Odyssey: Crossroads, Chapter 1

Generation 5:

  • Heir must choose between the Criminal and Secret Agent career.
  • Spouse can ONLY choose one of the previously unlocked careers.
  • If heir(ess) chooses the Secret Agent track (which she did when she rolled the Self Assured trait)…
    • Every child born afterwards will need to be given the Self-Assured trait, until a future heir(ess) (generation 9) reaches the top of the criminal.
    • Secret agent track allows sims to purchase and use tablets.

Before Jason Bourne, before Jack Ryan, there was Bond, James Bond, the original two-dimensional, world-saving secret agent. ~Alex Berenson

Rosa hears that her perfect match has moved to town, Willow Springs to be specific, and she heads over to meet and greet him.

After they become very good friends, she invites him back to her house so that they can get out of the rain.  Now it is time to start getting romantic, and hopefully Zane and Joanne will give them some privacy.

The attraction is mutual and they are quickly improving their feelings for each other.

Rosa takes the leap and proposes and holds her breath.  They have been up all night and she is really hoping he accepts on the first attempt.

He accepted and then they continued the tradition of casual weddings, rather, casual elopements.

Since they are already in the right house, they move directly to the wedding night activities once he has moved in officially.

Because Joanne had great success using the Matchmaker on Boolprop, Rosa wanted to try also.  It is a limited time event, and it is still running so, Rosa asked the Matchmaker to see what she could do.  Quoted from his resume…

I’m an aspiring cook with a positive outlook on life!  Cooking and just living give me happiness, and I like to share that happiness with those who are important to me! I love watching movies and doing things that others enjoy, as seeing them happy makes me happy too.  One thing I’ve been working on is I’m a bit of a perfectionist. I like to get things done, and get them done well. Despite this, I’ve been using it to fuel my passions and improve without letting it hinder me!

Finley Baron is Cheerful, Creative, and a Perfectionist, and his aspiration is to become a Master Chef.  He was created by Livvielove as part of this June event.

Joanne completes the first six totem relics that she put together.

Fin works on his cooking and mixology skills so that he will be ready for his first day of work.  He took a position in the Culinary field and will be starting as a Mixologist, level 4.  He is very tired so he goes to bed as soon as he has the necessary skills for his next promotion.

Joanne is running space missions for the fame.  She is going to have to go back to work though for the biggest increase, most likely.

Patch and update was installed here – Island Living is coming in two days…

After loading the game to constant error messages, MCCC was hotfixed and the errors stopped.  Rosa didn’t care because she was enjoying playing on the water slide.  She has finished her daily tasks and her promotion requirements and is ready to earn a promotion.  Once she goes to work.

Joanne decides to take another gig to work on increasing her celebrity.  She is actually running out of time.  She will become an elder in two days.  And, I just realized that her gig is on her birthday.  She will be lucky to become a five-star celebrity as things are going.  She needs to think of something else that will move her fame quicker.

Fin takes time out from playing on the water slide to meet some of the sims walking by.  He did this on his own because he was feeling confident.

Rosa earns a promotion to Secret Agent, level 5.  She is a secret agent in the secret agent career.

Joanne leaves a sugar skull offering in the hopes of collecting another sugar skull for the collection.

Joanne tracks down the Celebrator and they are immediately good friends, thanks to her traits.

Unfortunately, he rejects her request three times, stating that he doesn’t know her.  She finally gets him to give up a skull on the fourth request.  But, it is one that they already have, once again.

Back home, Zane is struggling and the dollhouse takes the brunt.  He doesn’t repair it after he destroys it like most other sims, though.

As he heads outside to view something in one of the collections, his age catches up with him and he becomes an elder.  (A drunk elder because they have been drinking at the bar).  Because he completed the Bodybuilder aspiration, he has another 35 days of life.  He will be hanging around for awhile.

Since it is also Harvestfest, they are appeasing the gnomes to the best of their ability.  Some have more success than others.

Since Fin is the chef in the family now, he heads in to make the grand feast.  He probably should have taken a few minutes to pee first.  After he makes a puddle in the kitchen, he leaves the turkey on the oven to hide from everyone.  He is sent back to the kitchen to finish the meal.

