Odyssey: Crossroads, Chapter 5

I couldn’t resist compiling all of the videos I took of Amelia building a sandcastle. She is about to become a child, but has one last day to play.  And, there might be more videos now that I know how to make them.

Amelia wakes up in the middle of the night starving.  As usual.

She finds some food to eat and finishes off the plate while sitting in a cloud of stink.  Someone needs a bath.

After finishing her food, she stands and watches Joanne eat, waiting for the moment when she can ask for a bath.

Instead of asking for a bath, Amelia decides to go back to bed.  And, they let her go.

Amelia sleeps for about an hour and then she wakes up to pee.  She is in a sad place.

After using the potty, and making a mess on the floor, Amelia is doubly unhappy now.  She watches Joanne for a few minutes but then feeling ignored, and sleepy, she heads back to bed.


So far, this has been all about Amelia.  Joanne and Zane are enjoying the freedom of the retirement.  Fin and Rosa are working on their careers – they are both at level 7.  And, this is the last day that Amelia will be a toddler.

The scarecrow has been in the garden since they moved on to the island, but he hasn’t woken up yet.  Of course, they haven’t tried to wake him up yet.  They are also letting the garden shrink – as plants die they are not being replaced.

Fin works in the kitchen making meals for the fridge, and to complete his daily work task.  He doesn’t return to work for a few days, so he has plenty of time, but he is trying to get ahead of the clock so that he can enjoy his days off.

Everyone spends the day beachcombing looking for more shells and buried treasure, adding a few more items to the collection.

Joanne and Fin come in from the outside and while Fin is ready to dance, Joanne actually is there to check herself out in the mirror.

Amelia sleeps until after 4 pm.  Her last day as a toddler and she slept all day.

She eats dinner and then pouts at Fin.

Fin was planning on giving her a bath, but she had to have a little cry first.

Finally, they are headed to the bath.  Sadness gives away to happiness, knowing she is about to have a bubble bath.

It is amazing how big of a mess that they make in the tub.  But at least she is clean once again.

With her needs topped off she thinks of something she wants to do and asks Fin to join her.

It is time to dance.

Joanne is back for the mirror, but she stands there while they dance.  Just standing there, doing nothing now.

Zane finds his way over also.  He doesn’t just stand there – he begins telling her funny stories.

Amelia makes faces at Fin, but she never stops dancing.

Everyone is about ready to go to bed, except Amelia.  She is energized and still wants to play.

I took a break from the Odyssey for a few days to start the new Masterful Sims challenge.  But now, back with this family and getting reacquainted with them and their goals.  Joanne and Zane are still enjoying their retirement while Rosa and Fin are working on their careers.  They are both at level 7 in their respective careers.  Amelia has reached her birthday and will become a child later today as she is still waiting on the bubbles.

Joanne is nearing the end of her life, so she tends to the garden for what might be the last time.

Amelia did not like the food she ate for breakfast.  Apparently whoever made the fish and chips didn’t do so well.

She goes to the potty and then she dances by herself.  It doesn’t make her feel better.

She thinks about playing with the dolls, but she never makes it to the dollhouse.

Joanne comes to check on her to see what she wants, and she doesn’t ask to play with the dolls.  She has a better idea.

She asks for Joanne to play with her and make her an airplane.  By the time they are done playing airplane, Amelia is feeling much happier.

Fin and Rosa work on their skills while Joanne and Zane piddle around the house.  Amelia wanders from activity to activity since she doesn’t have any skills to work on.  She is like a lost soul with no direction.  But that is soon to change.

While Amelia waits for her birthday bubbles, she chats with Joanne.

The bubbles are taking their time.

Amelia puts up the toy because it is finally time to blow out her candles.  Also, notice the damn blue bear that is floating in the air.  I had to delete it on buy mode to make it go away.

Fin bakes the cake and brings Amelia to it so that she can blow out the candles.

Each child will have to receive the Self-Assured trait until basically the end of the challenge.  Generation nine will be the last one, so generation ten will be the next generation that doesn’t need to receive this trait.  Which means, Amelia gets the Self-Assured trait.  She will continue to roll for her last two traits.  She also picks up the Social aspiration since she will be taking either Social Media or Politician as her career.  That will also be a challenge since computers are not unlocked yet.

Amelia joins the scouts before she does her homework so that she will get the credit and the badge.

Joanne is dancing her life away.  Literally.  Well, not literally, but that is her entire schedule for today.

Amelia gets her homework done and then she heads out to get the fishing part of the badge done.  She has a lot to do with her aspiration and her badges, but as an only child she will be the center of attention.

Apparently they fixed the fishing badge – before they just had to start fishing to get credit, but that isn’t working any more.

Fin masters gourmet cooking to go along with his mastery of cooking.

He goes outside to confront a litterbug and then he goes to bed and she comes inside to practice yoga.

Zane took himself out to go sailing.  On his own.  He stayed out there hours.

While Zane is out on the water, Joanne\s time comes to an end.

Rosa and Fin sleep through Joanne’s passing so only Amelia and the litterbug are there to witness.

Zane is still out on the water.  But it turns out that he was glitched and had to be reset.

The next day comes and everyone is moping around the house.

Amelia is working on the social badges the best she can, but only the chatting badge since she is too sad to make jokes and be funny.

Once Amelia leaves for school, Zane heads back to the beach.  That leaves Rosa and Fin with an empty house and time to kill before work.

Zane spends the day fishing, only coming home when his needs force him.

Of course he goes into the tent for a sad cry before going inside to take care of his needs.  Then he heads back to the beach to fish some more.

As Fin gets home from work he finds another litterbug.  After confronting her, he asks her to leave.

Amelia begins drawing for the arts badge and forgets to do her homework.  At first.

Rosa earns a promotion and has finally reached the point where the career splits.  She selects the Diamond Agent branch since they are on the path of law and becomes a Spy Captain, level 8.

Rosa needs to build her charisma so she picks up the Great Kisser trait and begins kissing Fin.

She makes him late for work, but she improves her charisma enough for her next promotion.  When Fin comes home, she will continue practicing her charisma.

This is so much easier with a computer.  But Amelia suffers through the process and Zane is the lucky recipient of five drawings.

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