Odyssey: Caring for Others, Chapter 5

Brigitte is still working on the last plant of the game – the fang flower from the tentacle tree.  Since they have never been able to get the tree to grow on Sixam, they added the tree from debug, but that also has not produced anything.  After some research, Brigitte adds two more trees from debug plus she plants the actual fang flower.  The thought is the trees in debug don’t produce flowers, but planting the flower itself might grow into a tree that will produce the flower.

I forget why Kristi is looking so smug.  She played three games of chess with Lex and lost all three, so it couldn’t be that.

After chess, Lex reads to Kristi for two long and painful hours.

Brigitte is out treasure hunting trying to find the last three items to complete the collection.  She brings home not much of anything.

Elizabeth completes the creativity aspiration.  She just needs an A to complete the mental aspiration.  She is stuck on the physical aspiration as she needs to play the typing game on a computer.

Brigitte heads to work, hoping to get a pregnant sim in labor.  While she waits, she correctly diagnoses one sim.

Then she gets the next diagnosis wrong.  She leaves at the end of the day without getting to deliver a baby.

Elizabeth brings home an A, completing the mental aspiration.  She is allowed to run free for the rest of the evening.

Brigitte masters singing and then heads out to do some fishing.  Lex is in the observatory trying to find the space paintings.  The girls finish their homework and head to bed.

Brigitte wants to get past the requirement to deliver a baby, so she makes another wish at the wishing well.  Then she receives a call from the hospital – her boss won the lottery and walked out.  Brigitte is promoted to Surgeon, level 9.  Now her requirements for the last promotion are to successfully diagnose and treat five patients.

With the day off, Brigitte makes a list of the skills she has not even started, and then buys the appropriate items.  She quickly masters bowling.

After the girls leave for school, she heads downstairs to learn some vet skills.

She spends the rest of the day opening up the skills – pipe organ…

…DJ mixing…

…and Media production.  Then she reads books for the skills where there were books available – flower arranging, herbalism, archaeology, programming, and writing.  The only skills she has not unlocked yet are Pet Training and Selvadoradian Culture.

Brigitte has other things to work on, so she hits the wishing well up again.  She doesn’t get an automatic promotion, but her performance bar is completely filled.  Now she just needs to diagnose and treat five patients.

Kristi takes advantage of the fact that she isn’t monitored closely and creates a mess in the kitchen.  She is sent off to practice chess after cleaning up her mess.

Elizabeth masters social – that is three child skills for her.  She has only completed two of the aspirations but is going to work on the last skill – motor.

Lex is busy trying to level logic and create prints for the collection.  He has almost mastered gardening, which would be his first skill mastered.

I was really hoping Elizabeth would be ready for University when it was released.  But she isn’t quite there.  She still has the last of her childhood and all of her teen years to go, so Lex is going to test out the waters.

Kristi is really getting off easy – she isn’t working on any aspirations, barely learning skills, and hasn’t completed any scouting badges.  Yet.

Brigitte finds out she is expecting another baby and rushes out to tell Lex.  Risky strikes again.

Brigitte heads to work and is going to see how many patients she can diagnose and treat correctly today.  This is her last promotion and then computers will be unlocked.  When computers are unlocked, then I will consider University unlocked.  Brigitte finally has a nooboo to deliver.

Then she works her way through the patients.  She successfully diagnoses four patients out of the five required.

She tries to sneak in the last diagnosis but runs out of time before treatment, which is good since she was wrong-wrong-wrong.

Brigitte is flying through the skills.  She might be my first ever fully maxed out sim.

Elizabeth masters the last of the child skills – and just in time because it is her birthday.

Lex masters his first skill – gardening.

Installed Discover University…

Interesting – and literally the first thing I found…

Split from Household and Move

Kristi finally gets some attention and begins working on her scouting badges.

Elizabeth is waiting for her birthday candles – one last cry as a child while she waits for Lex to bake her a cake.  Brigitte masters the pipe organ during this time and then moves over to Veterinarian crafting table.

Elizabeth blows out her candles and picks up the Self-Assured trait.

She also takes the new Academic aspiration.  They are so close to completing generation 7 and generation 8 taking over.  This challenge might actually get finished (this year would be nice, but my breath isn’t being held).


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