Odyssey: Crossroads, Chapter 2

Joanne spends her additional fame points on three more perks: Fan Favorite, Career Hopper, and Star Treatment.  She opened up the last two quirks so it will be interesting to see what she picks up.

Sunday is New Skill Day so everyone is trying to get the holiday to complete successfully.  They spent all day learning skills that meant something to them.  In the end, they all ended up picking up the violin and they all were able to find success.

As everyone begins to get up Monday morning, Fin needs to throw a dinner party for his aspiration.  While he is getting ready for the party, Rosa heads outside to sell all of the harvestables.  She is getting close to delivery.

Fin begins the dinner party and everyone sits down to eat at the same time.

He needed to pee but he had tasks to accomplish for the party.  If he is going to have it, he wants to do as good as possible.  Despite his accident, he manages to get the party to gold and then he ends it early.

As the party winds down, Rosa goes into labor.  One party is over and another is just beginning.

It is 8 am and Fin is drunk.  But he hosted a successful party so there is that.  He doesn’t go to work for six hours so there is time for him to get past being drunk.

He is drinking tea to try to sober up, but he really needs to take a shower instead.

It is a good thing he is feeling so good after his party, because he has a lot of embarrassment at the moment – from peeing his pants to walking in on Zane taking a bath.

Rosa reaches the end of her labor and gives birth to a little girl.  Like that is a surprise.  She names her Amelia and generation six is in the house.

Amelia is named for Amelia Earhart.  She was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic in 1932.

Rosa decides to head to work after giving birth, but first she takes a few minutes to feed Amelia.

Zane and Joanne are basically on free will at this stage, so Joanne watches him run on the treadmill.  After he finishes running on the treadmill, he drinks some of the drinks that Fin made during the party, and now Zane is drunk.

It is time for Fin to head to work, and he is no longer drunk, but now he has a terrible hangover.  While Fin and Rosa are at work, Joanne calls her PR Agency to get invited to a celebrity party, so she is gone for a little while.  That leaves drunk Zane home with Amelia.

This should be called the drunk chapter.  Joanne comes home from the party, and they partied hard.  Joanne and Zane head to bed early.  Rosa should be home from work soon and Amelia will be fine until then.

Rosa comes home with a promotion to Government Agent, level 6.  Even better is the fact that she doesn’t need to work on any skills for the next promotion, so she can get some sleep.

But before she heads to bed, she stops in the nursery to snuggle with Amelia.  Then she heads to bed.

Soon after, Fin comes home from work, and he also earned a promotion.  He is now Head Caterer level 6 and he also doesn’t need to work on his skills for the next promotion.

Before heading to bed, he stops in the nursery and changes Amelia, and then he feeds her.  Now, everyone should sleep through the night.

It was a dream that everyone would sleep until morning.  Joanne and Zane are up at 2 am eating and chatting with Howl.  At least Amelia is still asleep and so are her parents.

Everyone has to work on Tuesday except for Fin.  So, he is working on his aspiration.  So much cooking.

This is the point where I installed Island Living

They tried really hard to move to this lot, but there isn’t enough land for their collections, and the rest of their crap.  So, they are going to look at the other 50×50 lot in Sulani.

Rosa begins the process of planning the move.  Everyone is excited about the new world and they are anxious to explore it.

They will be leaving this winter for a more tropical place.  But they will be moving the house as/is and then will renovate once they get there.

The family moves to the newly bulldozed lot and they wait for their house to arrive.  I wish moving was this easy in real life, but that is one reason I haven’t moved since 1994.

The house has arrived and since this lot is bigger than the last one, they take the time to rearrange the outside crap.  The will get settled and then the house will get a makeover also.  It is definitely not looking like a beach house – it needs bigger windows.

Zane has been stuck on the Super Parent aspiration because he needs to increase his parenting skill.  Finally, there is a baby in the house and he harasses Amelia until he reaches level 6.

Then it is time to explore their island.  Zane wanders around cleaning up the trash and finds a little alcove where the water is awful.  Since he isn’t a conservationist, he can’t do anything about this.

They are on the island with the volcano, so that ought to be interesting.  {reminder to me to check the lot traits when the house gets updated}

Nalani is the sim from the trailer and she is living on the island.  Or she is here to play in the sand.  After checking her out with MCCC, she is not married, has no children, and is homeless.

