Odyssey: Crossroads, Chapter 7

Fin heads off to work just a little bit tipsy.  His promotions are coming slow, but then he hasn’t been working that hard.  He has all of the skills needed, but he doesn’t necessarily work hard.  That being said, he only needs two more promotions and he still has sixteen days until he becomes an elder.  He should be able to get it done.

Since Rosa has reached the top of her career, she decides it is time to upgrade all of the items around the house.

Then she realizes she is pregnant.  Since this is second pregnancy, it will cost them points.  The thing is, I never saw them woohoo.  So, they autonomously woohoo’ed and she is now pregnant.

Fin is happy about the new baby, points be damned.  He does his cooking and is hoping to get a promotion to level 9 on his next work day.

Amelia is working on charisma in preparation of her career in politics.  I have to look at the careers for these generations since social media requires a computer and that won’t be unlocked for awhile.  Okay, careers have been updated for generations 6, 7, and 8.  Amelia’s career options are politics and conservationist.

Zane is off somewhere fishing.  He pretty much goes and does stuff all by himself.

But eventually he has to head home to sleep and pee.

Fin earns the promotion to Executive Chef, level 9.  One more to go.

Joanne comes out to haunt and Zane takes the opportunity to get his social and fun need met.

This is one of the changes from Island Living and the fishing update.

Zane can fish all day long.

Zane is still wandering around looking really good for a sim his age.

Amelia works on her homework while Fin helps her out.  Then she goes back to the mirror to work on charisma.

While everyone sleeps, there are ghosts wandering around.  Coco spends most of her time in an orange state of mind.

Fin loves Coco and he is always loving on her.

Winterfest comes and they all have leftovers from Harvestfest.  Also, Rosa is in labor, but she is making sure to get a good meal first.

Rosa finishes her meal and then it is time to have the baby – a daughter named Audrey.

Audrey is named after Audrey Hepburn, a British actress and humanitarian.

Father Winter shows up but everyone has already forgotten it is a holiday.  Father Winter came dressed casual this year.

Howl is out for one of the first times in a long time.

Talk about timing.  Zane just spent all of his aspiration points on another money tree seed, and he just finished planting it.  Zane had an accomplished time with the family.  He completed four aspirations – Bodybuilder, Successful Lineage, Fabulously Wealthy, and Mansion Baron – and mastered two skills – Fitness and Gardening.  RIP Zane.

At least he doesn’t have far to go to his final resting place.

They are all sad, but there are so many other emotions in play, that the sadness hasn’t shown up yet.

It is time for Audrey to become a toddler, and she rolls silly.  She doesn’t look very silly at this point.

Rosa helps her find her footing and then there is a problem.

Audrey can’t get out of the bedroom even though none of the doors are locked.  They have to replace the doors to get them open.

Audrey is the first of the family to have the sadness show, but now everyone is sad.

There are plans for Audrey.  She wasn’t planned or expected, but since she is here, she is going to be used for the points.  I am purposefully ignoring the rule about extra children, and I have taken the negative points for breaking the rules.

…you may not control the others at all throughout their lives. Upon YA-hood, all non-heirs must move out immediately…

After she finishes eating, and several exception errors, Rosa puts her to bed with a story.

Everyone is basically treading water.  Fin needs one more promotion, Rosa is done with her goals, and Amelia is a few days away from her birthday.

Boredom is not a good thing.  She needs to get back to the mirror to work on charisma.

Fin was out taking care of the garden, but apparently it is raining.  And there was lightning.

Fin enjoys playing with Audrey, and making her laugh.

Playing can be fun sometimes.  But only once.  She wasn’t happy about the second time.

So, she was sent outside to play on the slide.

She isn’t happy about that either.

She is left outside long enough that she falls asleep on the ground, in the rain.

Rosa comes out to rescue her from the forced play time, and she takes her to bed.

Fin sucks at his job.  Not really, but it feels like it.  He goes to work, and his performance doesn’t get any better.  He is literally waiting on that last promotion.  He is even completing his daily tasks and still his performance is barely moving.  It is a good thing he doesn’t have to reach the top of his career, but if he doesn’t he will be the first one to fail.

The scarecrow is missing, and this is all that is left.

The moment when Audrey is still cute.

There goes the food.

Here comes the scolding.

Then the defiance becomes the story of the day.  I didn’t get all the pictures, but they all look like this.

Rosa walks off while Audrey has a cry.

More defiance.

Rosa corrals her and gets her to sit still for a story.

After she escapes from Rosa’s sight, she heads outside and spends time on the slide.

The scarecrow comes back to help with the garden, and then he leaves by poofing into the air.

Audrey is in a good mood – it does happen.  She even mastered movement.

Rosa was trying to get her to bed.

Audrey comes out looking for Rosa.

She finds Rosa spraying for bugs.  And isn’t it a good thing to have a toddler wandering around in the same area where bugs are being sprayed?

Fin is drunk again, and it is almost time for him to go to work.  He bought the Entrepreneurial trait so maybe that will help him with the last promotion.

Audrey begins working on her last skill – imagination.

Apparently this save is inflicted with the New Year’s Eve resolution bug – resolutions are not completing and a throwing exception errors instead.  Audrey reacts appropriately, even though she didn’t make a resolution.

Amelia almost misses the window to blow out her candles.  I was sure at first if she actually blew out the candles but they did disappear from the cake.  She rolled Snob to line up with Hates Children and Self-Assured.  She picks up three character traits – Compassionate, Responsible, and Good Manners.  She has Thrifty from completing Mansion Baron, along with Scouting Aptitude, Creatively Gifted, and Top-Notch Toddler. She continues with the Friend of the World aspiration.

Amelia considered the Conservationist career, but in the end she went with the Political career.  Her first position is as a Social Justice Worker, and she selects “Simoleons for Everyone” as her first cause.

Amelia needs to promote her cause and Fin is willing to listen.

Audrey is still working on her last skill, imagination.

I forget what this was about.  Amelia is working on the charisma skill and is cracking herself up.

Fin is back at the bar.  Again.

Fin went to Sixam since it is spring.  The tentacle tree spouts while he is there but the question is, will it grow more?  It either needs to be enough to take a cutting or to actually harvest the fang flower.  In the meantime, Rosa sets herself on fire.  Fin needs to come home, and Amelia was on her way to take his place.

After the fire, Rosa puts Audrey back to bed.

That is a glitch.

Audrey masters imagination and becomes a Top-Notch Toddler.  It is time for Amelia to take over the household as the newest heiress.


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