Odyssey: Go Out With a Bang, Chapter 3

Harry and Ronald master imagination while reading on their own.

Then it is time to become stalkers. They begin following everyone around as they build thinking from scratch.

They bounce back and forth between Emmet and Hannah, occasionally crossing paths.

Whoever they were watching has moved on.

Finally, they just begin watching each other, eventually reaching level 4. Almost there.

Although, Ronald should have taken a potty break at some point before now.

After Maggie changed his diaper, they work on flash cards and questions until it is imperative that he gets some sleep.

Denali and Maggie get the two older boys to bed.

That leaves Emmet and Hannah to get the two younger boys to bed. They had to put the child size beds in storage and purchase two extra toddler beds for one night. Hopefully it is only one night and the two older boys can have their birthday tomorrow. They are both half way through level 4 thinking, which is their last skill to master.

Morning comes so early, especially with four toddlers. Out of the four boys, two called for someone to help them out of bed, while the other two got up and got going. And it was one from each set of twins. Don’t ask me which is which. I will make a note next time they are… I just checked – Fred is in the blue shorts, and George is in the red shorts.

Emmet tries to get his breakfast eaten before the stampede begins. Harry and Ronald are watching him eat while Fred has grabbed a plate and is heading for the chair. George is in the toddler room mastering communication.

Emmet has things to do, so Harry and Ronald begin watching each other. George is finished with communication and heading outside to the slide.

Ronald is the first one to become a top-notch toddler. Harry takes a break right before mastering thinking to grab some breakfast.

After eating, Harry quickly masters thinking – and he does it sitting down. I thought they had to stand to watch another sim, but Harry proved me wrong. He is now a top-notch toddler also and the twins can blow out some candles. They gain three days -or would that be lose three days since they are aging up early.

George really needed to potty, but Fred was hogging the potty chair. So, he made alternate arrangements for the poop.

Hannah is home from work so she gets to make the birthday cake. And, she gets to help the boys blow out their candles.

Harry goes first, because he is the oldest. He rolls Neat and Artistic Prodigy.

While the older boys are blowing out candles, the younger boys are working on selected skills. Fred is on the slide.

And, George is on the potty. Although he didn’t have his diaper changed first, so he needs to get that done.

Hannah brings Ronald to the birthday cake to blow out his candles. Ronald rolls Self-Assured and Rambunctious Scamp.

George tracks down Maggie to get his diaper changed.

Then she reads him a story, before he starts just making a bunch of messes.

George is magic. He was sitting on his bed, and then poof he was standing outside making a mess.

Harry and Ronald move into the kids room with the beds pulled out of storage. Harry is the one with long hair, Ronald still has the curly hair.

I cleaned out the toddler books from Harry’s and Ronald’s inventory. And I just placed them on the floor. George immediately dropped all of the mess making in his queue to run to the books on the floor.

Delayed reaction to the fact that it is raining outside. Or maybe it is just horror that the books are on the floor.

George picks up each book in turn and then he puts them in the bookcase.

After cleaning up the books from the floor, he asks Maggie to read him a story. He is going to be read as many stories as it takes to make him angry.

The older boys are awake and joining the scouts. Then they will begin their homework in preparation for when they start school.

Fred wants to hear the story also.

Hannah and Emmet get the toddlers to bed, while everyone begins getting ready for bed. The twins have made progress on their skills, they have one at each level: Communication 5, Movement 4, Imagination 3, Potty 2, Thinking 1.

The older boys are the last ones to bed. Harry is working on the first tier of the creative aspiration. (Harry finishes the first tier and is ready to start the second tier).

Ronald is working on the second tier of the motor aspiration. They do have to go to school in the morning, so they are going to quit soon and go to bed also. (Ronald is halfway through the second tier).

Just as everyone gets really settled into sleep, Fred wakes up with a nightmare and a poopy diaper. He is headed for Hannah, so she gets up to change his diaper and read him back to sleep.

Harry and Ronald are up early, so they work on their aspirations while waiting for school to start. The toddlers are still sleeping. And, they are not starving.

Ronald and Harry head to school, where hopefully they will do a great job and improve their grades.

George is the first up, leaving Fred as the last to arise. And at the moment, he still hasn’t. George will be chained to the potty chair today until he masters it. Fred will be working on movement. And, then they will switch places.

George needs his diaper changed again.

After eating, George is sent back to the potty so that he can learn to use it and not his diaper. Fred made a pitstop at the potty before heading outside to the slide.

Fred masters movement and he heads inside to see if George is finished on the potty.

George mastered the potty as Fred arrived, so they switch places. Fred is now working to master the potty while George plays on the slide.

I wanted to focus on the toddlers, so the adults were all sent fishing. Except for Denali, who had to go to work.

The day passes and the older twins come home. Fused together, they are now conjoined.

Okay, not really. But they did both improve their grades up to a B.

Even though it is Wednesday, the boys now have projects to complete. Because I have control of the Buy Mode.

George is really enjoying the slide. It is much better than the potty training he had to endure.

The adults come home to help the boys get their projects finished. And Hannah and Emmet both have switched to the Successful Lineage aspiration and need to help a child with their homework three times, and then will need to mentor a child three times.

George masters movement and heads over to watch the others while he waits for someone to put him to bed.

Fred masters the potty and it is time for him to go to bed also.

Denali came home (with a promotion) and he is available to put George to bed with a story.

After both projects are completed, Maggie puts Fred to bed with a story also.

Harry and Ronald are working on their homework with help from Hannah and Emmet. Last time I had a sim with this aspiration, they were able to check off the mentor requirement with homework help. This time it isn’t working.

Maggie and Denali head to their room for some private time. I would say quiet time, but I don’t think they are planning on being very quiet.

Harry and Ronald reach level 5 in the skill needed for their aspiration, then they sit and chat for a bit to work on their social and funny badges. They finally make it to bed around 2 am.


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