Odyssey: Full Circle, Chapter 2

It is Maggie’s birthday, and she is becoming a toddler. Hannah helps her out of the bassinet and she rolls Inquisitive. And she is a blondie. And she has Emmet’s eyes.

Brigitte has 10 days remaining. Still. Elizabeth has 9 days remaining. And, Arthur has 10 days remaining. That is really going to suck, but at least Maggie will be a child by then.

Arthur kicked them out of the bathroom while she was being potty trained. When Hannah asked her to try again, she became defiant. There are two other bathrooms in the house and Arthur insisted on using the only one with a potty chair.

She is not mad, or sad. She is actually Happy. But she does not want to sit on the potty again.

The three elders are allowed to retire. They were all at the top of their careers, and it was finally time.

After getting released from potty training for the moment, Maggie goes to babble to the stuffed animal.

And then there are hugs.

Emmet is back from his celebrity cleanse. He is curious to see what happens next.

Maggie is supposed to be working on communication still, but there was a notification that she had unlocked imagination, and here she is at the dollhouse.

She also grabs a plate of food. She did master communication at some point. Hannah is going to put her to bed with a story.

It is Monday, so Theo has homework and a project. All of the elders have the opportunity to help him with his project.

Emmet has broken two computers in the last two hours. Hannah is working on handiness, so she comes behind him fixing them. She hasn’t decided if she is going for Oracle (programming) or Boss (handiness), so she is keeping her options open for the moment. Her skill in both handiness and programming is equivalent.

It has been awhile since the dollhouse has been smashed. This is Hannah’s handiwork.

Maggie wakes up with a nightmare, which is actually rare for my toddlers when they are read to sleep with a story.

Brigitte had gotten up to check on Theo, so she went ahead and put Maggie back to bed, with another story.

Maggie wasn’t scared any more and she enjoys Brigitte’s attention.

Just what they need, a cauldron of mac and cheese.

Brigitte, despite having mastered the cooking skill, sucks at making mac and cheese for the masses. The contents had to be discarded.

Elizabeth roasts a chicken for breakfast. Which sounds perfectly lovely to me.

The entire family comes to the table to enjoy the Roast Chicken breakfast.

The elders have to be given something to do to keep them occupied. So, they all switch to the Freelance Botanist aspiration, and begin planting random crap. And watering, and weeding, and spraying for bugs.

Maggie spends several hours practicing on the potty, and then she is sent outside to play on the slide.

Hannah is trying to get her energized by playing with her, but defiance rears up.

Maggie does NOT want to do anything she is asked the first time.

Hannah plays with her and then Brigitte hugs away her sadness and plays with her some more. Unfortunately, now she is sad because she is tired of roughhousing.

Theo is close to completing the creative aspiration. And he still has another day until his birthday. All he has to do is finish five different types of pictures. Creativity has already been mastered.

Emmet is working on his requirements for promotion – improving his comedy and his writing skills. He will be here all day.

Elizabeth is serenading Arthur.

Theo completes the creative aspiration, making two completed aspirations. He is ready to grow up, if only it were his birthday. That is tomorrow.

Maggie begins to enjoy playing on the slide and improves her movement skill to level 4 before she has to stop for food, potty, and sleep.

The elders were sent over to bowl to keep them busy and out of trouble.

Maggie takes her dinner upstairs to sit with Emmet while she eats.

Theo follows her upstairs to have a chat while she eats.

He tells her a story which she likes.

Then he tells her a jokes which she doesn’t like.

She makes it downstairs to the potty, and then passes out before she can make it to her bed. Arthur rescues her from the bathroom floor and gets her tucked into bed.

Elizabeth and Arthur slip off for some mile-high fun.

I have no clue how Maggie gets so filthy. She hasn’t pooped her diaper recently, her hygiene just drops.

It is time for Theo to join the teen angst movement.

Theo rolls Child of the Islands to join Gloomy and he takes the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration. Before his makeover.

After his makeover, because hair! Oh, he didn’t even touch his disguise. He will deal with that later.

Elizabeth reads Maggie a story while sitting on Brigitte’s bed.

It is getting late so Maggie goes upstairs to find Emmet. She watches him finish up on the computer and then he reads her to sleep.

Morning comes and everyone starts about their day. Theo has a hangover – apparently he was up drinking. Emmet is working on sketches to sell for the fame.

It is already Harvestfest again. Seems like the past year has gone quickly. Maybe because I am actually playing daily again.

Maggie is the last to wake up, and her choice of breakfast was to steal the cake that Brigitte was eating. Instead she was told to take a plate of taco casserole, because that is a much more appropriate breakfast choice.

Maggie has entered the messy phase of her imagination training.

She has also entered the annoying phase of her training to think. She is picking on Theo with her questions. Hannah is amused.

Everyone is happy about Harvestfest except for Theo. He is being thankful a lot with Hannah so that they can call the holiday done.

Maggie has mastered everything except imagination. So, she asks Brigitte to read her a story.

Little does she know, she will be listening to stories for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

Emmet is still working on paintings – I love the digital sketchpad. It is so wonderful (the paintings are automatically added to inventory so they can be queued up one after another). Theo has started on his aspiration by making paintings also.

Brigitte only read her one story before Elizabeth came and stole her away. After playing with her for a few minutes, she read her to sleep.

At least it isn’t mac and cheese again. This is a cauldron of Chili.

It would make more sense for the toddlers to call for help getting out of bed and off of furniture when their movement level is low. Instead they do it more once their skills are high.

Maggie has mastered imagination and has become a top-notch toddler. She has three days remaining to enjoy being a toddler.

Emmet needed to be funny to five different sims. Turns out there are at least five other sims living in the household with him.

She is so cute.

Theo is home with an A. Ignore the overly dramatic entrance.

He goes straight to Maggie after his dramatics. She asks for flashcards, so he complies.

Emmet has finally reached level 3 fame – B Lister. He did it by selling paintings. Since his last celebrity cleanse, Emmet has avoided perks and quirks. But it is time to purchase some of the perks: Networking, Noticeable, CelebuSerums, Established Name, and Giving Back. He has two openings for quirks, but nothing has developed yet.

Emmet gives up on being a Social Media, Internet Personality. He had a bad day and rage-quit the internet. He takes a job in the Painting career, starting at the very bottom as a Palette Cleaner. At least this lines up with him selling paintings for fame. It seems to be the right path for him. I hope.

Arthur and Elizabeth keep sneaking away for fun times. They are really enjoying their retirement.

Theo seems to like playing with Maggie, which is good since Maggie likes to play with Theo.

Not much is happening in the household at the moment. The three elders are retired, Hannah and Emmet have completed their requirements for their next promotion plus gotten a little ahead. Theo is waiting for his birthday so he can move out. And Maggie has mastered all of her skills.

Besides, at the moment, she is the cutest button in the box.

Maggie is filthy again. And there isn’t a reason for it. She gets dirty just by existing.

She wants Emmet to give her a bath, so it is good that he is done with the garden. And after giving her a bath, he changes jobs again. He goes back to being a Freelance Artist. Apparently paintings created using the sketchpad don’t count as creating a painting for the Painter career.


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