Odyssey: Garden of Eden, Chapter 7

During all of her days as a toddler, Teresa has never woken up in a bad mood.  Not that I can remember anyways.  But she has, almost always, woken up with the intention of waking up everyone else in the house.  Today, that is a nope.  She should also become a child today as her birthday was yesterday and the game will eventually age her up without the cake.

After taking care of her first pressing need, and since there isn’t any leftovers sitting out, Teresa eats some of the fruits and vegetables that she has stashed in her inventory.  That should hold her over until someone gets up to make food later.

When Marilyn and Jake get up, they begin getting ready for the day while Teresa watches.  This arrangement isn’t going to work much longer.  Little eyes aren’t going to be able to watch while mom and dad potty and bathe much longer, and there will be a lot more embarrassment taking place.

With some free time on his hands, Jake begins to prune the bonsai into a playful shape, but he is sent on the collection run before he can finish.

Teresa enjoys a day of fun and play but it is time for her to have more to do with her time.

Marilyn is still working on increasing her gardening skill and Teresa is keeping her company.  Being a distraction is more like it.

While Jake is gathering, he notices that someone left their drink and some pizza sitting out.  He takes the drink and calls Teresa over for the pizza.  She comes running and then tucks it away and runs home with it.  Whatever, Jake continues on his collection run.

Teresa sits next to Marilyn while she eats the stolen pizza.

Marilyn has bumped her gardening up a notch and is now slogging through the flower arranging skill, one arrangement at a time.

While the girls are doing their thing at home, Jake has been fishing and he has reached level 9.  He really needs for it to be spring so that he can go somewhere else and catch different types of fish.

It has been so long since I have had to let a toddler grow up without a cake, but finally it is time.

Teresa becomes a Neat child with the Creative aspiration.  She needs to give her bedroom a makeover because she has outgrown the baby and toddler items and they won’t be needed until she has a child in the future.  Of course, she is Sad because she feels like everyone forgot her birthday.

The tub and toilet have been moved to the back corner of the lot and placed behind a divider.  They are not enclosed by walls so this is within the rules by my interpretation.  Hopefully, this will allow everyone to have some privacy and no one will die of embarrassment. The test is taking place now as Marilyn grills fruit for dinner and Teresa takes a bath.

Teresa is sad and pouting because of her missed birthday.  She is queued up to cry and it won’t let me cancel it.

She never did cry but she is moping now.  As soon as she eats she is going to bed.

She is going to bed after she cleans up the dirty dishes.  While Jake and Marilyn tend to clean up each dish individually, Teresa has cleaned the dirty dishes in stacks – and she has done it faster.

When Teresa gets up the next morning, she has time before school to begin working on the homework she will need to take for her first day.  Jake helps her to make sure she understands it and it helps her to focus, which pushes the sadness down for awhile.

She finally smiles – and she is off to school.

Jake received a promotion and now he has to use the cursed contraption again to research gardening.  They will need to make a trip to the library before his deadline in the morning.  In the meantime, he does a lot of crap that isn’t the skills he needs for his promotion.  Marilyn, on the other hand, is still working hard to get her flower arranging skill up to level 6 so that she will be prepared for her next day at work.  There are only so many times I can take a picture of her making an arrangement, and I have already passed that point – but here is another one.

Teresa comes home from school and immediately begins cleaning up.  Her neatness is going to be helpful around the house and at the same time, it is going to cause her a lot of stress.

With her skills where they need to be for the next promotion, Marilyn realizes that the toilet is broken and she heads out to repair it.  Jake is exhausted because he was fishing all day (instead of working on gardening or logic) so he is sleeping before they make the trip to the library.

Then Teresa begins working on her school project.  She has to make a castle diorama, which is more appropriate than the one with electricity.

Jake is also neat so he mops up the dirt where the toilet was leaking water.

Left to her own devices, Marilyn picks up the violin – and she still sounds as bad as she did the last time.

Jake and Marilyn help Teresa finish her project, and it is an excellent castle.  Then they all lay down for some sleep.  Jake will go to the library alone as soon as he has recovered his energy.  He can’t wait too long because the judgement is done several hours before his next shift begins.

Jake sneaks out of the house in the middle of the night and heads over to the library so he can use the thing they call a computer to do the required research for work.  If only they would stop giving him work assignments that required that darned thing.  He finishes up as quickly as possible and heads back home.  He didn’t see anyone at the library so he was able to get it done without any distractions.  He didn’t stop to fish afterwards because it is snowing in Willow Creek.  Once home, he will need to work on raising his skills in gardening and logic since he totally spaced the day before and just went fishing.

Teresa begins working on her aspiration and she needs to be inspired so she does some stargazing.

This gives her just enough time to complete two drawings before leaving for school.

Jake’s job just screwed him over.  His assignment for today is to analyze a plant sample under the microscope.  I am pretty sure those are off limits as electronics.  I think this will be the last day he works from home and he will begin going to work.  Since Teresa doesn’t need someone to stay home with her, they both might begin going to work to see if they can keep progressing without daily tasks that are going to get them into trouble.  By not doing his daily task today, he will get censured by his boss, not receive any pay for the day, and his performance will drop.  That isn’t a good thing.

Jake has reached level 5 in cooking and he can now make a breakfast scramble.  Eggs!  And this is considered vegetarian-safe.  That means there are now five meals that can be grilled – options, more options.

Teresa begins practicing music, and I would much rather see her play the piano, but that is also electronic.  So, she will squeal her way through the violin.  Normally, she would use this to master the creativity skill, but I can’t handle the screeching, so she will only play for the five required hours and she will get the rest of the creativity skill through other means.


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  1. I have also run into where, my guy, needs to stop working from home. He’s had to use a treadmill and the sparing bot….I put them in the gym, but it’s time for him to start going to work again.

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