Odyssey: Full Circle, Chapter 4

The house is pretty empty at the moment, but everyone still comes together to help Maggie with her project.

With three sims in the household, they really don’t need a full cauldron of mac and cheese. But there it is.

Since the end of the challenge is getting closer, the cowplant is pulled out of inventory. Hopefully no one will die, but as long as Maggie survives, whatever.

It was just an accident that I noticed Emmet was bubbling. He makes his own cake and then blows out his own candles.

Maggie completes the creativity aspiration, mastering creativity in the process. She switches to motor aspiration for her second attempt.

Father Winter come for Winterfest and still hasn’t left. They finally lock all the doors while he is outside and he leaves when he has to pee.

Emmet has done good maintaining his fame level. He paints a bunch of paintings and whenever he gets the warning that he is losing relevance, then he sells all the paintings he has accumulated.

Maggie completes the motor aspiration. Her next aspiration is going to be mental.

She was read to so often as a toddler that she immediately checks that off. Now she needs three games with someone and Emmet is available. Hannah is working on her last skill point for her last promotion.

Love Day comes, and they each exchange gifts. I removed the Date tradition and left it just giving gifts and giving flowers.

Hannah didn’t like what Emmet gave to her but that is her problem.

Maggie just realized that she won’t be able to complete the mental aspiration. She needs to complete her homework twice while focused, and she won’t be returning to school before her birthday. Yes, her birthday is just under two days away.

With her birthday looming up quickly, Maggie does what she can on the social aspiration. Friends…

…and then Best Friends.

Hannah earns her last promotion and reaches the top of the Oracle career. Generation Nine has completed their requirement(s). All that is left is for Maggie to have ten biological children. Say “woo!”

Maggie has started bubbling, so she is waiting on Hannah to make her a cake.

Hannah heads outside to help Emmet with the garden, while Maggie gets ready to blow out her candles.

I like this cake, but I wish there more birthday cakes to choose from.

Maggie becomes a teen, rolls Self-Absorbed, and then takes the Big Happy Family aspiration. Ten. Children.

While Maggie was getting her makeover and trying out hair styles… well, all I can say is there are definitely Merry vibes going on. And apparently, I’m still not ready to use this hair on another sim. Can’t have a Merry clone.

Maggie gets finished with her makeover and she is ready to work on whatever she needs to do while she is a teen. Hmm…

Ahh! Master photography first.

After taking lots of pictures, Maggie begins to learn how to work in the garden.

I am on a roll with remembering their birthdays. Hannah also got to blow out her candles. She joins Emmet in Adulthood.

A rough night at work, and I can understand why she went for the cake.

I didn’t even stop her, although I am not actually trying to kill them.

Emmet enjoys his fame even if he never goes anywhere. He does get a lot of items in the mail.

Emmet decides to help Maggie out with her project, even though Maggie is inside playing video games.

Since Emmet is working on one, Maggie sets up the other project. Only the one that Emmet is working on is completed.

Brigitte is still running around, in the rain, naked.

Mortification! Mood swings are the name of the game for teens, and whatever happened at school was just horrible. Thankfully, extreme emotions won’t kill the teens.

Don’t get pregnant… Don’t get pregnant… Don’t get pregnant…

Everyone wanted to eat but no one wanted to clean up the dirty dishes. Where are all the neat sims?

The aliens come for Emmet, which is completely not in the plans. He better not come home pregnant. Been there, done that, got the points.

Maggie has very little emotional control. In fact, she isn’t far away from Uncontrolled Emotions.

The family comes together to watch the Peach is the New Orange season premiere.

Hannah heads for the cake again. But she is smart enough to wait until she is past the effects of her last “bite of cake”.

Brigitte comes out to haunt and spends several hours telling herself stories. She went from blue to purple to pink.

Random mother-daughter chat after school.

Emmet loses some of his fame, but then he sells some paintings to regain it.

Emmet masters gardening, but he won’t get any points for it since Hannah has already collected the points for their generation.

Despite being a Global Superstar, Emmet only has one quirk – the Emotion Bomb.

Because this is the boring stage, Emmet is working on another quirk – at least he is trying to trigger something. It was his decision to take both drinks at the same time. It takes more time than I remember, but eventually Emmet has all four quirk spots filled:

  • Emotion Bomb
  • Juice Enthusiast
  • Refined Plate
  • Phone Fanatic

Someone ate the cake again. I missed it while Emmet was working on triggering his quirks.

There are five essences in inventory. Two in back belong to someone from the earlier generation – Marilyn or Jake or someone. The front three are all from Hannah. She is making sure we have a variety – boredom, inspiration, and happiness. I went back and looked and the two older essences are Howl’s energy and Jake’s playfulness. Also, her name is Cleopatra. I found that also. So, they have five unique essences and I haven’t even been trying.

Emmet is enraged because he really wants a drink. I have never had a legitimate death by cardiac explosion before. I watched but he didn’t die.

When he got into the house he had an emotional breakdown. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

Somebody, give the boy a drink.

Emmet makes a several of the drinks and sticks them in the fridge so he will have easy access. I let him have this quirk because he doesn’t have to do anything specific so it wasn’t supposed to be an interference. But he won’t make his own drinks without direction.

Maggie comes home from school and makes a cauldron of mac and cheese. I had to send this picture to my daughter, because she was a mac and cheese fanatic as a child.

I sent this picture to my daughter…

They finally downsized the garden by eliminating all of the duplication, which was almost all of the money trees. They kept the two that are Magnificent. They have all the money they will ever need and more than enough to give them mucho points for the challenge. They also put the cowplant back in inventory.

So, this will be the last post of this generation. Not much happened once the household was pared down to just Hannah, Emmet, and Maggie. There would have been a lot of [speed 3], but I couldn’t get everyone to sleep or leave the premises at the same time. Someone was always up wandering around.

Emmet has also decided to walk away from his Celebrity aspiration. He switches to Painter Extraordinaire and will work on that eventually. Maybe.

Well, thanks. But, you know, Brigitte is dead. Has been for awhile now.

i just realized Patchy took his tree and moved out. I swear he was there a few days ago.

Emmet needs to start getting rid of some of his quirks. As he is level 5 celebrity, he will not drop below level 3, but I am tired of keeping him at level 5.

The gnomes are out, which means it is Harvestfest. And it is only two days until Maggie becomes a young adult. I took this opportunity to change the house lots traits. They are always energetic and it is interfering with their ability to have other emotions. The new traits are Private Dwelling,Good Schools, and Child’s Play.

Maggie has a temper tantrum. I believe she has thrown a fit more as a teen than she ever did as a toddler.

Of course, Emmet is also throwing his own tantrums.

Another ghost received a payment from investing. On Monday, when the bills come, I will discover if I screwed them over by getting rid of the money trees. I am having doubts.

I can’t figure out what is going on here. The dark one doesn’t have the same option for interactions as the three lighter ones. But I think the dark one is the only one producing fruits.

Maggie has bubbles so she is making a birthday cake.

A huff and a puff and she blows out the candles.

Maggie rolls Cheerful to go along with Self=Absorbed and Creative. She also added Responsible and Good Manners. Actually, she has a lot of traits. It is official – Generation 10 has taken the reins and will be working to finish this challenge out. Go, Maggie!


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