pregnant.  I missed it.

Back home, Lex is still experimenting and reaches Master rank.  He has been making good progress:

  • 12/15 points
  • 5/9 practical spells
  • 4/7 mischief spells
  • 5/8 untamed spells

Brigitte spends a lot of time on the treadmill until her pregnancy prevents her from continuing.  Everyone is keeping their fingers crossed that Denim doesn’t over exert himself.

Just a little pocket change.

Lex heads back to the magical realm where he learns the last of the potion recipes and picks up some more spells.

He heads home lacking just two spells – practical magic is mastered and he needs one spell each for the other two (untamed and mischief).

Back home there is another toddler.  Maybe he will be able to invite them over at some point for his kids to play with.

Speaking of playing…  After putting David down, Lex went downstairs and experimented on his potions until he reached the highest level – Virtuoso.  That completed the Potions aspiration.  Then he went to bed as did Denim and Amelia.

Brigitte doesn’t sleep so she is practicing the violin.  She has already mastered the piano and since she levels skill quickly, she will be mastering as many as possible.

Brigitte realizes that she is still allowed to work out as her pregnancy hasn’t advanced to the point where she can’t, and she is already half way through level 9 – so, she heads over to workout as much as possible.

Brigitte has to take a break from earning skills in order to go to work to successfully diagnose a second patient.  She manages to get this one right and then spends the rest of the day examining patients – but making no diagnoses since those count against her.

Back home, Brigitte tends to the garden and masters gardening.

Brigitte masters the violin and then begins working on the guitar.  When it is time to go to work, she goes alone.

That leaves Lex home alone with plenty of time to work on his spellcasting.  He needs to win three duels so he invites over Morgyn to duel.

Lex sucks at dueling and he loses five duels in a row.

I really thought he was dying and took the time to clean out his inventory.

He didn’t die, but he is cursed and needs a shower.

Morgyn just stands there and laughs.

Lex drinks a curse removing potion and then he drinks another potion to reset his spellcasting perks.  He takes the two lines to make him better at dueling and less likely to have a magical overload.

He calls Morgyn back over and Brigitte arrives at the same time.  She was sent home early from work because she is in labor.

Brigitte heads inside to rest before the baby arrives, and Lex and Morgyn discuss another duel.

Lex still doesn’t win and this time Morgyn is sparking as he has built up a large charge.  Lex calls it a day and heads inside to take care of his needs.

Brigitte heads into the nursery when it is time for the baby to be born.

As expected, it is a another girl – because of the strawberries.  Elizabeth Kirby is the beginning of generation 8.

Elizabeth is named for Queen Elizabeth II, the queen of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.  She has been the queen since she was 25, taking the throne in 1952.

Once Elizabeth is born, Brigitte heads back to master some skills.

She completes Fitness pretty quick.

Lex is still trying to win some duels.

Brigitte stops at the stereo to master dancing.

Then she spams actions with Elizabeth and quickly builds her parenting skill.  Elizabeth would prefer to be left alone so she can sleep, but that isn’t happening.  Yet

Amelia makes sure to give Coco attention.  Coco is still very needy and wanty about getting attention.

Apparently, the duels have to be against three different spellcasters.  I didn’t realize that at first and he won twice against him but only once counted.

It is a good thing that there are more than three spellcasters in the world.  Lex invites over another one and finally gets the third win.

He also completes the aspiration as soon as he wins the duel.

Lex heads down to the cauldron to use up all his potion ingredients.

Amelia and Denim are both working on Soulmate to finish out their lives – they each have just under a week remaining.  The dates are all gold dates and they reach the last tier fairly quickly.


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