Odyssey: Garden of Eden, Chapter 10

With Teresa becoming a teen, it was time for a remodel of the house.  During the process, it was decided to move to a larger lot.  They have moved from Pebble Burrow (30×20) to Arid Ridge (40×30), but are still in Oasis Springs for the milder weather.  The house is much bigger, but still three rooms.  Initially the plan was to bring the plants inside, but Marilyn is already level 9 and Jake is level 8 so they are close to mastering gardening.  Teresa’s focus will be on music and painting so the garden will be getting smaller as Jake and Marilyn reach the top of their careers.  Instead of bring the garden inside, I rearranged the house to accommodate the next generation.  Teresa will be getting married and then there will be the third generation, and I don’t plan on anyone moving out – they will live and die here, legacy style, so there needs to be room for multiple generations.

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After crying some more about the forgotten birthday, Teresa settles down to do her homework before school starts.

The gardens are all together now and looking a lot more structured and organized.  Sage is a year-round plant and is the perfect plant to use rather than planting all the plants.  It never goes out of season, and they should have just had a sage garden from the beginning.  Live and learn.  I have learned a lot about how to handle drifter house 003 that will be all gardening.  The cat plants are also year-round, but they don’t have a use other than to change the moods of cats.  The plants that are year-round are Sage (§5), Lemon (§12), Garlic (§12), Avocado (§45), Wolfsbane (§18), Plasma Fruit (§18), Bonsai (§10), Growfruit (§90), Emotion Berries (§24), Money Tree, Sixam Mosquito Trap (§66), and the Nips (§6).  For the basic starting garden, starting with sage and garlic plants plus lemon trees is a good way to have a year-round source of income plus plants to work for skills.  Adding any of the others will bump the income nicely.  Of course, I am writing this well after the fact, and it doesn’t do anything to help Jake and Marilyn.

While Marilyn is working on the last skill point, Jake is upstairs with Teresa really enjoying the sausage and fruit meal that she prepared.  Meat, yum.  He is making a point to not notice the odor that Teresa is exuding.

That day at school is a bad day for Teresa.  It is possible that everyone else noticed the odor but whatever the reason, she came home mortified and hid for a long time in the tub.

Finally, she came out and did her school project.  She is trying to invent electricity but even with the successful completion of her project, it will be awhile before they will have electricity in this house.  I am playing with the mindset that it is the family that chooses to forgo the modern world rather than actually living in the past, so everything is available elsewhere, they just choose not to have them in their house.

Marilyn finally gets flower arranging to level 9 – only one more level to go.

Marilyn is slowly, very slowly, getting there.  Gardening has been mastered.  Now she can concentrate on flower arranging, and then she just needs the last promotion.  For her aspiration, she still needs to evolve a few more plants to excellent and she needs to grow a cowplant.

Teresa is struggling – she needs to find something to do that is fun.  Until she does, she is refusing to do anything productive.

Teresa makes some friends at school and finally gets her happy on.  Now she is just miserable because she is hungry.

Teresa called and took the day off from school, and I just realized that she used the telephone to do so.  But, it is the only way to take a day of vacation.  She stayed home and worked on skills since she already has an A in school.

Marilyn needed to gift one of her arrangements for work so she gave Jake a masterpiece.  He was properly impressed this time.

Finally.  Finally, Marilyn has mastered Flower Arranging.  She now has everything she needs for the last promotion in her career.

This means it is time to plant the cowplant for her aspiration.

Teresa’s friend, Francis, came over and they went off to fish.  And then they were forgotten.  Teresa is trying to get home and to the toilet before it is too late.

Nope, she doesn’t make it.  She was so close, too.

Marilyn sleeps through the news of her promotion to Visionary of Vases, level 10.  She worked hard to get it and she deserves the sleep.

And there is the most beautiful thing – a fully functional fridge.  The next question, can they have a stove also… or just the fridge and the grill.

Teresa begins the day making a fruit salad.

Marilyn heads out to the grill to make a fruit cobbler.  They will finally be able to stash the leftovers in the fridge and save them for later.

Teresa sets the table and they have a nice breakfast of fruit salad and fruit cobbler while Jake is outside tending to the garden.  While it really doesn’t matter if he gets any more promotions, he is already at level 8 and it would be sad for him to stall out at this point.  But, he has to master gardening and logic to reach level 10 as a Botanist.

