Odyssey: Full Circle, Chapter 1

Hannah starts off by heading out to find her mate.

So much good comes from taking pictures and they are quickly friends.

Hannah has low moods, and she is very sad, so her flirting falls flat with Emmet. At least he is polite in telling her to slow down chickie.

She drinks a moodlet potion and resolves the sadness from the death of someone not living in her home.

Then she tries again. This time she makes a pitstop at becoming best friends.

Now Emmet is willing to let their relationship progress to an actual relationship.

Hannah invites Emmet back to her place and he comes along even through it is 1am.

She takes the chance even though she knows he is tired.

He must have said yes because they move over to the wedding arch and quickly say their vows.

Introducing Emmet and Hannah Wilde

Then Hannah offers to show Emmet around the house, starting with the bedroom.

Oh yeah, this is the good stuff. It is 3 am now and everyone else in the house has decided it is time to get up and start their days. They are all sent back to bed.

Emmet Wilde is the 4th born, “oops” child of Generation E from mojot89’s Wilde ISBI Alphabetcy. Emmet is an Insider, Glutton, and Art Lover. He also has the Responsible trait. His aspiration is to become a World-Famous Celebrity. He decides to become a Freelancer Artist. He is going to love the digital sketchpad that Brigitte upgraded.

Hannah takes the required job in the Criminal career. She starts at level 3, Ringleader.

Well poop. She is going to have to go visiting other sims.

Theo probably should have chosen the creative aspiration because every time he disappears, he is here.

One thing about this being the ninth generation – they have just about everything somewhere in the house.

Hannah decides to bind it to Brigitte with the hope that she will be dying soon, in case she begins to hate Hannah.

And the evil laugh. She isn’t evil, but the voodoo brings out that side of the sims.

There are five options available and Hannah needs to perform voodoo five times. Cuddle, tickle, frolic, poke, and soak. Hannah does them all. Her relationship survived although Brigitte is dazed from everything.

The voodoo doll goes back on the dresser. It won’t be needed again.

Emmet gets busy taking on two contracts during his first day as a freelancer. His painting skill is still low so he doesn’t make much, but he gets the process going.

Family conference in the bathroom. Emmet invited himself into whatever they were talking about.

Arthur finally manages to convince the wishing well to give him back the promotion to level 9, Honorable Arbitrator. No comment about the irony of a judge getting a promotion due to a wish rather than skill.

I was just about to send them to get some woohoo. Apparently, they had the same thoughts.

Hannah makes mischief all the time. She doesn’t even have to be told to, she just does it.

Emmet is checking out the flower cart. Just standing there looking at it. For several hours.

Getting their work done – Hannah is trolling forums and Emmet is creating graphics for his freelance work.

Arthur finds the bar and makes himself a Granny Smash.

They are like bunnies. I was about to send everyone to bed for the night, and they are already on that.

Umm, yeah, okay.

Hamburgers for breakfast are only good when they come with french fries also.

Hannah finds out she is pregnant and she shares the good news with Emmet. That would be generation 10 that is in her belly.

Emmet is trying to figure out how to become famous. He tries the media production but doesn’t seem to make any progress.

She is really big for just being the in the first trimester.

Emmet heads outside and takes a bunch of selfies. Maybe that will work. After all, he is really attractive. Right!?!

It works. He posts all of the selfies to Simstagram and then sells them to a publication. He is now a Notable Newcomer, rank 1.

So, he sets up a social media website and begins to share all sorts of things.


Arthur really wanted that last promotion, so he spent §5,000 several times making wishes. The wishing well finally comes through for him. He is Chief of Justice, level 10 Judge.

Elizabeth is really going to miss Brigitte when the time comes. She is really going to miss the massages. Free massages.

Emmet picks up his first fame quirk – Phone Fanatic. His first fame perk is Noticeable.

Emmet spends a lot of time on his phone, always checking out his social media and the number of followers he has gained.

Theo brings home his A, and earns a day of vacation from school so that he can work on his aspiration and scouting badges.

Hannah earns a promotion to Felonious Monk, level 4.

Emmet decides he wants to chose a different perk from his fame, so he is off to a cleanse.

When he gets home, he switches to Networking perk. He also drinks a serum to get rid of the phone quirk, but he might want that one back. It is not horrible.

Emmet makes sure he is on his phone as much as possible as he tries to trigger the phone quirk again. He also changes jobs from freelancer to social media.

Emmet needs to run into the city for his work task, so he takes Theo so he can do some fishing for his scouting badge.

Cast, cast, cast, cast, cast, cast – and done. Theo goes home and Emmet heads over to a hotspot. It is still early, not even 10pm.

Emmet meets a Proper Celebrity, but totally fanboys over him, so that doesn’t progress well.

He meets another Notable Newcomer, but he doesn’t stay past hello.

Then he meets a Global Celebrity. And she allows him to introduce himself.

He gets a selfie with her.

Then they sit at the bar and chat.

He even tells her a secret. But then it is time to head home.

Where there is a random toddler waiting. Emmet is pretty sure this isn’t his child – he was gone that long. But he plays with her for a few minutes, sends her home, and then heads inside to get some sleep.

The next morning everyone is up and getting ready for work or school, along with tending the garden. Emmet is downstairs making enough mac and cheese to last a week. Or a day.

Hannah goes into the labor and it is time for generation 10 to join the family.

Maggie Wilde is the last official generation. She will need to grow up and have ten babies before the challenge ends.

Well, I guess that is one use for the 25 million simoleons stored in the vault.

I believe this is a little bit outside of Patchy’s responsibilities.

Hannah has to clog drains in three different houses. She is able to get the first one done before being kicked out of the house. The second one is able to kick her out before she can finish.

The next house was in the process of kicking her out when it was time to leave for work. She will try again tomorrow.


Theo is working on his last badge, but also trying to master his motor skill. He really doesn’t want to be on the monkey bars, and I have to keep sending him back.

But he is done. Llamacorn Scout.

Oh! I just noticed that Hannah got credit for clogging all three sinks. Woo!! Now she just needs to master mischief and reach the top of her career.

Emmet realizes the best, and probably easiest, way to fame is by selling paintings. He spends several hours painting on the sketchpad, and then he sells off the paintings.

It increases his fame to Rising Star, level 2. He has also earned a Great Reputation. He chooses two more perks: PR Agency and Noticeable. Networking didn’t really work for him, but he wants to see if having a PR Agency will work out better.

No one ever called.

Elizabeth gets to blow out some candles because I noticed it was her birthday and she was bubbling.

Getting old hurts.

Theo completes the motor aspiration and is relieved to know that he never has to get on the monkey bars again.

Hannah is practicing her mischief and successfully pickpockets this sim, for §110.

Emmet needs to visit a celebrity hotspot and host a meet and greet. So he combines them into one event. He even gets the event to gold just by acknowledging his fans. Fans meaning family.

With the event gone gold, and everyone else has gone home, it is time for Emmet to go home also.

There is a fan waiting outside when Emmet gets home, so he autographs a picture and sends her on her way.

Arthur begins bubbling soon after midnight so he also gets to blow out some candles.

Emmet gets invited to a celebrity party and he heads off, hoping that this will improve his fame standing. It really doesn’t. He needs to reset all his perks and quirks again I guess.

Hannah uses the boost from New Skill Day to master mischief. She is rocking and rolling now. She also switches from Chief of Mischief, which is now complete, to Public Enemy. I don’t know if she will complete that one, but she is going to try.


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