Odyssey: Go Out With a Bang, Chapter 5

The boys are ready for their cake once Hannah gets it made. Harry goes first, of course.

Ronald is ready to blow out his candles once Harry is done.

Harry rolls Bro to go with Neat, and then he takes the Bodybuilder aspiration.

Ronald rolls Hot Headed to join Self-Assured and then he takes Super Popular as his aspiration.

It has been a long time since my sims haven’t completed their scouting badges as children. But Harry and Ronald both still have two badges to go. So, since they can grill as teens, Harry begins grilling.

The frisky elders are feeling frisky. They take the rocket ship up for some mile-high woohoo.

While they are flying high, the boys come home from work and school. Denali has earned another promotion (Illustrious Illustrator, level 9 now). Other than that, the grades remain the same. I don’t think – the teens each have a B and the children each have an A.

The mile-high woohoo will be the last thing Emmet experiences. They walk into the house and he immediately begins to wave his arm. It is time. Emmet completed three aspirations – Painter Extraordinaire, Fabulously Wealthy,and Mansion Baron. He mastered three skills – Gardening, Painting, and Photography.

RIP Emmet

Ronald just needs the art badge to finish up his scouting career. Six quick paintings on the digital sketchpad later, he is done.

Seriously? The aliens are moving on to the younger generation.

Ronald heads downstairs to collect his art badge while Harry collects his outdoor badge. Then there is a glitch where Harry gets update and Ronald does not. Several restarts, and then a reversion back to the last save.

This time Ronald collects his badge without any issues.

While Harry is redoing his outdoor badge, he sets the grill on fire for the first time.

Yeah, don’t know who you are. She came in after the fire and made herself at home. Harry had to get up and ask her to leave.

Fred and George take the day from school to work on mastering social.

They are all still sad from losing Emmet, but even that gives them the opportunity to improve their skills.

They finish within an hour of each other – A in school, completed aspiration, two mastered skills. It is time to blow out the candles, but someone has taken a slice out of each of the birthday cakes in the fridge.

Denali makes them a hamburger cake, and it is time to blow out the candles. Age order determines who will be blowing out the candles first – Fred.

Always last, George gets his turn with the candles.

Fred rolls Dance Machine to join Geek and takes the Computer Whiz aspiration

George rolls Foodie to join Cheerful and takes the Master Chef aspiration.

Candles are blown out, Children become teens, and Homework needs to get done.

With an opening in the house, Maggie and Denali have a little more than fun. They have a purpose.

Getting older is rough.

George begins working on the grilling badge, after he completed his homework. Fred was on the computer but didn’t get into a picture before he called it a day and went to bed.

Ronald is reading up on vampire lore before bedtime.

Harry is forced into running on the treadmill long after he wanted to go to bed. Soon.

Fred heads out for a jog, and he takes his breakfast with him. They are all working on the outdoor badge and it looks like jogging as a teen gets the job done. I will be testing it out on the three that are still working on the badge.

Harry earns his last badge and becomes a Llamacorn Scout.

They have to take a break from working and skilling in order to attend their last scout meeting. Ok, not, because tomorrow is still Sunday which means they will be going one more time.

Maggie gets a positive result back on her pregnancy test. The next child is incoming. Ronald just happened to walk into the bathroom at that moment.

Maggie tells Denali and Hannah, and despite his reaction here, Denali is pleased. They aren’t getting any younger. Well he isn’t. And it isn’t so much that Maggie is getting younger as it is the fact that being pregnant has slowed down her aging.

Vampire Lore will be the skill of choice for mastering as a teen.

Fred had to pee, so he woke up Ronald to chat.

This was a decision both boys would regret later.

Emmet was angry when he started to destroy the dollhouse, then he became energized.

Ronald is the first one to master Vampire Lore. All he is lacking now is the A in school.

Fred is the last to complete his badges. All four boys are Llamacorn Scouts now.

Harry is the first one to complete all of the requirements, and he is now waiting on Ronald to improve his grades so that they can blow out some candles.

Fred is working valiantly to catch up with the brothers. Everyone else has gone to bed so they will be rested for school in the morning, but Fred still needs to finishing his reading.

And he is done, and it isn’t even midnight yet.

Early in the morning, Hannah reaches the end of her life. She completed three aspirations – Chief of Mischief, Fabulously Wealthy, and Mansion Baron. She mastered three skills – Cooking, Gardening, and Mischief. RIP Hannah, Generation 9

Monday is a Monday, but it isn’t all bad. Ronald brought his grades up, so he and Harry can now blow out their candles, and Move-Out!

Harry pulls out the hamburger cake, and blows out the candles. Then he adds more candles for Ronald.

Then, they move out. 2/10 grown and done.

Oh yeah. Harry rolled Neat, Bro, and Insider. He also picked up Top-Notch Toddler, Creatively Gifted, Responsible, Good Manners, and Scouting Aptitude. He takes a job in the Athlete career.

Ronald rolled Self-Assured, Hot-Headed, and Bookworm. He is also a Top-Notch Toddler,, Physically Gifted, Responsible, and has Scouting Aptitude. He takes a job in the Social Media career.

Bye-bye boys!

… and then I decided to wait until tomorrow to move them out, so Fred and George could go with them.

After being ignored a lot lately, Denali finally gets the skill level needed for his next, and last, promotion.

Harry and Ron are still sad and upset about Hannah.

Fred and George have done it – they both earned an A, so it is time for the candles.

Fred goes first followed by George. Fred rolls Geek, Dance Machine, and Evil.

George rolls Foodie, Cheerful, and Goofball. And now, it is time for all four boys to leave the house. There is now space in the house for the last six kids of this challenge.

Soon after the boys move out, Maggie goes into labor. Talk about timing – she went into labor one game hour after the boys moved out.

Joining the family are babies five and six = Luna and Neville.

With room still remaining in the house, Maggie and Denali start baking the next pregnancy. In the meantime, someone needs to change Luna’s and Neville’s diapers.

Damn! Missed Denali’s birthday. He ages up right before he leaves for work.

Happy Birthday, Denali! He receives a promotion to level 10, Master of the Real. That means we are done with all of the career leveling that is going to happen in this challenge. Now it is all about the babies, toddlers, children, and teens.

Change her diaper already. They literally just decided to stand there and sniff the air.

Harvestfest is here again. That is three more gnomes for the collection.

Maggie makes a grand feast for breakfast and masters cooking at the same time. As soon as she and Denali complete the holiday traditions, the holiday is ended early.

It is time for the twins to become toddlers. With two parents, they both can age up at the same time.

Luna rolls Fussy and Neville rolls Wild. I seem to be getting those traits a lot. I haven’t seen Independent or Angelic or Charming in awhile.


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