Odyssey: Go Out With a Bang, Chapter 6

Luna, baby #5, Fussy. She has the bright green eyes.

Neville, baby #6, Wild. He has to olive colored eyes.

They have a quick bite to eat because they aged up hungry. Maggie sits with them while they eat and there is a lot of chatter.

After their dinner, it is bedtime for everyone. Denali reads Neville to sleep while Maggie reads Luna to sleep. Potty training will begin in the morning. Along with the rest of their skills.

Apparently they didn’t finish the plates before going to bed, because they were both found on the floor under the table. That means the toddler wake up starving. There is a plate of fish tacos sitting out just waiting to be eaten.

Maggie moved most of the simoleons to the vault and just realized she might be a little short when the bills come on Monday. She decides to see what the wishing well will do for her. She wins the lottery and receives §17,721. Nice but not nearly enough.

Denali changes Neville’s diaper before taking him to work on potty training. That is a diaper change failure. Hopefully it will be one of the last diaper changes he has to make.

Luna is also working on potty training and she is shocked at what just happened.

Maggie masters parenting, which is great. Her aspiration is Super Parent, so she just needs to do everything else the aspiration requires now.

The twins are set to work on potty training for the day, and at some point Neville decides he has had enough!

I couldn’t believe they were starving again, and then I realized they had been potty training all day. So, they were given something to eat.

They are both exhausted but they are also seriously lacking on fun. To try to increase their fun meter a little bit before bedtime, Maggie reads them a story.

After the story, she gives Luna a hug and puts her to bed with a story.

Denali plays airplane with Neville before putting him to bed with a story also.

It is a good thing the toddlers are sleeping, and Maggie was able to get some sleep, because it is go time for the next birth.

Babies #7 and #8 have joined the family. This is Hermione and Ginevra.

Maggie feels they should get the next pregnancy moving along.

Before she can take a pregnancy test, there are some toddlers that require attention. Maggie is doing something with Neville – reading I believe – while Denali is trying to get Luna to cheer up. She does not want to play. Oh, and she has mastered the potty.

Maggie finally has time to take the pregnancy test, and it is positive! Since she has had twins every time, and there are only two spaces open, she is expecting this to be her last pregnancy. Fingers crossed.

Since Luna and Neville have mastered the potty, they move on to other skills now. Neville starts on the slide, and gets movement to level 4 before he has to quit.

Luna works on communication, mastering it with special hugs.

Maggie reads a story to Luna and Neville comes in to listen also.

They move into the living room for the second story, which doesn’t go as well. Both of the toddlers are very tired and they don’t want to listen any more.

Once the toddlers are in bed, and the babies are quieting down, Maggie and Denali slip out to the tent for some play time of their own.

Luna gets into trouble when she throws her food on the floor. She also got into trouble for something else because Maggie got 2/5 scoldings on her aspiration.

These toddlers are working really hard, and it is taking its toll. This is probably the time where I decided that, while it would be nice to age up early, I am not going to stress. The toddlers only have to get to level 3 for the challenge, and if they get close to level 5, then they will work. Otherwise they are going to just work on becoming Happy Toddlers.

Luna cheers up when Maggie offers to read her a story.

Neville is proud of himself for mastering communication.

It is time for Luna to begin working on movement, so she is sent out to the slide.

Unfortunately, it is that time of year and the thunderstorms are back.

This is the second time Maggie has put Neville to bed. He was scared by the thunderstorm and decided that the living room would be safer.

Luna is done for the day. She needs to eat before going to bed though, because she is starving. After a quick nap on the floor, she eats her dinner.

Well, after a tantrum in the middle of eating her dinner. Then Denali reads her to sleep. There is care for the babies and finally everyone is in bed for the night.

Another day, another thunderstorm, more starving toddlers.

Neville has reached Happy Toddler and will now be low-key working on improving his skills.

Luna is trying to get her thinking to level 3 so that she can also be a Happy Toddler.

It doesn’t take long and Luna is also a Happy Toddler. She is heading outside to make her own messes, while Neville redecorates the inside of the house.

That means it is time for the babies to become toddlers. I am laughing because this was not planned – I roll for all traits.

Hermione rolled Inquisitive.

Ginevra rolled Angelic.

Luna takes her mess making ways outside. In a thunderstorm, which means she won’t be out there for very long. Neville is wondering why she doesn’t make a mess inside where it is dry.

This was so painful. I forget the toddler beds can’t be side by side, and it took many dropped actions from the queue to finally remember. Then they kept getting up and running into the other room because of the thunder and lightning.

Eventually, they had both girls in bed and falling asleep. Neither one is particularly tired, but I sure am.

Luna and Neville are the ones that need to get some sleep. Maggie is waiting on Luna to finish her tantrum so that she can read her to sleep.

Denali didn’t have any trouble getting Neville into bed. Of course, the thunder and lightning have stopped for the moment.

Hermione and Ginevra both were not sleepy so they are both up pretty quick after Denali and Maggie go to bed. Hermione has the entire of the house to make messes and she goes outside in the thunderstorm. Then she runs -toddles- back and forth as she continue to try to make a mess and run inside to get out of the storm at the same time.

Ginevra is tasked with hugging the stuffed bunny in order to build her communication skill.

Pity is taken and Hermione is called inside to play with the dolls.

Denali is up and he is asking Hermione to go potty. She doesn’t have the skill to go by herself, and she doesn’t really want his help. She gets it anyways.

While the younger twins are working on their potty training, Denali finds himself playing dolls with Neville while Luna watches.

Luna and Neville want to dance, so the stereo is turned on and they dance.

Denali is trying to get them into bed. Maggie is in labor so the toddlers all need to be in bed for now. She keeps getting out and running to the other room, but eventually he has success.

Maggie gives birth to the last of the required children. The house is full once again. It is is painful – four toddlers and two babies. Oh, and this is James and Lily.


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