Odyssey: Go Out With a Bang, Chapter 10

I really hope this is the last chapter. It has been a fun ride, but I am ready to move along.

Two sims with plates of mac and cheese coming up from the basement. Someone must have cooking at the cauldron recently.

The kids are at school and Denali doesn’t have to work today so they get some hot tub time.

There is a little snuggling but nothing else. I am sure that is on their agenda somewhere. But not today,

I am really disappointed in this group. Hermione was able to get her grade up to an A, but she was the only one.

There is a lot of reading as they work on homework and learning about vampire lore.

Hermione is getting close to earning her eligibility and Ginevra is trying to catch up.

James and Lily are working on their last scouting badge.

Lily had to take a an hour to play video games to improve her attitude, but then she got right down to getting her homework done.

Hermione masters vampire lore and is ready now to her candles. She just has to wait on Ginevra.

When Lily collects her last badge, the kids are done with the scouts. Now they just need the grades and the mastered skill.

Ginevra masters vampire lore which means she just needs to get her A tomorrow and then she and Hermione can blow out some candles and move out.

Apparently, Hermione decided not to go to school. It doesn’t say she is on vacation or that she is sick, but she isn’t going to school. At least she already has her A.

Ginevra didn’t earn an A while James and Lily did get their A. That means Ginevra is slacking big time.

James and Lily are reading through the vampire lore. They probably won’t master it tonight but they will get to take the day off from school and should be able to finish it in the morning.

Still reading and it is late, or rather it is early morning now.

James masters Vampire Lore and now it is time for Lily to read the last book. I refused to buy more than one copy of the book, so they have all been stair-stepped waiting for their turn to read.

Lily masters the skill right after Hermione and Ginevra leave for school. It is decided that they will wait for the others, and all four of them will have a birthday candle blow out together.


Thankfully this is a bonus baby and not required for the challenge. Unfortunately, they waited so long to accidentally get pregnant again that this baby won’t even be born by the time the challenge ends.

Those that are at home have the task of tending to the garden one last time.

All of the tasks have been completed. Ginevra finally has her A and it is time for everyone to blow out some candles.

Here we go…

Hermione rolls Music Lover (Mean and Hot-headed).

Ginevra rolls Child of the Islands (Vegetarian and Slob)

Dammit Maggie! Blame the pregnancy.

James kills time waiting for the birthday cake to be cooked. Luckily, he did not start a fire.

It is time to try again. The last two teens are about to blow out some candles.

James rolls Loner (Vegetarian and Music Lover)

Lily rolls Loner (Lazy and Goofball)

This challenge is over!

I finally finished the EPIC.


The first thing I want to do is to recognize, and thank, all the spouses and their creators. Every spouse was created by someone else and added to the game at the right time.

This is also a de facto family tree.

Generation 1, Marilyn Odyssey

Marilyn married Jake Harrison. Jake was created by Rawla in 2014. Together they had Teresa Harrison.

Generation 2, Teresa Harrison

Teresa married Howl Ghibli. Howl was the first born spare of the second generation from Livvielove’s Ghibli Legacy. Together they had Grace Ghibli.

Generation 3, Grace Diamond

Grace married Matthew Diamond. Matthew was the 7th child from the 7th generation of the Diamond Legacy by Skyegal19. Together they had Joanne Diamond.

Generation 4, Joanne Valentin

Joanne married Zane Valentin. Zane was created for Joanne by Livvielove through the matchmaker’s ad on Boolprop. Together they had Rosa Valentin.

Generation 5, Rosa Baron

Rosa married Finley Baron. Finley also came to the challenge through the matchmaker’s ad by Livvielove. Together they had Amelia Baron. They also had a surprise spare, Audrey Baron.

Generation 6, Amelia Drizzle

Amelia married Denim Drizzle. Denim was created by Jenn (xoxJennxox). Together they had Brigitte Drizzle.

Generation 7, Brigitte Kirby

Brigitte married Lex Kirby. Lex was made by my sister (dlwarren) for Brigitte. Together they had Elizabeth and Leo Kirby. They also wished for a child through the wishing well. Kristi Kirby joined the family as a child.

Generation 8, Elizabeth Otts

Elizabeth married Arthur Otts. Arthur is a spare from ciyrose’s Ott’s ALISBI. Together they had Bill and Hannah Otts. Then Arthur was abducted (many times) and eventually had Theodore Otts.

Generation 9, Hannah Wilde

Hannah married Emmet Wilde. Emmet is the 4th child of the E Generation in mojot89’s Wilde ISBI Alphabetcy. Together they had Maggie Wilde.

Generation 10, Maggie Grace

Maggie married Denali Grace. Denali was the 2nd child in my 100 Babies of Grace – his parents are Merry Grace and Don Lothario. Maggie’s only task was to have ten children. Ten successful children.

  • Harry (Kellie)
  • Ronald (Janelle, Leanna, Yasmin)
  • Fred (Sara)
  • George
  • Luna
  • Neville
  • Hermione
  • Ginevra
  • James
  • Lily

Scoring: 836 points

5 for each restriction broken: -15 points

100 points for finishing all 10 generations: +100 points

1 point per $100,000 the family has accrued: 38.3 million = 383 points

1 point per each skill maxed per generation: 112 points

Top-Notch Toddlers +Happy Toddlers: 67 points

Roll the Dice: 5 points

“Every family has one…”: 2 points

“No well-behaved woman ever made history.”: 10 points

Gnome Mania: 65 points

Hoarder: 170 points

Creature Comforts: 18 points

Beautifully Decorated: 5 points

DIY: 5 points

Mini Challenges, Gen 1, 2, 3: 9 points


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