Rosa takes a few minutes to repair the dollhouse.  It needs to be in good shape so that someone else can destroy it.

Fin is working on the turkey, which is more difficult because all of the gnomes decided to meet up in the kitchen.

With the holiday traditions complete, the holiday is ended early.  Then Rosa heads off to work, because she wants to reach the top of her career as quick as possible.  Fin heads back to the bar to work on mixology – he will work on cooking as soon as he reaches level 4 in mixology.  That is all he needs for the Chef path of Culinary.  He reaches level 4 quickly since he was almost there, then he switches over to making meals.  He will need to master Cooking and reach level 8 in Gourmet Cooking.

Zane cleans up some of the dirty dishes, but not all of them.  Then he begins working on astronomy – he is going to see how many of the space pictures he can collect.  Joanne is back to running space missions as she continues to try to build her fame.

Rosa and Fin were planning on some fun times, but Rosa fell asleep first.  Maybe another time.

Rosa finds out she is pregnant and celebrates the knowledge that generation six is on the way.

She wakes up Fin to let him know the good news.  Then she eats a handful of strawberries to make sure it is going to be a girl.  Their timing is good because Rosa has four days off from work, which I did not realize when she got pregnant.  It just worked out.

Joanne has to leave for her gig and she is able to skip hair and makeup and doesn’t have to get into costume either.  Which makes for a weird scene since she is filming a pirate movie.  But whatever.  She finishes with a gold performance and earns three fame stars and a good payout.  Even better, she becomes a four-star celebrity – a Proper Celebrity.

She immediately looks for another gig because she is still hopeful that she can become a Global Superstar.

After finding the right gig – the first one had anger and something else inconvenient so she canceled it and tried again.  But, after finding the right gig, Joanne begins working on her prep tasks – fitness, friends, and action scenes.  She has until Monday morning, and it is only Friday evening.

After working on the punching bag, she heads inside to run the treadmill.  But first, she has an emotional breakdown after learning that someone died.  Someone that she once co-starred with in one of her earlier performances.  As the evening winds down, Joanne picks up several more fame perks thanks to her newly improved celebrity status: Giving Back and Rally!

They get serious about the skulls and decide to see how many they can stack.  Since each sim can only request one in a specific time frame, they are all going to take turns.  Zane goes first.

He thinks he is hitting it off with the Celebrator, but he is turned down when he makes his request.

A little while later, and he has success.  This time he gets a unique skull, one they don’t already have.

Once Zane has a skull in hand, Joanne heads out and starts the process.

She uses her celebrity to make sure she is friends with her Celebrator, and she gets a skull on her first request.  Of course, it is a duplicate of the one Zane just got, so it is sold.

Then it is Rosa’s turn.  She has success on the first request and she receives another unique skull.  They are up to 7/9 skulls for the collection.

No one knows who this random sim is – she was walking by and couldn’t resist the pull of the water slide.

For her next gig, Joanne needs to practice the action scene and get friendly with her costars and director.  For some reason, they won’t come when she summons them.  She invites over a different costar but the prep tasks don’t update.

So, she changes her gig to a different movie, and the prep tasks are now different.  Instead of action, she needs to practice drama.  She asks Fin to help her out… and apparently kissing is part of the non-romantic scene.  Thankfully, Rosa knows they are just acting, otherwise this could be fairly awkward.

Then, desperate to get her fifth star (her age bar is bubbling so she is about to become elderly), Joanne buys some nice violins to give away.  It works and she is now a five-star celebrity, Global Superstar.  She receives a celebrity tile as a reward.  Once she places it in Starlight Blouevard, she will complete the aspiration.

Joanne decides that no time is like the present and she heads to Starlight Boulevard.  She ages up the instant she arrives, but that doesn’t stop her.  She is going to place the celebrity tile tonight.

The Placement Ceremony begins and there are a lot of fans on hand to watch, along with the paparazzi.

As she places the tile, she completes her aspiration.  Then she poses for pictures and heads for home.

Zane is waiting for her when she gets home and he is excited to see her.  They head inside for some private celebrations.  As for Zane, it is going to take him another week, at least, to reach the top of his career.

The last one home for the night is Fin.  Despite the look on his face, he earned a promotion today – Line Cook, level 5.

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