Odyssey: Caring for Others, Chapter 4

As the sun comes up, everyone is awake and getting ready for the day.  Brigitte chats with Elizabeth while she eats, wondering why she had to sit on the floor instead of in the chair.

Brigitte heads off to work, alone, leaving Elizabeth playing with her toys.

Lex is outside taking care of the garden, and Elizabeth heads outside to watch him until he finishes.

Then she begins asking him why again.  This time she masters thinking.

Elizabeth is exhausted so Lex takes her to bed, where he reads her a story, and then he reads her to sleep.  She masters imagination, and she is now a top-notch toddler.


Lex attempts to take a cutting from the last plant for their collection.  No dice.

He tries for the cutting twice, killing the tree.  Thankfully, he knows a spell to bring it back to life.

Elizabeth wakes up and runs outside to make herself sad by mourning for one of the cats.

Brigitte needs to do something fun as a break from work and learning skills.  Lex was willing to play along.

Elizabeth leaves the room since they are too distracted to play with her.

Brigitte has the day off so she heads out to master fishing.  She was also hoping to pick up one of the missing fish, and she did find one new one.

Back in the house, Elizabeth is mostly being allowed to run free.  She asks for a story, which Lex is happy to read.

Brigitte makes a bunch of paintings on the sketchpad, while Lex teaches Elizabeth manners and conflict management.

She would much rather play.

Brigitte decides to master photography, and she uses Elizabeth as her subject.  They take pictures long enough that Elizabeth gets sad – she wants attention from someone not from a camera.

When Brigitte asks her what would make her happy, she asks for food.

Yum, chicken nuggets.

With another day until her birthday, Elizabeth bounces around the house talking with her parents and loving on Coco.

Brigitte needs to have three successful diagnoses but these two weren’t them.  She missed the mark on both attempts, and screwed around her job performance.

She finally got one right.

And she guessed right with this one also.

Brigitte tries to get a third successful diagnosis in before leaving, but this kid was not sick.

She comes home in time for Elizabeth’s birthday.  Elizabeth is excited and heads outside to find Lex.

Brigitte has time to bake a cake for Elizabeth.

Brigitte helps Elizabeth blow out the candles.

Elizabeth rolls Good for her first trait and has a quick makeover.  She will probably be the right age to be the first in this challenge to attend university, and since she rolled Good, she is going to become a Teacher.  Generation 8 is Serving the Public, and teacher seems like it will fit in there perfectly.

The future teacher joins the scouts and then completes her first homework.  She is going to be doing homework for a long time.

Elizabeth begins working on her aspiration – mental.  She quickly finishes three games with Brigitte.

After playing three games with Elizabeth, Brigitte heads out to the observatory, but first she stops to create two more paintings in order to master another skill.

After finishing painting, Brigitte spends the rest of the day singing.

Upstairs, Elizabeth is working on her badges.

Lex heads out to do some fishing, still trying to pick up the missing fishies.

Maybe it is time for Elizabeth to get some sleep.  But first she has to go to her scout meeting.

Since Brigitte has already mastered fishing, there is a thought that she might catch the missing fish faster than Lex.  Besides, he was exhausted.

Then the bills came for the week.  This hurts more every week.

Brigitte examines several patients, before finally reaching a conclusion and making her third required diagnosis for her next promotion.

Brigitte is rewarded with a promotion to General Practitioner, level 7.  She has to perform surgery on three patients for her next promotion.

Brigitte is excited because her first patient of the day appears to have The Triple Threat – and the treatment is Surgery.

She is even more excited after the surgery actually works.  It was a correct diagnosis.

Her second surgery was also the correct diagnosis.

She is trying to get a third surgery done today, but this boy only had Gas-n-Giggles.

Luckily, for Brigitte, there is an emergency in the lobby and she takes him straight back to surgery.  She has had a good day – she finishes her third surgery minutes before her shift ends.  She should get a promotion on her next shift.

Back home, Lex helps Elizabeth finish her homework, and then he heads out to harvest the garden while Elizabeth spends the rest of the evening on the chemistry table.

Brigitte heads into the deep ocean on her day off to try to catch some of the elusive fish.

She picks up one or two.

Then she heads into the Forgotten Grotto to try some more.

Lex and Elizabeth come to join her so Elizabeth can complete a badge, or three.

Back home, Brigitte decides to test out the wishing well.  Her first wish is for simoleons and she receives about four thousand.

Brigitte mentors Elizabeth with her mental skill, and it actually does look like Elizabeth gains the skill faster.

While the rest of the house sleeps, Brigitte works on wellness skill.

Brigitte’s next wish is for skills, and her mischief skill is mastered.

Lex’s birthday surprises everyone (me) and he has it without fanfare as he is exploring the nearby cave.

Brigitte comes home with her next promotion to Medical Specialist, level 8.

Brigitte heads back to the wishing well for her third wish – a promotion at work.

Instead of the promotion, her performance bar is maxed out.  Now all she has to do is to deliver a baby.

Brigitte goes back for her fourth wish, and this doesn’t look good.

She wishes for a child, but the wishing well curses her with temporary infertility.

Brigitte keeps going back to the wishing well, but maybe she should take a break.

Elizabeth is working the aspirations hard.  She already completed all of the badges for scouting.  She has mastered mental and creative at this point.

Brigitte is back at the wishing well, and beginning to think she should stop.

Yeah, this will be her last trip to the wishing well.  The well finally gives Brigitte her last wish – and you know what they say about being careful for what you wish.

Kristi joins the family and she is evil.  She is also my first wishing well child.

Kristi shows up with a mental aspiration, so she begins playing chess with Lex.


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