Odyssey: Crossroads, Chapter 3

It is time for Amelia to become a toddler, so Fin makes sure she is full and happy first.

The random trait mod has been removed for now as they test out the in game random traits button.  Amelia rolls charmer through the randomizing button.

Fin begins the process by making sure Amelia can walk.

She is wobbly but she picks it up quickly.

Fin asks Amelia if she is willing to learn to potty.

Amelia agrees to learn to potty. For some reason I thought she was angelic, and I was wondering if she would be defiant and have tantrums.  Later I will realize she is a charmer and not angelic.

Joanne is spending all of her time outside on the water slide, so it is time for her to head out into the ocean.

Fin is still working on Amelia – and she is shocked at what is happening.  It feels a lot different from using the diaper, that is for sure.

Zane decides to make some kava so that they can see what it is like.

Amelia finishes her first time on the potty, and she is both sad and angry.  Sad that she made a mess on the floor, and angry because she is really hungry.  The anger is dominant at the moment.

Fin asks her to take another sitdown on the potty and despite her current mood, she agrees to try one more time.

Joanne swam out as far as possible and then decided to head back home to play on her phone.

But first, she floats on her back.  Then she heads back to the house.

Zane takes the kava and heads off somewhere to drink it.

He went straight in and got into the bath.  He never acknowledged Fin and Amelia.  He never even noticed them and no one got embarrassed.

Amelia still needs to work on her potty skills, but first she is going to eat dinner.  Grilled cheese is really good.

Fin tells her a story to try to cheer her up, but it doesn’t work.  She is still sad about the accident with the potty, and now she is getting really tired, so the anger from being hungry has been replaced by the anger from being tired.

After she finishes her sandwich, it is time for some sleep.  Instead of heading towards her bed, she heads for the tent outside.  I also realized that she is coordinated with the rugs.

Fin stops her before she can get outside and takes her to her bed, where he reads her to sleep.  It is early in the evening, so she will be waking up in the middle of the night, most likely.

Zane might finally be getting close to reaching the top of his career.  He comes home with his performance in the excellent range.  He should earn the promotion in one or two shifts.

Around 9:30 pm, I remember that it is Winterfest and Amelia hasn’t opened any presents.  She is headed out to the pile of presents.

Father Winter showed up and beat her to the presents.  He is loading them back up so everyone can take another run at the pile before the holiday ends.

Amelia is excited to meet Father Winter because that means more presents.

She asks him for something special and he gives her a doctor kit for when she is older.

After he gives her the present, she gives him a hug as a thank you.

Zane takes Amelia back to bed as the holiday winds down.  Despiting asking Father Winter for a present, her holiday tradition never registered as completing.  She also ate a plate of the breakfast feast and that didn’t update either.  So Amelia had a holiday that was just okay, while everyone else had a good holiday.

Zane reads her to sleep and then everyone heads to bed.  Everyone doesn’t stay in bed, but for about five minutes they were all asleep.

As Winterfest ends, it is now time for TV Season Premiere day – and they have a TV this time so they will be able to participate and enjoy it.  Joanne picks up her third quirk – Refined Palate.  She is going to be extra picky about her meals now.

One of the items in Island Living is colored and patterned diapers.  They are so cute.

Fin and Rosa are on hand to help Amelia with her potty training this morning.  She will be able to go by herself after this session.

Joanne is never far from a mirror, which is her first quirk.

While Zane was trying to figure out how to work the Aqua-zip, Amelia and Fin found some time to dance together.   She was sent to work on communication with the stuffed bear while Fin did whatever.

To make the boats work, they have to be in inventory, or in deep (swimming) water.

It takes Zane a few tries to figure out what and where, but he makes it work and spends several hours riding around on the Aqua-zip

Social services called to warn the family that they need to make sure Amelia is allowed to eat on a regular basis.  That baked potato looks good and reminds me that I should get something to eat.

While Fin is taking care of Amelia, Joanne takes the sail boat out.  She spends the rest of the day on the boat, sailing and then lounging.

Zane is done with riding and while I am curious about leaving the Aqua-zip in the water since  it is not water they own.  So, he puts the Aqua-zip back in his pocket and heads to shore.

Amelia finishes eating and goes out wandering.

While Amelia is wandering around the island, the adults that are home are watching the TV Season premiere.  It was a surprise premiere because it tell them what they were watching.  It just said Season Premiere.

Amelia heads inside after she is done wandering and masters communication.  Once she is done with that, she heads out to the ocean to play.

It is a long walk for such a little toddler.  Also, she doesn’t need an adult to go with her.

It is getting late in the afternoon and will be time for bed soon.  But onwards, Amelia continues her journey.  She will be there soon.

She has fun playing in the ocean and stays there for a long time.

Finally, she needs to potty and it is getting late, so it is time to go home.  It is funny to watch her stand up, since she has to put her face in the water to do so.

She isn’t that far from the house, but it will take her an hour to make the walk.

She heads straight to the potty, because it was getting urgent.

Joanne comes in to help her out and then to put her to bed with a story.

After watching the island spirits sparkle around, the lot trait is changed to Homey.  This will help in the learning of Cooking, Mixology, Handiness, and Gardening.  Zane keeps going out to lay out on the towel, but there is a problem with the way he is choosing to get some sun.

He is sent to the ocean to put out a fish trap.  It will be interesting to see what new fish there are, and to see what of the older fish he can catch.

Fin gravitates to the bar.  Where the others head for the stereo to dance, Fin makes drinks.  He also drinks the drinks.

Zane stands in the water next to the fish trap and plays on his phone.  I don’t even want to know where he had the phone, but it must be waterproof.

With time to kill before he heads to work, Zane takes the Aqua-zip out once again.

Joanne is lounging in the outrigger.  I was hoping they would actually sprawl out like in the kiddie pool.

Amelia sleeps late and when she finally wakes up, she is starving.  But, they are always starving when they wake up.

Fin also has time before work, so he is fishing with a fishing pole.  He catches a couple of fish and then something called the Heart of Sulani.

Amelia stops at the potty and then finds some food that isn’t spoiled yet.  She needs to work on movement so that she can move around faster.

Movement is the skill of the day, so Amelia heads out to the slide.  She had already reached level 2 just walking from one place to another, but today she is going to master movement.  It is time for her to start running.

Run, Amelia, Run.  Amelia masters movement and is ready to move on to the next skill.

But first, she has a lot of sadness to work through because Fin went to work and left her behind.  And because she is a charmer, she needs more attention than most toddlers.  That all being said, she had a lot of fun on the slide and she is energized just from being here because it is wonderful lot.

Her third skill mastered is the potty.  She is happy about figuring it out but still sad because she is lonely and getting grungy.

Since Zane and Fin are still at work, Rosa makes dinner of macaroni and cheese.  She knows that Amelia is going to be getting hungry soon.  Maybe someone will even clean up the kitchen soon.

Even though Amelia can run, she refuses to run when she is sad.  Instead of running, she is trudging through the house.

Amelia is beginning to exude her own green cloud and she fits right in with the spoiled food sitting around.

Zane comes home from work but he just missed earning the last promotion.

Amelia needs some attention from someone, so Rosa tells her a story while she eats.  It has been a long day for Amelia and she is running out of steam.

Rosa has just enough time to give Amelia a bubble bath before reading her to sleep.  As late as it is when she goes to bed, she should sleep until morning.

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