Odyssey: Caring for Others, Chapter 7

Kristi went out to the park to work on her outdoor badge, and then heads home exhausted once she is finished.

Back home, Leo is still sad and wants to do something fun.

Elizabeth decides to wish for more skills.  Instead she receives a learning block and cannot learn anything for several hours.

Leo is still struggling.

After he finishes several tantrums and passing out several times, he finally gets to go to bed.

Kristi’s age bar starts bubbling so Lex makes her a cake.

She rolls Genius to go with Evil and takes the Public Enemy aspiration.

The wishing well can be great when the wishes are granted positively.  But it is definitely a gamble.  Kristi makes a wish for more skills and she is given a 4-hour buff, which she uses on gardening.

Leo is still being a pain in the butt.  He never seems to be in a good mood.

He cries all the time.

Brigitte is hoping she can master veterinarian skill but her gains are slower since she is not a vampire any longer.

Elizabeth is trying to cheer Leo up, but it isn’t working.

Lex heads out to see if he can find the missing fish or some treasures.  He doesn’t pick up anything new.

Brigitte puts him back to bed hoping he will get some sleep.  He is lagging on his skills and his birthday is coming up soon.

Elizabeth is reading up on Research and Debate for her university application.  Brigitte is reading about robotics.

Kristi finds one of the computers that isn’t being used and she begins trolling forums.

Leo has to get up to potty and before he goes back to sleep, he plays with his toys and finally masters imagination.  He needs to finish up movement and then begin thinking.

Oh Em Gee.

It is finally time for Elizabeth to apply to university.  She is determined to gain entry into the Distinguished Psychology program.  Fingers crossed.

He spends more time sleeping on the floor than sleeping in his bed.

Elizabeth masters gardening and hands off the responsibility to Kristi.

While Leo is awake, Lex takes the opportunity to begin working on his thinking skill.  They don’t get far before Leo gets up and walks off.

He heads over to the dollhouse to do something fun, but then he bursts into tears.  Apparently he had a nightmare and it is still scary and sad.

The girls spend the rest of Sunday evening practicing mischief and reading about robotics.

Wait, what are you two doing?

This is what happens when Lex and Brigitte are left alone for too long.

Leo masters movement, just leaving a lot of work to be done on thinking.

Leo and Lex are the only ones at home on Monday and one watches the other.  Leo first needs to get thinking to level 3 so that he is guaranteed to gain Happy Toddler.  Then he will work on becoming a Top-Notch Toddler.

But first he needs another nap.

Leo is running out of time and so he is being pushed even harder than before, which means he is sleeping mostly on the floor.

Kristi comes home with a school project and since she still needs to bring her grades up to A, she works on her own project and then she takes Elizabeth’s project as her own.  Hopefully that will give her a good boost.

Leo gets up to potty which means he has to spend a little bit of time on the tablet.  Everyone is sleeping or he would have been watching someone.

Even though he was sent to bed when he became exhausted, he still didn’t make it in time and passed out on the floor at the foot of his bed.

This has literally been a chapter where Leo is tortured everyday of his toddler life.

Surely life is more fun than this?

After going to the potty and doing something that required clothing, Leo finds Brigitte playing with his robot.

It is almost over, today is his birthday.

He is trying to watch other sims to build thinking before he runs out of time.

He follows Lex around, taking turns napping on the ground.

He finally reaches level 4 in thinking and begins to ask why.

Elizabeth receives her acceptance letter – she can choose any degree in either university.

Leo doesn’t have time to sleep, so he is existing on catnaps on the floor.

With her acceptance guaranteed, Elizabeth applies for all the scholarships that show up on her list.

Leo must have food, so he eats and asks why of Kristi.

His age bar is bubbling.

The pressure is great, and his bar has been bubbling for awhile.  He is out of time.

It is over – Leo accepts the Happy Toddler trait.  He is just short of mastering thinking, but he is starving, exhausted, and really needs to potty.  He is the first toddler to not achieve Top-Notch Toddler in this challenge.

Leo rolls Good and takes the Social aspiration.  He joins the scouts and wanders off to find the toilet and a bed.

As Elizabeth’s birthday comes closer, my fingers are pried loose from the controls.  Lex and Brigitte have completed their requirements, and Kristi and Leo will be moving out when they reach their young adulthood.  So, all focus will be on Elizabeth and every else will run wild and free.  Elizabeth calls the school and takes her last day as a vacation day, and then heads inside to bake a cake.

While Elizabeth makes a cake, Brigitte and Lex enjoy a quiet morning eating popcorn for breakfast.

And then it is time to blow out the candles, and generation 7 is complete.

As generation 8 takes over, their score for the challenge to this point is 567.


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