Odyssey: Caring for Others, Chapter 6

Brigitte continues to work on her skill – veterinarian is the current focus.  She is about to head to work, and hopefully will finish her requirements for her last promotion.

Amelia repairs the dollhouse, which is appropriate since I am pretty sure she is the one that destroyed the dollhouse.

She takes her first case and makes an accurate diagnosis and Kaylee responds well to the treatment.  Brigitte just needs to get through the rest of the day without doing anything stupid and she should have the last promotion – unlocking computers and everything else.

She takes care of one more patient in order to move her daily meter and thankfully, she makes the right diagnosis.

Brigitte leaves the hospital for the first time – there is an outbreak of sick sims that she needs to treat.  After getting back from the emergency, she uses the computer to apply for all the scholarships.  The best part, she will be unlocking computers as soon as she get the promotion.  Hopefully today.

And it is done – everything is now unlocked.  There are no more limits, other than Criminal in the ninth generation and ten babies in the last generation.

Brigitte heads home for New Year’s Eve and everyone has a great time.

While the rest of the household goes to bed, Brigitte sets out the computers that have been in inventory and she begins learning how to program.

Brigitte heads into the nursery to give birth…

Leo joins the family – the very first boy during this challenge.

Leo Tolstoy is a Russian author and philosopher

Generation 7 has completed all of their requirements so now the focus turns to Elizabeth.  Brigitte will continue working on skills and Lex will continue trying to collect the space prints.  Kristi will continue to work on badges and Leo will eat, poop, and cry.

Kristi meets her new sibling just before she leaves for scouts.  She is a little bit pissed.

Elizabeth begins working on improving her chances to get into the Distinguished Psychology program at Foxbury.  According to Carl she needs the following – this is just to get accepted into the program.

  • A in High School
  • Acting, level 3 (4)
  • Mischief, level 3 (3)
  • Parenting, level 3 (3)
  • Charisma – the higher then better (3)
  • Logic – the higher then better (2)
  • Research and Debate – the higher then better (0)

Lex stays home with Leo, and they just sort of bumble around not really accomplishing much.

Kristi works through the night finishing her homework and school project.  Elizabeth is too stressed to start.

Finally, finally, finally.  Using a fang flower from debug to plant, there is finally a tentacle tree producing flowers.

In fact, of the four trees, two of them produced the flowers needed to finalize the plants collection.  Once Lex harvests the flowers, the trees are moved into the garden.

Elizabeth is trying to de-stress while Brigitte is trying to build up her social need.  In the end, they head to the bedroom to get it done quicker.

Lex uses one of his spells to make copies of several ingredients.

Maybe he should have taken a break because he suffers from an overload.  He survives.

Elizabeth finally begins working on her project and almost forgets to go to school.

Leo grows into a silly-vampire toddler.

He is a silly toddler that is sad to be left behind when Brigitte went to work.

Lex starts him on his toddler training.

The sadness shows up when Lex is getting ready to ask Leo to go to the potty.

Leo and Lex work on the potty several times, three times.  Leo only defied Lex once.

After getting his potty skill to level 2, Leo heads into his room to work on communication with the stuffed bear.  Lex comes in to put him to bed, but Leo is going down for the count.

In the end, Brigitte read him to sleep and everyone takes a breath.

Brigitte is making a special drink.

Brigitte takes her time making the drink, and tells herself a scary story in the process.

Brigitte drinks the ultimate cure and returns to the land of the living.

It took an hour, a real life hour, to figure out how to fix the new bug that prevents children from getting quick meals from the fridge.  Then I found a bug fix by Little Ms Sam.

Leo wakes up and he is starving.  Give him all the food.

Coco watches Leo eat a grilled cheese sandwich.  It takes him a long time to finish eating.

Part of the reason it takes so long, he takes a break to poop his diaper.

Then he goes to the potty where he stays until he masters it.

Then he passes out before Lex can put him to bed.

But before bed, now he wants to play.

Elizabeth finally brings home her A – and now she is going to prep for university.  Skills, skills, skill.

Leo is back to the grilled cheese sandwich and Lex sits with him while he eats.

Leo really needs to go to bed, but he hasn’t finished eating yet.  That means tantrums.  One.



Then he passes out once again.

The breakfast burrito sure sounds like a great idea.

Brigitte is downstairs making a cauldron of something red.

Leo is having a busy day as he spends most of it on the slide outside in the rain.

There is sliding,

And there is crying,

And there is foot stomping tantrums.

He is finally allowed inside to eat some dinner.

Which leads to passing out twice.

He also had three more tantrums.

Finally Lex is able to get him into bed.

Leo had a really rough day trying to master all his skills.  Maybe tomorrow, or maybe not.

After putting Leo to bed, Lex heads downstairs to bring the Cioppino up to the fridge.  Twelve servings.

Elizabeth and Kristi are catching up on their homework.

And, Lex finally picks up the last of the Space Prints, completing another collection.  There are very many remaining – 17 completed, 13 remaining.

Elizabeth works on her extra credit homework while sitting on Leo’s bed.  He wakes up from a desperate need to pee.

After using the potty, he gets a bath which he really needed.

Leo is lowly improving his skills.  Thankfully he still has three or four days because it is going slowly.

With everyone else occupied, he begins to work on imagination.


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