Odyssey: Garden of Eden, Chapter 3

Marilyn and Jake settle into a routine collecting and gardening and sharing the tasks as they go.  Marilyn is two levels higher than Jake in their career but they share the gardening strategically and both are able to have their promotion tasks completed quickly. I didn’t realize they whistled while gardening.

Then they realize they both have the day off from work and they can do fun stuff if they want.  Jake starts off with playtime in the tub while Marilyn heads inside to clean up the dirty dishes from the previous day.

Friday also happens to be Love Day so they have a date in the flower garden.  They are really cute together and about this point I realize they never had their wedding night because they were both tired.

A little bit late but their first woohoo completes the date with a gold medal and a VIP bucket reward.  They also complete the traditions for the holiday and end it early once it has reached gold for both of them.

After their special date, it is Marilyn’s turn to take a relaxing bath and Jake grills some fruits for dinner – or lunch since it doesn’t look late enough to be dinner yet.  It might be mid-afternoon.

Even so, Marilyn is tired and she heads to bed early while Jake heads out to do some fishing.  Jake catches five fish for his aspiration but only four unique so far.  He has to collect 20 unique to complete his aspiration so he will have to fish in different places along the way.  Jake was created in 2014 so his hot and cold weather outfits are random-generated by EA, I believe.  I haven’t decided to give him any makeover, taking him as he came.

I think this generation is almost like the next house in the drifter challenge (gardening and fishing), and it is a good way for me to, maybe, learn the gardening better since the changes were made.  For now, the house will most likely be decorated with Jake’s fishes since Marilyn is a vegetarian.  Of course, they will sell duplicates as he is only going to keep one of each type that he catches.

Marilyn makes tofu dogs – and this is the only picture I took of their entire day.  She only has the grill and her choices are fairly limited.  Although she can now make Baked Potatoes on the grill in addition to the Grilled Fruit, Tofu Dogs and Veggie Burgers.

Marilyn jumped right on the baked potatoes and made sure to grill them for breakfast.  She is craving some variety in her diet.  If only she had a fridge.

Neither one received a promotion even though they had done everything they were supposed to for work, and Marilyn’s daily work task is to gift a crop – so she gives Jake a rose.  She never puts down her baked potato though.

It is New Skill Day and this time Jake makes the collection rounds while Marilyn handles the chores at the house.  They meet back at the tub and toilet where Jake relaxes in the bubbles while Marilyn repairs the leak.  Marilyn has her gold holiday and Jake is still trying to get his to register.

Jake tries to go jogging but he has no fitness and is too far from leveling for this to be feasible quickly.  He decides to make dinner and completes the holiday with a new level in cooking.

Marilyn cleans up after dinner – it is the first time the grill has been cleaned since she bought it.

Jake starts the first fire, but it is a good bet it won’t be the last fire since the grills are notorious for being fire hazards.

Later, Marilyn realizes she is pregnant and she shares the news with Jake.  He is excited about the news, especially knowing that they will only be having the one pregnancy.

Marilyn is wanting a girl (matriarchy mini-challenge) so she settles in to eat a handful of strawberries (10 is a safe number).  Hopefully that will give her the results she is looking for.  Their lives have been really quiet, other than the fire.  They make a collection run around the neighborhood every morning, they work on their daily task on their work days, and they piddle the rest of the time.  Jake fishes and Marilyn researches the plants.  Calm and quiet.  A little bit boring.

While Jake takes the daily collection run, Marilyn heads over to the local picnic area to see if she will socialize.  She doesn’t.  Instead she begins grilling – she has to pee but she begins making multiple plates of food.  She is told to stop, pickup her food, and go home.

But first, she needs some public humiliation.  There really needs to be public toilets at all of the little gathering areas.  Very embarrassed, Marilyn finally picks up the plate of food and heads home.

She has to wait for Jake to get out of the tub, but once she gets in, she doesn’t want to come out.  Jake lets her have time to hide under the water and he cleans the toilet.  He also works on researching plants so that he will have the gardening skill built up for his next promotion.

Today they get to leave the lot because Jake needs to read a gardening book, so they are going to the library.

Jake is really excited because he hasn’t left since he moved in.  Marilyn just entered her third trimester so she is going also before the baby is born.

Jake gets right to reading up on gardening when they get to the library.

While he is reading the boring gardening book, Marilyn is reading about handiness.

Then Marilyn checks to see if there is anything to collect in the area (nope) and Jake reads up on vampire lore.  He wants to make some garlic decorations for the house and needs to learn more about vampire lore first.

Marilyn makes a run around the neighborhood, but her bladder isn’t what it used to be.

And then she can’t even take a bath until she repairs the tub.

Marilyn isn’t able to finish her bath before passing out.  The sad thing is she has to pee again.  At this rate she may never get to bed.

Jake gets a daily task that is going to require using the computer at the library – research gardening on the computer.  Marilyn got screwed because she did her daily tasks and received a promotion and then an hour later her boss called and yelled at her for not completing her new daily task and didn’t pay her for the day.  Marilyn took the Floral Designer path and needs to level floral arranging now.  This means they need to stop selling the flowers they are harvesting.

Marilyn surprises me when she goes into labor even though I knew it was getting close to time.

Jake tries to distract her while they wait out the labor pains but she is miserable and nothing he says helps.

He decides to go fishing – and for some reason, she followed him.  She was not supposed to and was not told to, but there she is.

Now she won’t have the baby even with a resetsim cheat.  I went out and came back in and still no baby.

Finally, the baby is coming.  And, it is a girl so the matriarchy continues.

She names her Teresa and they both take Jake’s last name of Harrison.  I am not going to try to control the last name of Odyssey for the length of the challenge, but it will always by the Odyssey EPIC.

Teresa is named after Mother Teresa, a Macedonian Catholic missionary nun.  In 1979 she won the Nobel Peace Prize and in 2016, Mother Teresa was canonized as Saint Teresa by the Catholic Church.


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  1. A great update. Nice job, even though the baby didn’t want to come at the first there. I laughed at her in labor following him fishing. Too funny. This is really making me want to try and get more for TS4 and try out this challenge.

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