Odyssey: Garden of Eden, Chapter 6

Marilyn passes Teresa as they get up to take care of their needs in the early morning.  Teresa is headed outside to the potty while Marilyn is hoping the baked potatoes haven’t spoiled yet.

Deciding to plant four new plants to use as the bases for the graftings, and because she and Jake took cuttings of plants what won’t make new plants, she picks a plant that is in season during the fall and winter so it will grow now.  Then she plants four seeds so that she will have three and Jake will have one to use as their base.  She also fertilizes them so that they will hopefully grow faster.

Now, it is morning and it is Harvestfest.

There won’t be any grand feast since they don’t have a fridge or an oven.  Hopefully they can get some happiness from the gnomes and being thankful with each other.

Jake manages to appease the first gnome on the first attempt while Teresa watches.

Marilyn is not so lucky though and it takes her several rounds of begging for forgiveness to get the second gnome to stop shocking her.  The third gnome is appeased on the first attempt.

Jake is working on logic and Teresa is keeping him company while Marilyn is finishing up with the gnomes.

Then it is time to make some food.  Since they are still limited, she makes veggie burgers while Teresa hangs out with her now.

This might be why they set themselves on fire so often.  Not the smartest move.

After they eat, Marilyn is cleaning up and Teresa gets bored.  This isn’t her first mess but it is the first one that Marilyn has caught her making.  Marilyn scolds her, then cleans it up, and then she puts Teresa down for a nap.

Marilyn and Jake need some fun time so they slip off into the bedroom while Teresa is otherwise occupied playing outside.  But, Teresa wants a bath and she heads into the bedroom to ask for a bath.

Maybe she will ask them later when they aren’t wrestling.

The next time Teresa goes into their room she has much better luck.  It is the next morning and she wants Jake to wake up because she has no good reason.  He just needs to be awake.

While Jake and Marilyn are taking care of the gardens and working on their career tasks, Teresa takes advantage of the lack of oversight and makes another mess.  Marilyn’s discipline is escalating and this time she is firmer with Teresa about not making messes.

The holly plants are ready for grafting so Marilyn grafts her three plants, and then without thinking Jake grafts his one.  About an hour after Jake grafts his one, he gets a task for work to splice a plant.  But now he doesn’t have a cutting and the grafted plant is already grafted.  Thankfully he has two days until he has to have the plant spliced so he will plant a fifth holly plant and then get another cutting.  They are being particular about the plants they do have and keeping everything separate and organized.  For now.

With everything done for work that can be done, they decide to head out for the park to let Jake do some fishing.  While they wait for Jake to replace the dead apple tree, Marilyn cleans up the mess Teresa made earlier today.

Teresa is not happy to find herself at the park, but she can just suck it up.

Marilyn plays with her and then they go inside and dance for awhile.  Then pity is taken and they are both sent home.

Jake decides to look for other places to fish and he discovers that it is too cold in every other world except for Oasis Springs, so he is stuck with the fish he has until spring comes.

When he is finally allowed to head home, he grumbles the entire way.

Jake comes home and Teresa is waiting for him at the street.  He passes her by and heads for the toilet, the tub, and some food.

The day was long and unproductive.  Jake is ready for bed.  Marilyn is right behind him as soon as she can get Teresa to go to bed.

Marilyn is putting Teresa back to bed for the second time.

And the third time.

Maybe a story will keep her in bed the fourth time.

Something is going on – Teresa wouldn’t stay in bed.  As soon as she fell asleep she would wake back up.  Her energy was just turning orange so she was tired.  She wasn’t waking up from a nightmare because she was happy.  And there isn’t any noise.  I finally went out to Manage Worlds and then back in and it fixed whatever.  Now she sleeps.

Saturday is a quiet day as everyone spends the day building their skills.  Marilyn should have been working on flower arranging before, but she didn’t, so now she has to learn two levels for her next promotion.

Her daily work task is to gift one of her arrangements, so she gives it to Jake.  He isn’t impressed but whatever.  He goes back to the chess table for the afternoon.  Teresa is pretty much just bouncing from this to that and talking to whoever has time to talk.  Today is her birthday but they don’t have a way to bake her a cake, so she will be growing up when the game gets around to growing her up.

Jake manages to get a plate of the tofu dogs before they spoil and Teresa senses she has a victim for her questions.  She tracks Jake down and begins asking him questions.  There is no escaping her curiosity.

Jake is exhausted so after he eats, he heads to bed for some sleep.  Marilyn is working on flower arrangements and that leaves no one to keep Teresa company.  Marilyn is very tense at this point and she yells at Teresa for making a mess.

Most of my toddlers yell back but Teresa doesn’t, she gets her feelings hurt.

Marilyn tells her to clean herself off and Teresa wipes her nose.  All better now.

Things aren’t going right for Teresa today.  It is her birthday but she isn’t going to get a cake.  She tries to potty and makes a mess on the ground.  She is hungry and there isn’t any food ready so she has to eat some plantains.

She better not become a vegetarian – just saying.  Marilyn takes a break and puts Teresa to bed.

Then she pulls out the violin that Jake found while fishing and tries to play – nope, she needs to just put that thing away.  Back to making flower arrangements.

As soon as the new plant is ready for the graft, Jake is there making the splice.  And, done.  He heads back to bed now.


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