Odyssey: Go Out With a Bang, Chapter 1

Maggie takes over the challenge, and she is ready to get started on her goals – ten children. Once again, I looked around and found her spouse in an unexpected place.

Her good manners made them friends instantly, and it only took one set of pictures together to max out their relationship.

They became best friends, and then moved their relationship to the romantic.

Maggie seems to have the touch and he swoons as they chat and flirt.

There is the first kiss, which he seems to enjoy.

He agreed to become her boyfriend, and then he took off for the beach.

She showed him and stole him away when she left. Travel with is a great option. So, they both went back to her house. He can have beach time later.

Once their romantic relationship is maxed out, she goes for the gold. The gold ring that is.

He said yes and they were married at the arch. He moved in, and Maggie is ready to go. She considered not actually marrying or moving him in, but decided to in the end.

Denali Grace is the second born in my 100 Babies of Grace challenge. His parents are Merry Grace and Don Lothario. It almost feels wrong to use one of my own sims but at the same time, it is a great opportunity to see Denali and his cheekbones once again.

Denali already has a job as a Hungry Artist, level 3. His traits are Dance Machine, Perfectionist, and Hot-Headed. He grew up before I learned how to reliably complete the Top-Notch Toddler, so he was just a Happy Toddler. He earned Responsible and bought Cold Acclimation, Heat Acclimation, and Waterproof Sim.

Since Maggie doesn’t have to reach the top of a career, she is going to be a stay-at-home mom. And, there is no reason to delay the baby, so they celebrate their marriage with some baby-making action.

It took four tries, but Maggie is pregnant!

The rules for this last generation do not say anything about early birthdays. So, the plan is as follows:

  • Babies can age up on their birthday
  • Toddlers must reach Happy Toddler but can’t age up early
  • Toddlers that become Top-Notch Toddlers can age up early
  • Children can age up early once they have done the following:
    • Complete one aspiration
    • Master a second child skill
    • Earn an A in elementary school
  • Teens can age up early once they have done the following:
    • Earn an A in school
    • Become a Llamacorn Scout
    • Master any adult skill

Denali gets to work on the painting aspiration. He is also leveling the painting skill for points and his career.

Maggie thinks about all the babies she has to have, and then she spends the next few hours on the treadmill. Her ass is going to spread so wide by the time she is done.

With Denali working on painting, Emmet is inspired to work on his also. He is about half a step ahead of Denali and he is trying to stay there.

It is about time for another celebrity cleanse, or maybe just the quirk remover.

When they are both on the tier where they need to go to an art gallery, they go together. One trip.

Emmet forgot about his fame, but then he remembered when he was surrounded by fans and paparazzi. He switched back to the celebrity aspiration and was able to deal with the paparazzi. But, despite sitting there for a long while, no one ever asked for his autograph. So, he went home.

Maggie has to eat so she grills up some beans and franks. Hannah chatters the entire time she is eating.

All that Emmet has left on the painting aspiration is to paint five masterpieces. By the time he crashes he has finished two masterpieces and five excellent paintings.

Denali is upstairs. He is working on ten excellent pieces. He makes better progress, finish seven before he heads downstairs to get some sleep.

It seems like there is some competition here.

So, selling off the money trees might have been a mistake. The weekly bills are still §918,000, and the money trees were providing that plus more. Now they have to see if they can accumulate §900,000 in income each week without them. Their current balance after paying the bills for this week is §5,464,017. They need to be back over §6 million by next Monday.

While Maggie is selling off the harvest, Hannah receives her investment income. That helps a lot. The funds balance is now §5,782,162. After doing math, the garden generated §43,000 today. It is the winter, though, so not sure how much that will fluctuate. As for the Shrewd trait for investments, Hannah, Emmet, and Maggie should all be receiving investment income. Denali is still working on completing the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration.

Maggie’s investment income for the week is §289,058, which puts them over §6 million in the bank again. Emmet then received §303,000, so it looks like the payment is 5% of the household funds. I am feeling much better about their funds for living now. At least while Hannah and Emmet are still alive.

Denali and Emmet keep gravitating to each other. They do have a lot in common.

This is pretty cool. They are having a conversation while he stands on the landing. Great job with the stairs this time around.

Maggie did mischief and Emmet wasn’t impressed. He believe he told her to knock it off, or maybe he told her he was going to knock her out. There was the fighting glove, so either way, Stop!

Emmet is able to complete the painting aspiration before Denali. Nothing like some friendly competition to get a fire lit.

Then he drinks the quirk remover serum to remove both of his quirks. He is going to sell the paintings he created recently, and then he is going to schedule a celebrity cleanse to remove the perks.

Yes, because a pregnant sim should be the one to spray for bugs in the garden.

Emmet heads over to the waterfall to hang out. Apparently someone asked for a selfie because that is the thing his Celebrity aspiration was stuck on. Maybe two more sims will want a picture too.

But, it wasn’t her.

Hannah finds an interesting looking fruit in her inventory. So, she eats it.

It is green! It must be the Hulk. No, it is just Hannah transferring into a plantsim for five days.


Maggie notices that something is different with Hannah.

Hannah disappears from the house and she is found later out in the water.

Maggie has gone into labor, and it is time for a nap.

Eventually the labor pains are insistent so Maggie gets ready to deliver the first of the ten kids.

Twins! Twin boys, in fact.

Harry is in the blue bassinet and Ronald is in the yellow bassinet. The naming for this final generation of kids will be Harry Potter, in case it wasn’t obvious.

Emmet comes home from his celebrity cleanse, and I wonder why I sent him. He still has his fame, he just reset his perks. Which I knew. So, he takes a new set of perks and heads inside to sleep.

Wasting no time at all, Maggie gets pregnant again. Denali has been through this before – he grew up with Merry. At least he knows the baby is his and not some random dude walking by.

Denali continues to work on his aspiration. He has all of the masterpieces he needs and just needs to master the skill now.

Hannah really needs sunlight – she is starving for sunlight. She continues to take plates of food to try to feed the hunger. Unfortunately, it is nighttime and the sun is sleeping.

Someone defiled Emmet’s tile. That sucks.

When morning comes, so does the thunderstorm. Hannah still can’t get the sunlight she needs. She tries to play in the waterfall hoping to catch a few stray beams. She catches a lightning bolt instead.

This sucks for Hannah.

Then she fell in a mud puddle. This day is not going well for Hannah.

That feeling when you really want a shower and to see the sun, but first you have to feed the squalling babies so Social Services doesn’t take them away.


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