Marilyn has completed all steps of her aspiration except for the cowplant – it just needs to grow enough to be counted as grown and then she will be done.  She is just about ready to hand over the challenge to Teresa.  Teresa still needs to level two skills up to level 5.  She has cooking at level 3, fishing at level 4, and gardening at level 3 with 7 days remaining until her birthday – so plenty of time, if she would just get rid of the uncomfortable moods that are interfering with everything.  She is the only one with an overheating moodlet and a fatigued moodlet that never goes away.  [Getting out and back in cleared the stuck moodlets.]

New Skill Day dawns bright and shiny and Teresa gets right to work on learning some skills.  She grills some food…

And then grills some more food and reaches level 5 in cooking.  Apparently it started snowing while she was grilling so she changed clothes.  Interesting the difference in weather between their initial home location and this location.

With one skill achieved, she heads over to the pond to catch some fish and quickly reaches level 5 in fishing.  She has completed her part of the first generation’s tasks.

Marilyn is left to her own free will now and she is generally found messing with the plants.

Jake needed a quick level in a skill for the holiday and gardening and logic weren’t getting it there for him so he made an arrangement.  This will be the only arrangement he ever makes but it worked for his holiday gold, and then he went back to the chess table.

Marilyn stops to chat but that is really just a distraction.  Even though he doesn’t have to complete his career, he is still working on the skills in case he can.

Teresa is jogging for emotional control and there was another reason, but I can’t remember what at the moment.  She wasn’t worried about increasing fitness, but she was jogging for a purpose.

Then the rains came and it got cold and she needs a bath.  Life sucks again.

But at least she didn’t struck by lightning while she was standing out in the yard like Marilyn.

Teresa’s needs always look like this.  She struggles to keep her social and fun up but mostly they stay in the red.

Jake realizes that his aspiration is complete, and he needs to change it.  So, he changes it to Successful Lineage.  It completes the first tier and most of the second tier and now he needs to socialize with Teresa, then help her with her homework – so it is a good thing he thought about this before she grew out of the teen-age years.  He is also really excited because he is finally going to get another promotion.  It will take him to level 9 and just leave him needing to master gardening and logic, both at level 9, to have a chance to get that final promotion.

While they wait for their work shift to begin, both Jake and Marilyn spend time in the garden talking to their plants.

Just a random thought about their footwear – he is wearing flip-flops and she is barefoot.  Not exactly the footwear I would choose for these careers.

I remembered why Teresa is jogging – she is still trying to complete the Get Fit badge for scouts in addition to releasing all the tension from school.

Well, at least she finished the badges – she is now a Llamacorn Scout and has the Scouting Aptitude trait.  She also is on The Edge of a Breakout and under Familial Distress and Lonely.

Marilyn headed out to pee but Teresa is taking a bath.  Maybe they need two outhouses…

Francis invites himself over and he comes over in a pissy mood.  Since Teresa is always in a mood swing because of her needs, they are making it difficult for Jake to have a conversation with them.  By the time he finishes socializing with her ten times, their conversation is abhorrent.  The smile is a lie – every reaction is negative ++.

Francis heads outside for awhile and Jake helps Teresa with her homework.  With judicious use of pause and queued actions, he is able to complete the three help with homework requirements and the next three mentor actions.  Now he just needs her to top her career before he dies.

Teresa finally gets Francis out of his angry mood and then he gets her out of her tense mood.  Then he leaves and she goes to bed.  He should become a young adult momentarily and she still has five days, so she hasn’t made any romantic moves on him yet.  She will see if he is the one, or if she will be looking for another when she gets closer to her birthday.

The next morning, there is a new addition to the garden.

Marilyn heads down to say hello and she has completed her aspiration.  As far as I am concerned, generation one – The Garden of Eden is complete and just waiting to turn over the keys to the kingdom to Teresa.

Score: 39 points


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  1. Woooo!!! Great job with the garden of eden generation. I am getting so close myself and it has been a ton of fun. I haven’t gotten all the scouting badges sadly, and I probably won’t but hey, it was my first shot at it. 🙂 This family is sweet, and i love the new house!

    • It takes practice with the badges, but once you get the rhythm it is not too bad. And completing all of the badges lets them learn skills faster.

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