Odyssey: Go Out With a Bang, Chapter 2

No matter how old you are, or how many kids you have, parents will always want to give you some family advice.

Hannah is wilted and in danger of wilting away. She is hoping that the sun will be out when she gets home from work. Work that begins shortly.

She has plenty of water, but it is the sun that is missing.

It is time for the twins to become toddlers. Harry goes first and rolls Wild.

Maggie takes Harry to begin potty training while Emmet arrives to help Ronald out of the bassinet.

Ronald rolls Clingy and he heads over to begin babbling to the stuffed animal.

The boys get their makeovers and then are put to bed with stories. I let them keep the hair they rolled into, but updated their outfits to match better. Harry has the straight hair and Ronald has the curly hair.

Hannah improves her hunger a little bit while she is at work, but it doesn’t seem to be enough. She needs a bright, sunny day and time outside.

Emmet feels a presence and knows that he is not alone.

Denali picks up a quirk – Refined Palate. He also takes the Noticeable perk. He is not going to be working on fame, so these should be temporary.

Ronald gets his turn on the potty and despite his happy face, he is really sad because he was left behind when Denali went to work.

Harry doesn’t feel like putting on a happy face.

Hannah tries and tries and tries to cure her hunger. Her ass is spreading wide due to her attempts. She needs to be outside in the sun.

The boys take a break from their skills training for some food. They meet on the loveseat and eat until they are full.

After eating, Ronald heads outside to the slide while Harry makes a pitstop at the potty.

Denali comes home from work and Harry is excited to see him. Harry also just mastered communication.

Harry gets Denali to play with him for a little while.

Okay, they played once. Harry didn’t want to play the second time.

Then it was time for some sleep. Denali reads Harry a story.

Ronald has been outside on the slide, but once Harry is asleep Denali brings Ronald into the house and puts him to bed also.

Hannah is still trying to eat people food. But for some reason, she isn’t gaining anything from the sun, and now it is evening again.

Morning comes and the boys are going to wake up starving. Maggie begins making breakfast so that they won’t have to wait to eat.

Timing is everything as she goes into labor while she is cooking. She is able to finish the scramble and get it set out for the boys.

And, they are awake.

An extra chair has been set up so they can both sit at the table while they eat.

Denali completes the painting aspiration – now all he has to do is reach the top of the painter career.

Hannah went out to find the sun. There isn’t any sun to be found, and now she is in the middle of the water during a thunderstorm.

She decides to bail on the water and get the hell back inside.

Denali is in the middle of pre-natal panic.

Hannah is back on land and running for cover.

The boys have finished eating so they are playing dolls together. The thunder and lightning is so scary.

They are trying to be brave, but it is really scary.

Ronald is telling Harry a joke.

But Harry is too scared to appreciate the humor.

It is time for Maggie to give birth to the next child of the generation.

While Maggie is giving birth, Harry and Ronald are watching each other. Thankfully it is the last day of winter so the thunderstorms should taper off.

Another set of twins – both boys again. This time we get Fred and George.

Time waits for no sim – Ronald is sent outside to master movement.

He keeps trying to come back inside, but that isn’t on the schedule for today. Movement despite the rain. Out, boy, out!

Lightning struck in the backyard but Ronald still has to continue to play on the slide. I know the lightning won’t strike a toddler, at least not in the game.

Maggie gets the weeding done, and then runs for the house. Notice Ronald is still on the slide.

Movement has been mastered and Ronald is allowed to come back into the house. His needs are tanked, so he goes to the potty first. Then he will eat, and then he will sleep. Of course, reality is he will probably pass out before he can get to bed.

Since Ronald is done with the slide, it is Harry’s turn to be sent outside.

Ronald is down for the count. He was able to use the potty and eat some dinner before passing out, which is a good thing.

Unfortunately, he discovered his two new brothers on his way to bed.

This makes him very sad.

Harry meets his new brothers also, but despite the face he is happy to have more brothers.

Hannah is suffering – nothing she eats helps her hunger and even being out in the sunlight doesn’t do what it should be doing. The question now is whether she will survive long enough to turn back to normal.

This is the first real test of the half walls with infants and toddlers.

It failed the test. Half walls do not offer a true separation and George’s crying wakes up everyone else. Everyone else meaning Fred, Harry, and Ronald.

The toddler room is rearranged. I am really trying to get out of this challenge without needing to renovate the house.

The boys are waiting for someone to come and put them back to bed.

That seemed like it took forever.

Emmet and Hannah are tasked with getting the toddlers back in bed.

Maggie and Denali work on settling the infants down.

And, it is New Year’s Eve, so everyone is gathered around the television for the countdown. Everyone makes a resolution, and then they wait for the end of the show so that they can go back to bed. Hannah has 19 hours until the plantsimism wears off and 20 hours until she wilts away. It is going to be close, and this will be the last plantsim I have. So much stress.

As soon as they reach midnight, everyone is going to bed.

New Year’s Kisses and they call this year done.

A polluter, or whatever they call them, decided to drop trash outside of the house. This happens a lot, but this time the lightning struck.

I really feel sorry for Hannah. But by the end of the day, she should be back to normal.

The boys were allowed to sleep in which means they have both woken up starving and with a full, poopy diaper.

Ronald got his diaper changed first so he is heading for the food now. Harry had to throw a temper tantrum first, so he is still waiting for his diaper change.

After eating their breakfast, the boys are back to working on their skills. They are being pushed hard, because I want to be able to age them up before their birthday.

Ronald has mastered the potty, movement, and communication. He is going outside to make a mess, while Harry is headed to finish off his potty training.

It took me a few minutes, but apparently they can’t be instructed to make a mess outside, only inside.

Hannah nears the end of her plantsim experiment.

And she survived. She gained a shit-ton of weight but she survived.

Yes, this would make me cry also.

After doing well for a few birthdays, I missed Emmet’s birthday

Hannah is back to making food, but at least she isn’t eating everything she makes. At this point, she has mastered cooking.

The boys stop making messes and get some steak for dinner. After they eat, it is time to get ready for bed. Ronald needs a bath first, but Harry is going straight to bed without passing Go.

Maggie masters gardening, so they are having a productive few days.

Harry wakes up in a good mood. Ronald does too.

Which is good because it is time for Fred and George to become toddlers.

George and Fred grew up into the same hair, which I take as a sign. The only difference between the boys is that George has pale, bright green eyes and Fred has the gray eyes of his brothers, Maggie, and Emmet. I am trying to find where the green eyes come from – Hannah’s eyes are brown and Denali’s eyes are olive green.

Anyways, George rolled Wild and Fred rolled Fussy.

Harry and Ronald are enjoying each other’s company, while they grab a bite to eat. There are only two toddler beds in the house, so they really need to get a move on and get their remaining skills mastered.

Gah, these boys are so cute.


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