Odyssey: Garden of Eden, Chapter 11

I thought I was going to have Teresa take over now with generation two, but there is still enough for one more chapter for generation one before Teresa has her birthday.

A few things to note about the first generation as I work out some of the rules… they used this BBQ throughout since it doesn’t use electricity.

They are now getting this wood-burning stove (and oven) because they have unlocked the fridge.  They are still keeping the BBQ grill though.  They will be able to have birthday cakes now.

With that in mind, the top of the line fridge that they had bought initially has been replaced with this, more appropriate icebox style fridge, that also matches the new stove.  Marilyn is worshiping at the altar of the fridge.

Following Marilyn’s example, Teresa also chooses to worship at the altar of the fridge.  I have no idea why they decided this is where they should eat, especially has it blocks anyone else from getting leftovers, or anything, from the fridge.

Jake is the first one to do something actually noteworthy, as he masters gardening.  Now he just needs logic and he will be set for his last promotion.

As Marilyn and Jake get ready for work, Teresa is taking the day off so she can begin preparing for her control of the challenge.  Marilyn makes sure to tell her a gross joke first.  Then Teresa cleans up all the dirty dishes because those are pretty gross also.

They do their best to keep Cleopatra fed so that no one dies accidentally.

Teresa is still struggling with her fun and social, but she can camouflage it to some extent with the emotion potions she made as a child.  So far at least they have given her positive moods and not negative ones.

She still jogs to calm down and then desperately needs the bath.  Being neat, she has to clean it first or she can’t relax while she is taking it.

They still only have the one outhouse, but the family will be growing when Teresa gets married and Jake and Marilyn are still a little ways off from their elder birthdays.  This is going to become more of a problem as time goes on.

Caleb must be desperate because he attacks Jake during the day.  It looks like he has been working the food stall across the street and really needed something to drink.

The only reason Caleb isn’t on my shit list is because Jake was about to pass out and this is actually one of the fastest ways to fill up his energy, despite the uncomfortable moodlet he will carry from the bite.  I have noticed that their energy fills completely up while they are passed out from a vampire bite, and Jake needs this right now.

Marilyn gives Cleopatra some love before she heads up to bed.

Jake is using the energy he gained back from Caleb’s bite to try to master logic.  He is getting close and is hopeful he can finish before he has to go to work again in 10 hours.  75%

As I was scanning the neighborhood for potentials for Teresa, I see a Giovanni Little that is a teen.  So, there needs to be a closer look.  Yeah, nope.  It is pretty obvious who this one belongs to…

And then, I pull back to see who he is talking to… Lilith Lobo.  There is so much wrong in this picture, I am just going to leave this here.

Teresa took another day off from school and did some volunteering.  At this point, she has three character values in the range to receive the positive trait: Responsibility, Manners, and Empathy.  Emotional Control is halfway there and Conflict Resolution isn’t even on the board, so the expectation is that she will earn four positive traits.  Only having one child per generation makes it easier to get more done.

And 100% – logic has been mastered.  Jake has 6 hours until he goes to work, but his performance is only good and not excellent so he will have to work hard today.  He might get the promotion today, but he should definitely get it tomorrow.

Crap!  It is Harvestfest which means he isn’t going to work today.  I am saying all the bad words right now.

Jake and Marilyn appease all of the gnomes except for the one that Teresa took care of.  Everyone was able to get a gold holiday, and there are now six gnomes dropping seed packs all over the lot.

Jake realizes that he can go to work – it doesn’t always work, but it did for him, so he went.  He doesn’t get enough performance to get the promotion, but he is in good shape to get the promotion tomorrow.

Teresa is still so tense all the time that she is always saying “the profanity” despite having “the manners”.  Marilyn scolds her each time she catches her to reinforce it so she can keep the manners in the range for the trait, but this is tough.  There is something I am missing for the teens to do to keep their fun up, apparently.  Or maybe she needs a boyfriend.

She has a journal so she can write for emotional control.  I don’t know how well that is working because it is still hanging out right in the middle between non-existent and in the range.  She has half the value she needs, but she can’t seem to get the other half.  This is the only thing she is working on and her birthday is in two days.  She spams it late into the night and by the time she heads up to bed, about to pass out, she has increased her value to just barely outside the range.  She has it within her grasp, and should be able to make it happen.

The current collection of gnomes includes five unique and six total.

Teresa is out for a jog to control her emotions but the weather isn’t cooperating.  She heads back to the house and writes in her journal until she has the value in the zone.  Now she is ready for her birthday.

Jake is heading to work and today is the day that he will get his last promotion.

Jake has done it – he is the PhD of Pollen, level 10 Botanist.  I am very proud of Marilyn and Jake for reaching the top of their career and completing their initial aspiration.  Jake mastered three skills along the way – Fishing, Logic, and Gardening.  He spent his aspiration points on several traits: Speed Cleaner, Entrepreneurial, Carefree, Shameless, Waterproof Sim, Steel Bladder, and Frugal.

Marilyn mastered two skills: Gardening and Flower Arranging.  She spent her aspiration points on Speed Cleaner, Super Green Thumb, Shameless, Carefree, and Steel Bladder.  Her traits cost more than Jake’s so she didn’t get as many.

Marilyn congratulations Jake on his promotion and they are ready to step into the background.

Teresa notices a new young adult wandering about and heads over to meet him.

They talk just long enough for her to discover he Hates Children.  She is not even going to deal with that.

Back home, she drags her ass to bed while Marilyn and Jake sit up and enjoy chatting well into the night.

Before they head up to bed, they have a contest to see who can do push ups longer – Marilyn won.

For a bonus, Teresa reaches level 5 gardening before her birthday also.  That makes all three of the required skills are at level 5 – cooking, fishing, and gardening.

While she waits for her age bar to begin bubbling, she starts to work on her aspiration.  She is finally in a good enough mood where she can get inspired.  She is able to complete the first tier before it is time to bake the cake.

While she bakes the cake, they have a nice family chat.  Everyone is in a good mood for a change.

Happy Birthday, Teresa


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  1. Teresa looks great! Good job on all those skills and promotions and manners. I don’t think Belle is going to be quite as accomplished, so you gave me all sorts of ideas. I had trouble with Belle’s fun as well. Social didn’t seem to be an issue the family talked together and ate meals together all the time. I did a lot of violin (since I decided to put her in music and didn’t see anything against using it) and writing in the journal too. I’m interested in what you do with new teens to see if you figured out the secret. 🙂

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