Odyssey: Garden of Eden, Chapter 8

Winterfest has come and they start off with a small pile of presents.  But it will be enough to give them a good holiday.

Teresa has decided she wants to be a ninja when she grows up and Marilyn is like whatever.

Teresa has to do her homework before they can open presents so she gets busy and does both her homework and her extra credit, which means she already has a B, so I must have missed that notification.

Jake is the one needing to raise his skills for a promotion so he has the responsibility to take care of the gardens today.

Despite not doing anything directed, Marilyn still doesn’t get to the toilet in time and makes a big mess in the house.

Jake comes home from making the collection rounds needing the pee while Marilyn is hiding in the tub.

Marilyn is still hiding in the tub while Jake is cleaning the toilet.  She needs to come up for air soon.

Father Winter has come and it is time to open presents.  They have to sell most of the gifts because they are either not allowed or too big for the house.

Teresa heads to bed after opening presents and Marilyn tucks her in.

Marilyn and Jake have their own way to celebrate the holiday and their own gifts to exchange.  Thankfully risky is turned off so they can do this as much as they want without any chance of an oopsie.

Father Winter waits in the living room, thinking about the other houses where they leave milk and cookies for him to eat.

Jake and Marilyn are both going to work today to try to get out of the work tasks that they aren’t allowed to do.  As expected, Jake lost performance and didn’t get paid because he didn’t use a microscope to analyze a plant sample for the previous day’s assignment.

Then at work, he gets this and, umm, Nope.

Marilyn comes home with a promotion to Floral Organizer, level 8.  Now she needs more leveling for her next promotion, so time to grind.

Teresa begins her homework without ever going into the house.  The TV Season Premiere holiday sneaked up on them and they won’t be able to enjoy it since they don’t have a TV.  I thought about canceling it early, but decided to wait until they are sleeping so they can have the sad and disappointment while they sleep and maybe they will be over it when they wake up.

More flower arranging.  Marilyn is getting really good at the Summer’s Morning arrangement.  She has made it so many times that it is now a Masterpiece when she makes it so it is selling for a lot of money each time.  Because she grows the chrysanthemums herself, there is no cost so it is all profit.

Jake needs to master logic and gardening, so he is working on logic.  He also wants to master fishing and is at level 9, but that is a hobby and not job related so it can come later.  They are both still young adults for a few more days so there is still plenty of time.

Teresa is on the last tier of her aspiration and is working on mastering creativity.  She will be choosing between music or painting so she wants to make sure to complete the creativity aspiration now.  She hasn’t joined the scouts and it isn’t addressed in the rules, so I need to look to see if there is anything that would prevent scouts from being allowed.  {I don’t see anything in the badges that would break the rules.  All badges can be completed under the restrictions).

With everything done and only a level to go, Teresa switches back to the violin to finish up.  She still hasn’t decided what she is going to do when she grows up, but the mini challenge is to make simoleons busking so there will be some music in her life.

Deciding that the scouts should be okay, Teresa joins and begins working on badges.  She gifts the pictures she has been drawing to Jake – all of them until she completes the badge.  Then she chats with him and tells him jokes to complete two more badges.

Marilyn realizes that both the toilet and the tub need attention so she heads out to repair and clean so that they are usable once again.

Inside Teresa has mastered creativity and completed the aspiration.

With a full week to go as a child, she switches to the mental aspiration and joins Jake at the chess table.  She is hopeful she will be able to complete a second aspiration before becoming a teen.

{then the lightning struck and my power went off.  luckily I had saved recently and very little had to be replayed with no changes.)

Seriously, who is going to turn down the money…

Marilyn does have regrets and is tense and uncomfortable for hours after she gets home, but eventually she gets over it.

Jake helps Teresa through the first few tiers of her new mental aspiration by playing chess with her and then reading to her.  He helped her with her extra credit work so that she could finish her homework while focused.  Now she needs more homework and then she will be on the last tier, which is mastering the mental skill, and making potions on the chemistry table.  And, of course getting an A in school.

They forget about New Year’s Eve.  Everyone made resolutions but they couldn’t watch the countdown to midnight without a TV.  At the last minute, Marilyn remembered and tried to get a toast in, but then the holiday ended.  At least it was okay for her.  Jake and Teresa had a great holiday.  And it is the first day of Spring, and the end of the first year of the challenge.

As the day begins, they take a moment to clean out their inventory.  It is with great sadness that they sell the microscope that someone received either as a gift or as a career reward.  I have no idea where it came from but there it is, and there is goes.  Also, Marilyn is still feeling the effects from the toast as she begins tending the gardens.

She takes care of the front gardens and then stops to make a meal.  At that point, I completely forget the plans for the day and send her to work instead of having her work from home.  So the plans changed.

While Marilyn is at work, Jake and Teresa go fishing at the park in Willow Springs.  Jake still needs to master fishing and find seven new types of fish and Teresa needs to continue to level the mental skill.

Jake heard about a magical place where there are different types of fish so he and Teresa set out to find it.  They were overwhelmed by all of the pink, but the rumors were true and they did find a lot of new types of fish.

When Jake couldn’t keep his eyes open any longer and headed for home, he was one fish short of completing his aspiration.  Teresa was just as exhausted and followed behind him.  They didn’t realize that it was 2am on a Monday morning.  The pink place lied to them about the time of the day.  Monday was going to suck.


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