Odyssey: Garden of Eden, Chapter 5

Marilyn was the first up and she woke up to a house that had been trashed.  She cleaned everything up and then turned her attention to the toilet.  What a way to start the day.

Jake decides that they are not having baked potatoes today and he makes veggie burgers instead.

They let Teresa sleep until she wakes up on her own but it doesn’t take long for the smell of food to get her up and going.  Marilyn sat on the chair that is pulled out for Teresa so Teresa had to sit in the living room.  At least it is a small house so they are still close together.

She slept hard and never got up to potty so Jake changes her diaper before letting her get dressed.

While Marilyn is still trying to catch up on her skills, Jake is ready for his promotion so he spends the day helping Teresa with her skills.  He reads her stories for imagination.

He helps her with the flash cards for thinking.

This is actually one of the rare times that I have ever seen the toddler get the right answer.

Teresa’s goal for the evening is to master the potty so she will be staying here until she has it down.  Marilyn is up but just barely.  She needs to go back to bed but she was so uncomfortable that she couldn’t sleep.  She did manage to get flower arranging up to level 4 for her promotion but she is still short on gardening.  Jake is off fishing for his aspiration – he needs to master fishing and then catch 20 different types of fish.  He will work on mastering the skill first, then will work on the different fish.

And the potty has been mastered.

Teresa watches Jake finish his bath because it is time for bed and he needs to read her a story so that she can sleep without having any nightmares.  Marilyn crawled back to bed and she isn’t getting up until morning.  Tonight it is Jake’s turn to get Teresa to bed.

Teresa is the first one up the next morning and she is on a mission to wake up Marilyn and then Jake.

Marilyn heads her off by giving her a bath before she can wake up Jake but it doesn’t matter because he gets up anyway and makes their food for the day.  He makes two meals today – grilled fruit for Marilyn and Teresa and grilled fish for himself.

Then he takes Teresa’s chair at the table.

Teresa is eating in the living room again but she doesn’t seem to mind.  She really doesn’t care where she eats as long as the food isn’t spoiled.  I am just hoping she doesn’t become a vegetarian when she grows up.  It is so limiting on their choices of meals.

While Marilyn is working in the garden, Jake is reading a gardening book, which is his daily task for a few hours.  Then it changes and now he has to write a report on a computer.  They will have to go back to the library so he can use one of those magical machines.  In the meantime, he reads and Teresa plays.

They are still waiting on Marilyn but she is almost ready.  Teresa is watching Jake while he is analyzing the bonsai bush.  Jake took the botanist branch since Marilyn took the floral branch of the career.  He will also need to build his logic skill so they bought a chess table.

Jake uses the library computer to submit his scientific paper for work while Teresa watches him.

There isn’t anything growing for Marilyn to collect so she samples the cheese pizza from the food stall, and oh yeah that is wonderful.

When Teresa reaches level 4 in her thinking she begins asking a lot of questions.  The first question she asks is why they can’t eat hamburgers and french fries.  Valid question, I’m just saying.

When Jake is finished with his paper, he heads over to try to catch some fish.  He only catches the ones he has already caught, so he is probably going to have to go to the park next.

Marilyn tries to escape the questions but Teresa chases her down.  She is persistent.

Once she has mastered thinking, it is time to master imagination.  Marilyn reads to her one story but by this time everyone is exhausted and it is late.  Jake is already heading home and Teresa is getting irritated.

Marilyn picks up Teresa and they also head home.  About damn time.

Jake had gotten home first and had already started grilling potatoes so they all sat down to eat.  Teresa was actually able to get into her chair this time, but there are no happy campers at this meal.

After eating Teresa heads out to potty before going to bed, but she is going down for the count.

Jake begins to clean up but he follows his daughter’s example and passes out in the front yard.  They will probably all be sleeping late in the morning.

Teresa is the first one awake the next morning and she didn’t sleep late.  Despite wanting to wake everyone up, she agreed to play quietly with Teresa the Triceratops.

And then, she doesn’t want to play with Teresa the Triceratops any more.

She reads the one toddler book in the house and masters imagination and becomes a top notch toddler with 3 days until her birthday.  She is going to be so much trouble.

While Marilyn heads out to collect three cuttings, Teresa picks an activity that keeps her out of trouble for the moment.

As Marilyn is making the cuttings from local plants, she is trying to decide what she wants to graft them on to.  Jake also needs a cutting so they will need four grafted plants.  They need to head out today to see if they can locate some other types of plants.

As they are getting ready to leave, Mila stops by to introduce herself and chat.  It is a short chat and then they head to the park.  They do a drive-by the library so Marilyn can order seeds from online (the game was never unpaused, she never touched the computer).  As it might be obvious, they are only using the computer when required for their career, but there are some items that are only available to be ordered through the computer.

Once they arrive at the park, Jake has a lot to do, but the reason he is here is to fish.  He needs one cutting which can really be anything, so he will get that on his way out.  For now, he is looking for nine new types of fish.

Marilyn and Teresa are hungry so Marilyn grills up some tofu dogs for lunch.

Before she can eat, Teresa has to run around the park.  And she runs and runs and runs and runs.

Finally, Teresa stops running and comes back to eat the tofu dogs.

Marilyn makes the rounds of the park and collects the collectibles.  None of the plants are in a state to be harvested or have cuttings taken so it is only the metals and crystals.  Then she takes Teresa home.

Jake isn’t far behind them – he has had enough for the day.  When he gets home his aspiration is acting like it has reset to zero, so hopefully that isn’t the case because he picked up two new types of fish and has level 8 fishing.  It is way too early to be having glitches already.  (It corrected itself when I went out and came back in, so all is good.)


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  1. Whew, that little Teresa is a handful, but absolutely ADORABLE. I actually started this challenge after reading yours. It’s the first challenge I’m playing in TS4 so we will see how it all goes. I might blog it someday, we’ll see.

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