Odyssey: Go Out With a Bang, Chapter 7

Keeping up with four toddlers that are all trying to master all of their skills is tough. They are all at different points in their education but this is one thing they can do together. Hannah is out haunting so Ginevra asks for a story. She keeps Hannah there for three stories, and then Hannah leaves. The toddlers eat, potty, and then begin working on something. Ginevra and Hermione are still working towards Happy Toddler while Luna and Neville are working on Top-Notch Toddler.

As everyone begins to do their own thing, Neville only has thinking left to master, so he follows Denali around watching him. Luna needs to master thinking and imagination, but first she must have a bath.

Hermione is working on, no, she has mastered the potty. She heads outside to watch Ginevra play on the slide.

Ginevra is working on movement, and for a change, it isn’t raining. Yet.

Hermione carries her dirty plate around for hours.

She finally puts the plate down when she goes to play with the dolls.

Stranger-danger. They really should lock their doors.

Neville is the first to reach top-notch toddler. He scores an early bedtime.

Ginevra is picking out her Winterfest present, so it must be Winterfest.

Luna also becomes a top-notch toddler and then she also goes to bed. There isn’t any point in aging them up early since their birthday is tomorrow.

Everyone was slowly working their way to bed. Hermione was starving so she absolutely had to eat first. As a result, she passed out before they could get her into bed.

Father Winter shows up after everyone is asleep. Since they already all have a gold holiday, no one was woken up. They were allowed to sleep. Father Winter drank two cups of coffee and then moved on to the next house on his list.

Luna and Neville are enjoying the freedom of having no one watching them.

Now, they make the messes.

I believe this is Ginevra as a Happy Toddler.

Luna crawls up the stairs to find one of the many tablets. It was the only one upstairs. Then she hides behind the desk to watch videos.

This is where Hermione becomes a Happy Toddler. Maggie can’t keep up with the amount of food the toddlers demand.

The notification for the babies came before the toddlers started bubbling, which means it is time for James and Lily to join the toddler gang. Thankfully, Luna and Neville are off sleeping.

The state of my world at the moment.

Maggie and Denali begin with the potty training.

By the time Maggie gets James to the potty, Ginevra has already claimed it. James rolled Clingy.

Ginevra is not going to hurry either. She takes her time using the potty while James pouts at Maggie.

Lily rolled Silly. Denali gets her to the potty that no one else is using. Six toddlers and only two potties. That does make for traffic jams sometimes, but it hasn’t been as bad as could be expected.

James dances for bit, a very short bit, and then he cries. For about three different reasons.

They were trying to get Hermione and Ginevra to bed, but as you can see, Ginevra passed out first.

More crying from James.

Which wakes up Neville. That isn’t a bad thing this time since it is time for Neville and Luna to blow out their candles.

As the oldest, Luna gets to blow out her candles first. Also, notice the plate of food that is stuck in the back of the chair. I am actually really surprised not to have had a lot of glitches. This is the 10th and 11th generations and just the one save file.

Luna huffs and puffs and spits on the cake.

Neville watches Luna and then does the exact same thing.

With them aging up, they move into the room with a regular bed, leaving the toddler beds for James and Lily.

Luna rolled Good and took the Mental aspiration.

Neville rolled Child of the Ocean and took the Motor aspiration. There aren’t any points for them to earn as a child as all four aspirations have been mastered this generation. But they will do it to try to earn an early birthday.

I am not sure how I am still sane. The days run together.

Maggie begins reading to the toddlers to build their imagination.

It takes James awhile to come in from the slide, but he joins his sisters for the second story. It is also at this point that I realize Hermione and Ginevra have mastered imagination.

Maggie is still reading to James and Lily. Despite appearances. Hermione and Ginevra move on to watching Luna play chess. I believe these two might actually earn an early birthday cake.

Neville hasn’t been in any of the pictures because he has been practicing his typing on the computer.

Tempers are starting to flair so it looks like it is bedtime. Hermione and Ginevra will need to finish up in the morning.

Saturday morning is bright and shiny. Maggie made a cauldron of mac and cheese – hopefully that will be enough for the day. If Hermione and Ginevra can get their thinking skill mastered, they can blow out candles before bedtime.

After running back and forth watching each other, they both become top-notch toddlers at almost the same time. That means they get to blow out their candles two days early. I am going to survive this.

Luna is still working on her logic, or mental, even though her aspiration is waiting for her to complete her homework twice while focused.

Since the last birthday cake finally spoiled, Denali has to make a new one for the twins. Hermione comes to watch him, and to chat with him, while it is cooking.

The candles are lit and Hermione will be the first one to blow them out.

Ginevra is second to blow out her candles.

Both girls get a makeover before pictures are taken. Hermione rolls Hot-headed and takes the Social aspiration.

Ginevra rolls Slob and takes the Creativity aspiration.

Maggie checks on the two remaining toddlers. Lily was supposed to be working on communication with the stuffed bunny, but she went looking for Maggie.

Both Lily and James have mastered the potty. Now they need to work on the rest of the skills. They haven’t mastered anything else.

James is outside working on movement.

Inside, Lily is watching Hermione socialize. I don’t know why I chose Social aspiration for her. It isn’t like it matters which one it is.

James is the only passout today. And he still needs to eat before he can go to bed.

New Year’s Eve and everyone is watching the countdown to midnight. They also all make resolutions – the children want better grades and the adults want to complete a tier in their aspirations. The toddler slept through the festivities.


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