Odyssey: Garden of Eden, Chapter 4

Slipping into an alternate reality, Jake uses the computer at the library just long enough to complete his work from home assignment and then he rushes back home to Marilyn and Teresa.  Enough of that weird magical contraption.  Hopefully he won’t get that assignment very often.

With Teresa in the house now, they add on a third room and all of the necessary toddler items for when she is released from the bassinet.

While the girls sleep, Jake takes advantage of the alone time to slip off down to the stream to do some fishing.  He is catching the same old fish though and really needs to find some different places to fish for this aspiration.  “Soon”.

Marilyn wakes up for some reason and since she is awake she begins learning to arrange flowers.  She needs level 2 for her next promotion so she is making practice arrangements and selling them for the money.  Since she is only making arrangements that she already has the flowers, this is making her a little bit of money.

Once she reaches level 2 in flower arranging, she heads out to get the next level in gardening.  First she prunes the bonsai tree into a playful shape.  Then, she researches the other bonsai to give her the last bit she needs to increase her skill to the next level.

Very funny.

While Marilyn is taking care of her work requirements, Jake is taking care of Teresa.  He must have done well because she is a happy baby now.

The other thing that is pretty nice is that Jake has never grilled anything with meat.  He only makes vegetarian safe dishes, almost like he knows Marilyn won’t eat meat.

Then, he sets himself on fire.  My first thought is always – should he live or die.

When he puts himself out, he makes sure to save the important parts.

Marilyn and Jake decide to go out for the Night on a Town holiday so they send Teresa off to daycare and they head down to the local cafe.  They get some free food and then Jake goes fishing because this is a new place, new fish.  Marilyn spends the rest of the night collecting crap.  And it is morning before they realize it.

Jake gets promoted but misses the popup to choose to work from home so he has to go into the office for work today.  Marilyn finishes the collection route and then heads home, picking up Teresa on her way.

Marilyn checks on Teresa once they get home and makes sure everything is good.

Then she begins making floral arrangements to sell.  She can only make one at a time because the completed arrangements don’t go into her inventory, which is a pain.  But, she does get her skill to level 3.

Jake comes home from work and staying up all night has taken its toll.  He was told to go to bed but he decided to try to take a bath first.  He failed.

It is Teresa’s birthday, but everyone is allowed to sleep for a little while first.  Then Marilyn gets up to help her out of the bassinet.  Teresa is inquisitive and adorable.

Marilyn helps her find her balance so that she will be able to toddle around the house.

The have a quick celebration because it is cute.

Then Marilyn reads Teresa to sleep because the adults are sleepy and it is bedtime.  Hopefully Teresa will sleep until morning, but reality says not.  Her inventory is full of fruits and carrots so that she can snack when she wakes up in the middle of the night.  Because she will wake up in the middle of the night.  Teresa has not received a makeover yet, but she will get one soon – once I see an outfit that I don’t like.

They don’t even make it until midnight before everyone is starving.  Jake is up first and he grills some fruit for everyone to eat.

While they eat he tells tales and gossips about his coworkers.  His coworkers who are also Marilyn’s coworkers.

After filling their bellies, it is time for baths and some potty training.  Eventually they might get back to sleep.

After some sleep Marilyn and Jake are up early to begin working on the gardens.  Teresa gets up without being noticed and wanders out to watch and then she heads back inside to begin babbling to the stuffed animal.  It is time to begin learning her skills.


Marilyn spends the day working on one half of a level of gardening.  She ends the day at 62%.

Once Teresa masters communication she is headed to play in the toilet but redirected to play on the slide instead with a stop off at the potty.

Jake makes the rounds of the neighborhood and comes home to grill baked potatoes.  What he wouldn’t give for a fridge and a little more variety.  Vegetarian for Marilyn was maybe not a good idea but fish never crossed my mind.

Marilyn is still researching plants so Jake and Teresa eat dinner without her.  When she finished as much as she could, she trudged to bed and went to sleep.  Maybe after she gets some sleep she will continue working on her skills.

This is how I feel about playing outside.  Give me a book to read inside and I am much happier.

Jake is reading the first book in the vampire lore series because he wants to learn how to make objects out of garlic.  He hopes that will deter the midnight visitors.  Luckily, they haven’t had many, or any, vampires so far, but he is planning ahead.  We are all ignoring the fact that the book is invisible.

At level 5 he has found the designs and makes a wreath, braid, and garland.  The front of the house is warded along with the garlic plants, the vampires are going to need to have immunity or be really determined to get inside.

And the back door is protected also.

Marilyn is still trying to level both of her skills – she needs one level in both.

Teresa is progressing nicely and has just mastered movement.

While she waits for Marilyn to find a stopping point, she watches her practice arranging flowers.  No way she is going to do that when she grows up

…goes to read about the next generation… Nope, no way.

Marilyn has reached the end of her energy and it is time for little girls and mommies to go to bed.  Jake has already gone to bed hours ago, so he should be the first up in the morning making breakfast.


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  1. OMG Teresa is SO CUTE!!! I can see why you love the TS4 toddlers. Absolutely adorable! Things are going pretty well it seems like. So much fun.

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