Odyssey: Crossroads, Chapter 4

The garden is beginning to die.  The death flowers are the first to kick the bucket, and they all die together.  Somehow that is fitting.

Today should be the day that Zane finally reaches the top of his career.  He literally just has to show up and not fuck up and he will get the promotion.

It is also New Year’s Eve so everyone makes a resolution.  Surprisingly, that completes everyone’s holiday tradition and they have a gold holiday by 8:30 am.  The holiday is ended early and everyone settles into their day.

Fin was the only one that needed to be in the bathroom, but Joanne ran in there and jumped into the bathtub just in time for him to walk in on her.  Seriously, her hygiene was fine.

Amelia wakes up late again, and heads for the potty.  She made it through the night without using her diaper so her need was urgent when she finally woke up.  Just for the record, I am really missing having more than one kid and will be glad when they unlock that restriction.

While Amelia is taking care of her business, Fin comes in to take care of his own business.

The look he makes when Amelia gets stinky and yet he is exuding green fumes himself.

It is time for some entertainment, so Zane and Fin turn on a movie.  Amelia joins them but she is not quite sure what they are watching.

Toad people and sims and a Simbot – that is a really weird combination.

Joanne has been trying to complete her resolution by completing an aspiration milestone.  There is a bug though so every time she completes the milestone, the game creates an Last Exception.  After research, I still don’t know what is causing it, but at least others are experiencing the same thing.  So, I took a break from playing and did some research.  I never found an answer, so it looks like Joanne won’t be able to complete her New Year’s resolution at this time.

While Zane and Fin were watching the movie, Amelia decided to have a conversation with Fin.  She had to go stand by him in order to be heard over the TV.

After the movie ended, Zane decided to piddle with the bonsai bush while Rosa reads stories to Amelia.

Fin is back at the bar, which at this point, shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

Joanne heads over to explore the cave.  It is a rabbithole but she comes out feeling flirty because she saw a mermaid that was singing a siren’s lullaby.  She is now “oddly frisky”.  Unfortunately, Zane is just about to leave for work.

Rosa is able to read three stories to Amelia because they have to stop.  Amelia never was defiant but she was definitely getting cranky.

Fin came over to let her know dinner was ready so she followed him back to the kitchen.  She picked up a plate of food while Fin went back to the bar.

After eating, Rosa decides it is time for Amelia to go to bed.  She had gone to the potty after eating and then wanted to play dolls.

Amelia didn’t really want to go to bed but she is feeling sad because Fin went to work and left her at home.  She also made another mess while going potty and that has her feeling sad.

Rosa reads her a story to try to cheer her up but in the end, it is best that she fell asleep.

Joanne is enjoying her retirement.  She isn’t officially retired but she is functionally retired since she isn’t taking any more acting jobs.

Rosa tucks Amelia in and then she heads over to check the fish trap.  It contained two fish and a treasure, along with a part she can use for plumbing upgrades..

Pictures like this make me ready and impatient for my upcoming vacation.

Rosa goes beachcombing for a little while and picks up several seashells.  This is a new collectible that came with Island Living.

Joanne is doing a circuit around the island cleaning up that which needs to be cleaned up.

Zane comes home without his promotion.  He literally just needed to show up, but found a way to gain absolutely no positive job performance.  He will try again on Sunday.

As penance, he was sent out to help Joanne finish cleaning up the trash.

So, apparently, if the plants go out of season without being harvested, they drop their harvest on the ground.  I don’t remember ever seeing this before.  But then again, I don’t generally have a garden.

Amelia wakes up at 4 am on Sunday morning and finds some mac and cheese to eat.  But instead of just eating it in the kitchen, she takes it into the bedroom and wakes up Zane.  As soon as Zane is awake, she continues to eat the mac and cheese.

It is a lazy Sunday for those that don’t have to go to work.  Rosa decides to lay out in the sun for awhile.

Joanne is still beachcombing, looking for seashells.

And Amelia heads out to play in the sand.  She is going to build a sandcastle all by herself.

One of the best parts of building the sand castle is her little dance, so enjoy this gif.

While playing with Amelia and the sandcastle, I forgot about Rosa.  She stayed out in the sun too long and is now a lobster.

Joanne has a very productive day, and she comes home filthy.

Fin spends his morning sailing while waiting to go to work.  I am really liking this expansion.

Amelia finishes her sandcastles and heads inside for a nap.  She built three sandcastles while I was trying to get a good video of the little dance.

Joanne lost a star due to her retirement from the public eye.  She thought to try to regain it with space missions, but that didn’t work out so well for her.

She heads inside to get some sleep, right about the time Amelia wakes up from her nap.  Amelia stands and watches her for awhile but at least she didn’t wake her up.

Zane finally earns his last promotion – Hall of Famer, level 10.

Amelia spends the evening quietly playing with her dolls.

When Fin comes home – he is the last one to get home for the night – he takes Amelia and puts her back to bed with a story.  He gets her to sleep a 1 am, so she should sleep until morning.  And, with this story, Amelia has mastered imagination.

It was too much to hope that she would sleep late.  She woke up at 4 am, desperately needing to use the potty.

She was also starving.  Thankfully Joanne and Zane are also up already so she was able to get some applesauce for breakfast.

She convinced Zane to play with her before he takes her back to bed.  She still needs more sleep.

Zane decides to retire since he finally reached the top of his career.  Now he can truly enjoy the golden years.

Amelia wakes up but instead of getting her ass out of bed, she calls for Rosa to come home and help her.  Rosa is in the middle of beachcombing and doesn’t come right away.  Amelia sat there and sat there and sat there.

While I am waiting for Amelia to get out of bed, Fin masters cooking.  He needs to work on gourmet cooking now.

When Amelia sat there long enough, Zane went in to help her out of bed.  But then he just stood and held her until Rosa came into the room.  Now, he puts her down, so Rosa can pick her up and put her back down.

Amelia has one last skill to master – and it is thinking.  She follows Joanne around watching her.  She also watches Rosa, who is back to beachcombing again.  Got to find all of the seashells.

Joanne and Zane have nothing planned for today, so they begin cleaning and repairing.

Amelia has finally made it to the last level of thinking and she begins to ask Joanne questions.  She started off by asking her if she had ever seen a dinosaur.

They are really having a good life these days.  Fin joins Zane fishing before work.  In fact, he forgot to go to work and was late getting there.

Amelia has mastered thinking and is now a Top-Notch Toddler.

While Fin is working, everyone else is at the beach.  Even Amelia, although she is close to passing out from exhaustion.

Rosa comes over to watch Amelia play in the water, but she is angry because the fish in the trap escaped.  Amelia is angry because she is exhausted.

Amelia enjoys playing in the ocean and she discovers she can kick out of the water with her feet.  She has been doing a lot of splashing with her hands, but discovering her feet is cool.

Then it is time for a tantrum.  She was angry and I encouraged her to have a tantrum to see what it looked like in the water.  I wasn’t disappointed.

After she finishes throwing her fit, Rosa checks on her.  She asks for food and Rosa gives her a sippy cup, which she puts in her inventory and doesn’t drink.

But it is even more important to take her to bed.  She has had a productive day, and has earned her bedtime, even if it is a little early.

Despite being late to work, Fin still earned a promotion to Pastry Chef, level 7.  Even better, he already has the skills for the next promotion so he doesn’t have to do a lot of prep in advance.

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