Odyssey: Caring for Others, Chapter 3

With nothing much to keep his attention now that he has completed both the spellcaster aspirations, Lex decides to try to complete the Beach Life aspiration.  He tries to get a suntan but instead he just burns.

Lex heads downstairs to use up the rest of his ingredients.  Several times the process back fires, but despite looking dead, he isn’t.

Upstairs, Brigitte masters parenting and then camps out with the guitar.

Apparently, I missed all the notifications that it is Elizabeth’s birthday.  She aged up to a toddler alone, while Amelia and Denim are working on completing the Soulmate aspirations.

Elizabeth rolls Charmer and she is a spellcaster.  This is good because I really didn’t want another vampire in the house.

Elizabeth isn’t too upset about aging up by herself, and she immediately heads to the dollhouse.  But food is next on her list of needs.

Brigitte takes a break from practicing the guitar to take a bath and Elizabeth comes in to watch.  Brigitte takes advantage of having Elizabeth’s attention, and they begin potty training.

Amelia and Denim both complete the Soulmate aspiration, and they are officially on their last few days.

After reaching level 2 in her potty training, Elizabeth heads to the bedroom to babble to the stuffed animal.  She had to sit on the potty three times, and made messes on the floor all three times.

She is about to pass out, so Lex gets up and reads her to sleep.

Brigitte doesn’t need to sleep (vampire) and she is going to try to master all skills.  It is something to do, although there is some boredom creeping in.  Guitar is mastered quickly and she looks for another skill to work on.

Ahh, mixology is her next target.  They are all about the points from here on out.

Elizabeth gets up for breakfast and Brigitte heads off to work alone.

After eating her breakfast and then sitting on the potty, Denim puts Elizabeth back in bed.  She is expected to sleep through the day and get up at bedtime full of energy.

Lex is still working through his ingredients but even with all of his knowledge and training, he still makes mistakes on the potions.  And he still isn’t dead.

Denim is spending his last days fishing to see if he can get lucky and pick up some of the missing fish.

Brigitte comes home from work and masters mixology.  Cooking is next.

Elizabeth finally wakes up, at 9:30 pm, desperate to pee.

Lex finds himself cursed again.  This time he has to drink one of his curse remover potions and then he heads upstairs to get some sleep.  He is almost done with his potion making.  Of course, he could just sell the ingredients and call it a day.

Brigitte is blowing through the skills – she masters cooking and gourmet cooking.

Elizabeth was playing with the dolls when Rosa comes out to destroy the dollhouse.  Apparently she is missing some CC hair.

Elizabeth is sad about the dollhouse and she gets the hell out of the way,

As Brigitte is mastering cooking and gourmet cooking, Elizabeth masters communication.

Brigitte settles down with the tablet to find something fun to do.

Elizabeth is taking care of business and masters communication, then she gets movement up to level 4 before she has to stop to pee, eat, and sleep.

She masters the potty and heads into the kitchen to find something to eat.

Brigitte is working on mischief by trolling the forums, while Elizabeth has something to eat.

After eating, Lex puts her to bed to sleep.  She is still inverted on her sleep pattern as it is mid morning.

Denim brings everything to an abrupt halt as he decides it is time to leave this challenge.

Denim has mastered two skills – Gardening and Logic.  He completed three aspirations – Fabulously Wealthy, Mansion Baron, Nerd Brain, and Soulmate.

Lex finally finishes using up all his ingredients.

Brigitte is now working on her baking skill, while Elizabeth watches.  Sadly.

She cries but Brigitte continues her baking.

Elizabeth went out and mastered movement and then Lex gives her a bath.

This will be the first time that Elizabeth goes to bed during the night.  It is 2am, but it is still night.  Soon, she will be on a fairly normal sleeping schedule.  Fingers crossed.

Brigitte masters baking and then leaves for work.  Alone again.

Elizabeth is sad for many reasons – she misses Denim, Brigitte left her to go to work, and she is lonely.

Denim tries to cheer her up with several stories but that doesn’t seem to help.  Maybe he is reading a sad story.

Since the stories are a bust, Denim works on flashcards with her, then she watches him clean the house.

Brigitte brings home a promotion to RN, level 6.  She will continue to go to work alone until Elizabeth has mastered her skills.

Denim tries to get Elizabeth to bed, but she crashes on the floor instead.  She is just about on a normal toddler schedule as it is early evening.

Brigitte heads out to work on the fishing skill.  She has mastered sixteen skills so far.

Once Denim passed, it was just a matter of time before Amelia joined him.  Amelia mastered four skills – Charisma, Cooking, Fitness, and Gardening.  She completed five aspirations – Fabulously Wealthy, Mansion Baron, Soulmate, and Friend of the World.  They found her laying next to the outdoor trash can.

Thankfully, Elizabeth slept through it, although she will still be sad for days.  Actually Brigitte was able to hug away the sadness since she mastered parenting.

Elizabeth is in a good, no great, mood today.  For the first time since she became a toddler.  She worked on thinking by watching Lex play chess.

Then when she reaches level 4, she began asking why, why, why.  I can’t remember if she actually mastered it or they just got close and then did something else.

The something else was to read stories, and this time Lex did a much better job.  I believe she reached level 4 in imagination.

She was put to bed three times.  Twice by Lex and then the last time was by Brigitte.


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