Then we discover a cave next door to the house.  Talk about convenience.  Someone will go exploring shortly.

As Zane makes his way around the island, they see the volcano from a different view.  No idea what the green is from the volcano and if it is something that needs to be cleaned up, or just is what it is.  I mean I know it is runoff from the volcano, so it probably isn’t something that they need to clean up, but if it does need to be cleaned up, it will need a conservationist also.

Zane is almost done and heading back to the house.  He runs through the water, splish-splash.

There is one last pile of trash to clean up that he missed on the first exploration.

Then he realizes that he is cold.  So winter gets cold on the islands, even if there isn’t any snow.  And tomorrow is Winterfest.

Back home, Fin has been at the bar again.  He likes his bar drinks.

With his exploration done and everything cleaned up, Zane takes some time to go fishing.  This fishing spot is next to the house also.

Fin is still drunk and he is back at the bar.  This is what he chooses to do when he has down time.  He currently has seven inspired moodlets, one energized moodlet, and one drunk moodlet.  So he isn’t feeling very drunk at the moment.

Joanne comes home from what will probably be her last gig.  She is exhausted and just wants to enjoy her golden years.  She won’t retire because I don’t think actor’s get a pension, but she won’t be taking any more gigs.

The family is about to start a series of holidays – every day is something.  Wednesday is Winterfest, Thursday is TV Season Premiere (which they will get to enjoy for the first time), Friday is free day, Saturday is New Year’s Eve, and Sunday is Spring Fling.  Oh and Amelia’s birthday is the same day as Winterfest (Wednesday).

While everyone is sleeping, the house gets a tropical makeover.  The floor didn’t change, but the walls were raised to the tallest height, the windows were swapped out for taller windows.  The same with the two exterior doors, while the interior doors were painted a lighter color.  The lights on the front of the house are moved after the picture was taken, and the garlic wreath was moved back to the spot between the two windows.  For the lot traits, Peace and Quiet was swapped out for Island Spirits.  Since they already have the ghosts of the ancestors wandering around each night, it will be interesting to see how the Island Spirits manifest.  And just a note, I really wish money was part of the scoring for this challenge.  They have more simoleans than any other family I have played, ever.

Amelia has the inventory glitch – where she went into inventory for the move and now isn’t crying about her needs.  I go out to Manage Worlds to fix her up – hopefully it works – and while there, here is a picture of Sulani.

Amelia is unglitched and now she wants attention.

Fin comes to her rescue and gives her lots of love until she settles down.  Just as a precaution, he gives her a bottle and changes her diaper.  One thing about the skill – it improves whether she needs the diaper change or now.

Zane is out grilling breakfast and *he leaves footprints in the sand!!

Rosa is also up early and she is playing on the water slide.  They still need to get out into the ocean, so that is coming up.  Notice she also left sandy footprints of her own.

The island spirits don’t waste any time coming out, but there are only three of them.  Joanne, Rosa, and Fin commune with the spirits, while Zane continues eating.  Joanne and Fin are granted island luck which improves skill and motive gains.  Rosa is granted island energy.  All of the moodlets are 24-hours.

The rainbow-festive Winterfest tree is setup in a permanent location outside next to the magic bean tree and the space rocks.  This will be where it remains so that they aren’t buying and selling it each year.

Inside, Fin is making a grand feast for breakfast.  He also reaches level 9 in cooking so he is coming along on his skills nicely.

The family spends time together over breakfast. They are enjoying one last peaceful meal before Amelia becomes a toddler.

Regularly throughout the day, Joanne, Rosa, and Fin are buffed by the island spirits,  I assume this will continue until their 24-hours is up and the good blessings expire.  Fin changed seats three times.  Finally everyone finished eating.

Zane was the only one where that wasn’t enough for his holiday traditions.  He wanted to do something else, so he was sent out first to open presents.  This completed his holiday traditions and everyone is in the gold now.

The rest followed and also opened presents.  They are getting the adults out of the way so that the rest of the day can be focused on Amelia, as a toddler.  Rosa decides to head to work for a little while, so that she can get closer to the next promotion.  Everyone else heads off to do things of their own, and Fin heads into the nursery to get Amelia ready for her birthday.

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