Odyssey: Garden of Eden, Chapter 2

Marilyn wakes up in the middle of the night, hungry, and decides to try the eating thing again.  This time she makes veggie dogs, but she doesn’t seem to like them because she keeps putting them down and going back to make more.  It takes several attempts to get her to finish the plate.

Then she gets ready for the day.  There are now piles of dirty laundry around the house.  I remember why I don’t put laundry items in houses.

After her bath she washes and dries the laundry.  This isn’t going to work.  Nope.  The washing tub and clothesline are removed and she will have permanently clean clothes.

At the same time, the fire pit thing is swapped out for the barrel style grill.  She gets an inside table where she can sit to eat and the gardens are cleaned up and organized a little bit.  The walls are down but the house also got windows which will show up in future pictures.  Marilyn has Monday off so she is going to make a collection run around the neighborhood and then she is going to look for a mate, or a friend.  She is getting lonely.

While out collecting, Marilyn meets two sims – Archer Jennings who is a single landlord and Hayley Montoya who is the community gardener.

She is hungry by the time she gets home and decides to grill some fruit on her new barrel style grill.

When Marilyn wakes up she realizes there are sims wandering around that are her age finally.  She runs over to meet Mitchell Kalani and they talk for a few minutes and then he decides it is late and heads home.

There are still a lot of teens wandering around along with several vampires.  That could be the beginning of a late night TV movie.

Hungry, Marilyn eats some of the fruits and vegetables from her inventory, but they don’t do a good job of filling her up and it takes a lot to get her hunger into the green.

Then she spies Don Lothario walking by.  She introduces herself, and Don would make pretty babies (one baby) but having just tortured Don with the Easter Egg challenge, Marilyn thinks that maybe Don will be given a pass this time.  Maybe.  She sees Caleb in the background but she is going to exclude the vampires from her choices for now.

Morning comes and it is time to get ready for work.  Marilyn decides to go to work today to see if she can meet some coworkers.  Maybe she will meet someone interesting.

She received a promotion to Soft-Sifter, level 2 and gets ready to leave for work.  And, that didn’t work – she met no one at work.  Then, because she was socializing her work performance didn’t improve.

As Marilyn is making her daily collection rounds, she meets the local pizza delivery guy.  Talon looks like he lives at the gym but he is a young adult and he is not married, so she adds him to the list.

Marilyn and Talon hit it off and spend a little extra time getting to know each other but still keeping an eye out for other options.

Apparently there is a pizza delivery convention because Moira is spotted talking to Finley down the street.  Finley looks like he eats plenty of pizza in his spare time.

Marilyn spends a long time getting to know Talon and then she tries to finish her collection round.  She doesn’t make it all the way before passing out.  After waking up from where she fell, she heads home – the rest can just be collected tomorrow.

Marilyn decides to work from home since going to work didn’t work out so well.  Her task for the day is to read a gardening book.  She decides to head over to the library since traveling within the town is allowed.  She reads the gardening book and then makes a collections run around the area.  She meets Gunther Munch who is married to Penny Pizzazz, but no other new single sims were there.

It may be spring but it is still cold and Marilyn almost freezes to death while she is running around outside.  It is a good thing she is able to get back inside the library before that happens.  She heads home, almost a week into the challenge and she still hasn’t decided on who she will be sharing it with – Talon the pizza deliverer, or Archer the landlord.  Or, will she give up the five points and download a sim from the gallery…

Well, that took forever and a day.  Marilyn heads next door to meet her new neighbor.  He was downloaded from the gallery but was not created specifically for Marilyn.  He was created by Rawla way back in 2014 and has lived in the gallery ever since.  It will be up to Marilyn to meet and woo him.  I don’t normally download sims to use, but decided that I will for this challenge unless there is someone in game that they meet that seems to work.  For Marilyn, none of the options were shouting “pick me, pick me”.

Some of Rawla’s challenges for Sims 4 can be found here: Will ISBI; EPIC Voyager; NoChin DyNasty; RedStorm (wacky); Prince Avalos (C.E.A.); The Carpenters (Decades); Let’s Do This (Name Game); 100 Dragonkin (100-baby challenge).

The first thing Marilyn discovers is that they both love the outdoors.  Then she learns he is self-assured and finally, she learns he is neat.

Marilyn is happy because she has a friend.  Now to see if they can become more than friends because she would like a partner to share this challenge.

Their relationship grows quickly and smoothly and soon they share their first kiss.

Marilyn knows that he is the one and she is preparing to pop the question.

Down she goes on one knee and everyone holds their breath…

He said yes – everyone can breathe.

And there is no time like the present so they move right on into the wedding elopement, despite Jake trying to fall asleep and having to potty dance his way through the ceremony.  Of course, Jake moves in with Marilyn and they sell all of the ill-gotten gains from his house.  He only brought in the regular §20,000 since he was placed in a house he could afford with the initial cash and he did not have time to make or spend anything.

Love the One You’re With: 5 points if all spouses are found within the town and not created in CAS.

Jake Harrison is Self-Assured, Neat, and Loves the Outdoors.  His aspiration is to become an Angling Ace.  He brings nothing but §20,000 and an understanding of Marilyn because he is grilling tofu dogs.

With Jake’s addition to the household, Marilyn is allowed to add a second room to the house.  She adds a bedroom to the side and moves the ornamental garden to the opposite of the house to make room.  They get a dedicated living room for their reading and more chairs for the dining table.  It looks more like a house and less like a shack now.  Marilyn was even able to change out the rock siding for a little nicer wood shingle and put in wood floors and paneling on the walls.  Initially Jake was going to join the military or astronaut career but he has decided to join the gardening career also.  The plan is for Jake to become a Botanist and Marilyn to take the Floral Arranging branch, but that will be decided when one of them reaches the branching point.

Jake begins his daily tasks for the gardening career by planting garlic.  It is going to be necessary to keep the vampires out and Jake is going to do his part.  I don’t remember mentioning it but the lot traits for the first generation are Great Soil, Private Dwelling, and Sunny Aspect.

The hardest part is going to be watching the leftovers spoil until the fridge is unlocked.


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  1. Great job and while sad you couldn’t find anyone in the hood to marry it seems like these two will be happy. There seems so much to do in TS4 so I’ll have to check it out at some point. ?

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