Odyssey: Crossroads, Chapter 6

Welcome back to the Odyssey EPIC.  It is time to get playing on them again.

So, I made a gif of the heiresses so far.  Hopefully I will remember all the steps that went into getting it to look the way I wanted.  The plan is to update the video/gif each time the heiress becomes a young adult.

Since it has been awhile, it is necessary to check up on everyone.  Like I wouldn’t have done that even if the last update was yesterday.  Fin has mastered Cooking and Gourmet Cooking and is working on Mixology.  He is a Pastry Chef, level 7, and he is on the last tier of the Master Chef aspiration.  He has already completed Mansion Baron.

Zane has outlived Joanne, and he isn’t going anywhere soon.  He completed the Bodybuilder aspiration along with both Fortune aspirations – Fabulously Wealthy and Mansion Baron.  He has mastered Fitness and is currently retired as a Professional Athlete.  He is the built in babysitter when it was needed.

Rosa is the current heiress.  She has completed the Mansion Baron aspiration and is a Spy Captain, level 8, in the Secret Agent career.  She has not mastered any skills, so she needs to get busy.  She is also still a Young Adult.

Amelia is the next heiress and she has only been a child for a few days.  She is working on the Social Butterfly aspiration as well as completing her scouting badges, and she was a Top-Notch Toddler.

Amelia heads to meet more sims, and she meets one.  She tells him jokes, level her social skill and completing a badge.

Zane is exploring the cave nearby.  He is curious what he can find, so he explores it over and over.  And over again.

Rosa masters logic and charisma pretty fast once she sets her mind to it.

Zane checks their collections listing and begins filling in the holes.  The last plant he buys is the Bizarre Fruit from StrangerVille.  That means the only plant missing is the Fang Flower from the Tentacle Tree on Sixam.  The very one that never grows.

Amelia completes all of the badges except for one – Outdoor Adventurer, which does not update with fishing on the islands.  She is going to have to go to another location to finish up.

The ghosts are out in force and everything in the bathroom is broken.  Joanne is trying to clean up the mess, but without repairing the broken items first, this is a lost cause.

Amelia makes a quick trip to the park in Oasis Springs, and she completes her last badge.  Then she heads to school.  She will turn it in for her promotion to Llamacorn Scout after she gets home from school.

With the rest of the family heading to work and school, Zane heads into town.  There are things to do.  Unfortunately, he did not get what he wanted out of the seed packs, but he did add three more trading cards to their collection.

Amelia is doing her part to find trading cards also.  She should maybe try the trade with another child option.

Zane heads off to Selvadorada to see about getting the last of the crystal and fossils, but in his haste he forgot to grab the supplies from Rosa.  So, it ends up being a very short trip when he loses his machete in the jungle and there aren’t any more to buy.

After running home and getting the adventure gear from Rosa, Zane heads back to the jungle.  It was a disappointing trip even though he did find the last crystal – Alexandrite.  But he didn’t find the missing fossil, and he didn’t get any new treasures.

He also got poisoned but was able to overcome that.  After he finished with the temple, he went home.  Someone else can worry about the missing fossil, just like someone else can worry about the missing fang flower.

Fin is nowhere near the family lot.  Just randomly talking with someone.

He heads home to pee, but it is just a little bit too far.

Amelia raises her grades to a B, and then she turns in her badges and earns a promotion to Llamacorn Scout.

The ghosts are haunting the bathroom again.

Zane was going through the artifacts he brought back from Selvadorada.  He was really hoping that he had found the last of the artifacts, but he didn’t.  On the other hand, he added two more relics to the collection, and they are only missing the Bala-top now.

Amelia comes home from school and finds Zane talking to the plants.  That’s her grandpa.

Zane was piddling around and realized Coco had come out to play.  She is the only one of the cats whose ghost is still showing up.  timing is everything because I was just thinking about how, and when, they could add a ghost to the family for the points.

Zane spends several hours with her, loving on her and thinking how nice it would be to have a cat.

He played with her a little bit.

Then he asked her to join the household again.

Well, of course she said yes.

And the first thing she did was find the litter box.

Amelia mastered gardening as she is selling their harvests – and they are closing in on five million simoleans in the bank.

Both are about to go to work, but first things first.

Amelia is happy about having Coco in the family.  She carries the cat wand around with her and plays with her when she has time.

Zane still has another two weeks, thanks to his excellent physical health.

Fin was supposed to be beach combing for seashells but he slipped away to take a nap.

Zane is trying to get the scarecrow to come to life so that he has help in the garden.

At the same time, he finally mastered gardening.

This is her number one preferred activity.  There are four thousand other things to do, and she continues to choose this.

While Amelia hasn’t completed any aspirations, she has just mastered the social skill.

Zane spends the day fishing after he takes care of the garden.  He has a simple life now that I have stopped making him try to find all the missing collections.

The scarecrow comes to life and helps out with the garden – it is really big.

Amelia brings home an A on the last day of elementary school.  She barely squeaked that one in.

Rosa was trying to get a suntan but it looks like she was in the sun a little too long.

Amelia masters creativity and she has her fingers crossed that she can get the aspiration completed.  She is a little late to this party as her birthday is in a few hours.

Amelia is struggling – her bar is bubbling and all she has to do is draw five pictures.

She did it.  She has completed the creativity aspiration.

She goes over to blow out the candles on the cake that Fin made for her.

But she passes out before she can age up.

She tries again, and this time is able to stay awake long enough to have her growth spurt.

Amelia rolls Hates Children to go with Self-Assured.  She takes the Friend of the World aspiration and then goes to bed with a stop at the potty on the way.

Amelia heads out into the water to check the fish traps, but they aren’t ready to be taken out yet.

Zane helps Amelia with her homework and completes the Successful Lineage aspiration.

Rosa comes home with the last promotion to Double Diamond Agent – this generation is done with their goals.  It is twelve days until Amelia takes over.

The entire family pitches in to help Amelia complete her first, and hopefully only, school project.

The house has been invaded by gnomes so it must be Harvestfest.  There are so many gnomes.  Every year, more are added.

Fin makes a grand feast that no one wants to eat right now, so it is put into the fridge for leftovers later.

The holiday is over, and the gnomes are lined back up – and they still have their halos.  That generally means the seed packs aren’t going to stop.

With not much to occupy themselves, the adults have been drinking a lot.  Amelia takes her first direct action against the dollhouse.

Fin completes the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration thanks to all of the money trees he just harvested and sold.

Drunk water play, but this is safer than being drunk on water craft.  Just saying.

Amelia brings home an A, and now she has to figure out what to do with the remaining ten days before her birthday.


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