Odyssey: Full Circle, Chapter 3

I was going to spare you the toddler pictures and focus on the other members of the household. Oh well.

Maggie is enjoying the freedom that comes as a top-notch toddler.

Sometimes there are consequences that come with freedom. She is waiting on Emmet to come scold her for making a mess.

She convinces Elizabeth to take her out into the pool. Keeping in mind that this is the first day of Winter. Life in Sulani is good.

Splishing and Splashing.

Sorry, not sorry, for all the toddler spam. I hope she continues to be this cute when she grows up.

She really has to pee, which means it is time to get out of the pool.

Oh look – a picture that is not Maggie. Elizabeth just mastered fitness. That makes seven skills for her.

And, we are back to the toddler pictures.

Food, any food, makes Maggie a happy toddler.

It is time for the candles and Maggie asks Theo to help her blow them out.

Maggie rolls Creative and takes the Creativity aspiration. And, she is still cute. And, I just realized that are now a bed short… no, they aren’t. There is the bed in the basement that Marvin was using. So, someone will be moving down there. (It was Theo since he will be moving out “soon”).

Maggie had to be chased through the house to get her to complete her homework.

I have no clue what Brigitte is doing, but her drink combination just exploded. This might be how the bars catch on fire, although it only happened to me once, and I never was able to figure out why.

I can tell that the challenge end is getting closer. Maggie is the last official generation and she will be forever pregnant. And I am not feeling the need to push for points, just for completion.

As the elders run out of time, they evaluate their skills. Arthur still has the Great Kisser trait so he was planning on kissing his way to mastery. They decided to take it even further with some shower woohoo.

Three bathrooms in the house and Hannah chooses that bathroom to use.

The realization of what she interrupted slowly sinks in.

She just stands there and waits for them to finish and leave. Seriously, the lack of privacy.

And Charisma is mastered.

Oh yes, Emmet still needs to finish his aspiration, so we can do that. He buys a bunch of expensive violins and then donates them for a good cause.

It takes 14-15 violins to go from tier 3 to tier 5. He is now a Global Superstar. But he still has to check some boxes for the aspiration.

  • He has to be asked 3 times for a selfie
  • He has to deal with the Paparazzi 3 times
  • He has to receive 25 positive responses from inciting cheers
  • He has to sign 3 autographs

And he has to maintain his tier 5 fame rating.

I left the computer for a few minutes to say goodbye to the hubby, talk to the vet, and check on my son’s progress home. And I come back to this…

RIP Elizabeth. I am glad I cleaned out her aspiration points and her inventory before I walked away, from a game that was supposed to be paused. And I had already updated her points for the challenge.

Elizabeth completed seven skills: Cooking, Fitness, Gardening, Guitar, Logic, Research & Debate, Writing. I didn’t get a chance to count up her completed aspirations, but there would have been a few.

Oh, and of course it is Winterfest. Sucks to be anyone that wasn’t already gold for the holiday, because everyone is asleep now.

Emmet receives his first new quirk since his last celebrity cleanse. Emotion Bomb because he has been crying for Elizabeth. He is going to need it. This is actually one that I don’t hate. It resolves the mourning moodlet once the bomb goes off.

Emmet also realizes that he hasn’t spent the last fame points, so he picks up a few more perks.

  • Corporate Partnership
  • Networking
  • Noticeable
  • Influencer
  • PR Agency
  • CelebuSerum
  • Established Name
  • Giving Back
  • Rally!
  • Star Treatment

It is late but Emmet is trying to get a grand meal cooked. Elizabeth was supposed to be working on it when she quit the game.

The two that still need to get the gold are Emmet and Arthur. And they don’t finish eating before the clock strikes 2 am. Whatever. Tomorrow is going to be a bad day also.

That was faster than I expected. I mean I knew his time was up, but I didn’t think it would happen within minutes.

RIP Arthur. He mastered two skills: Gardening and Charisma. He completed both Fortune aspirations.

And Brigitte is still alive. She outlived her daughter, who died of old age.

Brigitte hangs on until late morning, but she is gone by lunchtime. She mastered 28 skills (I am not listing them) and completed five aspirations.

  • Bodybuilder
  • Big Happy Family
  • Fabulously Wealthy
  • Mansion Baron
  • Nerd Brain

This means Hannah and Emmet are the oldest adults in the house now.

I really hope the cemetery is full, but that will depend on how long it takes Maggie to have ten kids. This is eight generations +spouses, three cats, and one stranger.

The Emotion Bomb comes in handy. Emmet has a breakdown in the hallway and his mourning moodlet is all gone.

Maggie brings home an A.

[speed 3]

Fame didn’t protect Emmet from falling into the mud puddle.

He didn’t feel like placing the tile on the boulevard, so he sets it out on the front walk.

Friday evening and they are getting their homework done before bed. That way they can enjoy the entire weekend.

Emmet went to a celebrity party to keep his fame active. He comes home stoned.

I was laughing at Elizabeth for being afraid of the storm and then I noticed she was sparking. I checked her traits (gotta love MCCC) and died of Old Age, and as a ghost she was struck by lightning. So maybe she is right to be afraid.

New Year’s Eve rolls around again.

Left to her own devices, meaning I forgot to give her something to do, she starts working on a project. The project was brought home by Theo and he just never did anything with it. He already has an A so there wasn’t a reason. She is pulled off of the project and sent to the monkey bars to finish working on that badge. -check and done

After completing the fitness badge, she heads to the park in Oasis Springs to work on the last badge – outdoor things. -check and done

When Maggie gets home, there are three toddlers standing out. She has her own minion army now.

Well, two slipped away but she was able to get the third to stick around for awhile.

They were able to finish the sand castle before he poofed.

In his place, someone random showed up. Maggie went inside and collected her last badge – Llamacorn Scout.

Yeah. Hannah wished for a promotion, which is always a crap shoot. She was lucky and she received an immediate promotion to level 8 An0nymous Ghost. Then she left for work.

Well, she stopped to say hello to Arthur first. Then she left for work.

Maggie is going to get to work on all the projects. Tomorrow is Theo’s birthday so there isn’t any reason for him to complete one.

Emmet notices the scarecrow and realizes that he hasn’t come to life recently. So, he goes over to chat and see if he can encourage him. They really need help in the garden but they can’t hire a gardener.

Hannah had a boring day at work and she is destressing with a game on the tablet. Emmet wants to chat, but maybe he should give her a few minutes.

I am never having this size of garden again (says me). But look at all of those money trees.

It is Theo’s birthday and he is bubbling by the time he has the cake ready.

So, moving right along to blowing out the candles.

Theodore rolls Family-oriented to go along with Child of the Islands and Gloomy. His aspiration remains Painter Extraordinaire. He did not master any skills as a teen. And, he moves out. Just like that. Good wishes, Theo!

The end of the challenge is getting closer. But not as close as I would like. Maggie still has another week until her birthday, and then two weeks as a teen. So, three weeks before she can even start on the ten kids. I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Current Score: 750 points

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