Odyssey: Go Out With a Bang, Chapter 4

I had this vague memory of receiving the notification that it was Hannah’s birthday. I checked, and she was bubbling. So, she pulls out the cake and blows out the candles.

The very first thing she does is farts. That’s my girl. Then she goes back to bed.

Blue eyes gets a bath – Fred, I believe it was.

Denali and three of his boys enjoy each other before school.

Maggie needs to get George a bath, as soon as she can get him away from Ronald.

Both boys are clean and ready to work on imagination and thinking today.

They are clean and happy. For the moment.

Maggie calls them to the living room where she plans on reading them story after story after story.

Denali just left for work so sadness battles with their desire to listen to the story. Well, Fred is the only one that is sad, George is feeling playful and not even a little bit sad.

Maggie is making them sit and listen to stories.

Apparently, she can read the magical spells to the toddlers. It also showed the option to read university textbooks to them, so there is a setting that isn’t quite right.

Fred finally gets over his sadness that Denali went to work.

Fred masters imagination so he watches Maggie read to George.

The boys need a nap so Denali and Maggie put them to bed. Or this might have been bedtime.

Seriously? There are three nightlights in the boys room.

Since the monsters only come out for the twin beds, there is a quick remodel of the bedroom. This means that everyone is going to have to like someone well enough to share a bed.

A few more tweaks for the color scheme and the boys are sent to nap until their fear wears off.

It is a family breakfast, just missing Hannah who is still at work. She is thinking about retiring soon.

Yes, she is seriously considering it.

It is Love Day, which I adjusted the traditions. This is borked because the toddlers have the tradition to Give Gift and it is the only thing they want on Love Day. The problem is that they can only receive gifts, which doesn’t count.

It is time to get serious about their last skill. Hannah takes Fred and Maggie takes George and they get serious about those flash cards.

Fred reaches top-notch toddler a full level ahead of George. He keeps queuing up mess making.

Which means Hannah puts him to bed for a nap.

Harry and Ronald are terrific kids. They bring home an A on Friday. They will spend the weekend working on their aspirations and then their second skill.

George is still working on Thinking. It is hard work, apparently.

Denali comes home with a promotion – he is at the point where he got to choose his path going forward. He chose Master of the Real because I like that better than Patron of the Arts. But, he is bored.

Ronald is working the monkey bars hard. He really wants to complete this aspiration this weekend.

George is still working on thinking, so for now he is watching Ronald. This skill seems to be really hard for George.

He slipped away from me. He was instructed to ask Hannah for flash cards, but he overrode those instructions and went to bed.

He was made to get up to potty and eat, and he passed out on his way to bed. Emmet and Maggie and Denali are all inside the bedroom waiting on him.

Fred is getting into trouble – he keeps trying to make messes or, you know, ask for food. So he is sent on a walkabout. Once the food is ready, he is called back home.

George is watching Emmet do something random. Whatever it is, it was Emmet’s idea. It looks like he programmed a plugin autonomously.

Hannah made several fruitcakes because they don’t ever spoil. Apparently they are considered a sugary meal, because both toddlers are not wired from the sugar.

George finally masters thinking and joins Fred as a top-notch toddler. That means they can blow out their candles. Denali is working on logic for his next career promotion.

While Emmet takes Fred to the cake first, George decides to strip down and run around outside. He may still be in the house, but he is headed out the back door.

Fred is sad about having another potty accident right before it was time to blow out his candles. He will just have to get over that.

After Fred blow out his candles, Emmet brings George to the cake for his turn. Then there is a bunch of bed moves and eventually everyone knows which bed is theirs now. Also, there are makeovers.

Fred rolls Geek and Artistic Prodigy.

George rolls Cheerful and Rambunctious Scamp.

Everyone gathers around the table to work on homework and to work on the social and humor badges. There is a lot of talking but by the time they go to bed, all four of them have completed four or five badges. Harry and Ronald have four remaining while Fred and George have five remaining.

The aliens don’t come as often any more, but they do still come. Thankfully the house is full at the moment, so there won’t be any alien babies.

I finally figured out why mentoring wasn’t working for the Successful Lineage. They have to mentor “their” child. Not their grandchild.

When Emmet attempts to mentor Maggie at painting, he gets credit.

Harry is the first of the boys to complete his aspiration. Just in time to head off to scouts. When he gets back, he will be working on mastering one more skill. He already has an A in elementary school, so he just needs to master the second skill. Of course, he also has to wait for Ronald as they will need to grow up together.

Denali is the only adult in the house that is still actively working on reaching the top of his career. He is currently at level 7, Artist en Residence.

Hannah decides that the time has come to retire.

By the end of the day, Ronald has also completed his aspiration. He has also already earned an A in elementary school so will be working to master a second skill. The race is on between him and Harry.

I have played a little spacey and not much has happened. The boys work on either their school work, their aspiration, skills, and badges. The adults don’t have much to do with only Denali working so they are not doing a whole lot of anything. Basically, the entire house is waiting for Emmet and Hannah to die, and then for the boys to qualify for their next birthday.

The boys with an A take tomorrow off from school. They finish up their homework and then head off to practice skills. The boys with a B finish up their homework and then continue to work on their aspiration. They will be sent to bed shortly because they still have to go to school tomorrow.

And that ended up being about 3am before they finally made it into bed. Oh well.

The younger, “B”, boys come home from school. George now has an A but Fred is still sitting at a B. They both do their homework, George takes tomorrow off from school, and then they begin to work on the last tier of their aspiration.

Are we having fun yet?

It might be boring to watch, but Harry comes through and is the first one ready for the candles. He waits for Ronald.

George watches Fred and Harry leave for school and then he heads outside to work on mastering motor. He is about a level away from completing the aspiration, and then he will begin on a second skill.

Inside, Ronald is working on mastering his second skill – mental. Harry didn’t have anything to work on, so he was sent to school to keep him out of trouble.

George moves into the house to play the typing game. He is kind of lonely, and Denali was kind of bored. So, Denali is dancing while he and George chat. Works for everyone.

Fred finds his A, and is ready to focus on his aspiration. He has to catch up with George now. Harry hopes that Ronald will be ready for candles soon.

George has completed his aspiration and decides to work on social for his second skill. Once Fred has completed his aspiration, they will work on social together.

Fred is almost there. He needs two more pictures and to master creativity, which he is close.

Fred completes the aspiration and joins George downstairs. They are telling jokes and chatting and building their social skills.

Ronald masters his second skill and it is time for the older boys to become teens. Except, someone ate the last cake, so they have to wait for Hannah to cook a new one. They are sent off to take a nap until the cake is ready.


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