Odyssey: Go Out With a Bang, Chapter 8

I do believe we are going to survive this. But my focus is on the toddlers, so the children might not have time to finish their requirements for early aging. According to the challenge rules, only the toddlers have challenge requirements – level 3 in all skills. Once that is accomplished, then I work them to Top-Notch Toddler. But six children should not be as difficult as six toddlers. Just saying.

While the children are starting to get up to start the day, Lily woke up from a nightmare and she is looking for some comfort.

Maggie reassures her and reads her back to sleep. She will get up again in an hour or so, but then it will be in a better mood.

The madness that is Sunday morning with so many kids. James desperately needs a bath, and Maggie is in agreement.

After the bath, everyone is sent out to build skills. Hermione has the social aspiration so while James watches television, she chats with him.

Lily is outside playing on the slide.

Ginevra is working on creativity at the piano.

Neville is close to mastering the motor skill.

Luna is chained to the chess table for the mental skill.

Maggie masters dancing, and she is celebrating the fact that most of her kids are fairly sufficient.

Hermione reaches the part where she needs a best friend, and of course it should be her twin.

Denali still has the responsibility for the garden since he hasn’t mastered the skill yet. Not that he will get any points, but still, it is the principle of the matter. All the heiresses and spouses have mastered gardening, he isn’t going to break that streak.

The one thing I don’t like about scouts is the meetings on both Saturday and Sunday every weekend. But, the house is quiet for two hours while they are gone. Maggie reads to the toddlers for several hours.

So, I did something. Normally I am not that worried about the spares that move out. But today is different. I really wanted the four older boys to have families. But they are still living the guy’s life, sharing a house between the four of them. So, I gave them wives. All of their wives were taken from the gallery, from someone on my friends list. And that someone is mojot89. They were added through CAS and married the same way. Now it will be up to the sims and MCCC to continue with this new life. If you haven’t read her challenges, go-read-now.

Harry is now married to Kallie Fairchild. Kallie is baby 063 from mojo’s 100 baby challenge, Operation Repopulation.

Ronald is married to Emma Fairchild. Emma is baby 057 from the same 100 baby challenge, Operation Repopulation.

Fred is married to Gracie Wilde. Gracie is the 4th born in Generation G of the Wilde ISBI Alphabetcy by mojo. This is the same place where we found Emmet, although he was from Generation E.

George is married to Valerie Fairchild. Valerie is baby 048 from the 100 baby challenge, Operation Repopulation.

And we are back to our regularly scheduled program. Maggie is still reading to the toddlers, but she is about to go cook dinner.

That moves the toddlers over to watch Luna practice chess. Luna is the target for several sims – Hermione is using her as a sounding board to improve her social skills.

Maggie gets dinner ready and everyone comes to eat. There was several cases of meanness going around so she was able to scold two of the children – Ginevra and Lily.

Then everyone went to bed, and it was a successful attempt as they all went to sleep the first time.

The welcoming committee shows up after everyone is in bed asleep. They also show up several generations late. Eventually they leave, and she leaves the food they brought. Leftovers, yay!

With ghosts on the lot, speed 3 is a myth. Emmet is out tonight breaking as much as possible.

Everyone starts getting up at 3am, so they are all put to work. Hermione thought she might be able to talk to Emmet for her social practice, but she was awestruck by his celebrity. She went and found a mirror instead.

I really miss being able to hire a caterer to come and stock the fridge. Once I am done with the EPIC, I believe I will be returning to the Drifter. They can hire caterers.

For probably the first time in his life, James wakes up and gets his own self out of bed. He is the one that is always calling for someone to put him down from where he is – bed, couch, chair. Clingy, thy name is James.

What would a morning be without a toddler tantrum? Lily wants to make sure we never find out.

And James is sad because he really has to pee.

There is a little dance party as the toddlers work on movement.

It doesn’t last long as they move on to individual activities. Lily masters imagination.

James masters movement.

Lily asks Maggie to play airplane with her.

And then she is off to the slide to master movement.

Lily only has thinking remaining, but James still needs to master imagination also. He is asking Denali to read him a story.

These four come home from school with grade improvements for all but one. They all have a B now, except for Hermione who still is sitting solidly on that C.

Luna is trying to get focused so that she can complete her homework for the aspiration. Everyone is feeling really playful, so the Child’s Play lot trait is removed and replace with Convivial. While I was there, the lot trait for On Ley Line was removed and replaced with Homey. Oh, and while Luna was trying to get focused, she mastered mental.

Lily is watching Denali read to James from a distance. Remote viewing I believe it is called. The bugs are starting to show a little more often.

Luna is focused and she completes her homework (1/2) and then her extra credit (2/2) while focused. She can finally move to the next tier.

Neville actually completes his aspiration. His next task will be to master a second skill. And, bring home an A.

Today is going to be the day that the last of the toddlers age up. I just have that feeling.

The family finally gets a hot tub.

This is the anniversary present from EA and it looks pretty damn good.

Denali finally masters gardening.

Breakfast was a yogurt parfait, which has left the toddlers with a sugar rush and the aftermath.

They are watching each other to master thinking.

Lily celebrates achieving top-notch toddler with another meltdown.

This gives Denali a chance to scold her for the Super Parent aspiration.

James masters thinking and achieves top-notch toddler. It is time to blow out some candles.

James goes first, because he is the oldest.

The kids come home from school. Luna and Neville still have their B while Hermione brought her grade up to a B. Ginevra surprises everyone by already achieving her A.

Lily blows out her candles and is officially the last toddler of the challenge.

James rolls Music Lover so he picks Artistic Prodigy.

Lily rolls Goofball so she picks Artistic Prodigy also.

I am not sure when Marvin arrived on the scene, but he looks like he is needing some repairs. Unfortunately, there isn’t anyone in this house, any more, that can help him out. He leaves soon after so he must have realized this was not the place for him to go for help.

It is time to let the children off of the lot for a few hours. They all head to the park to do some fishing and to complete the outdoor adventurer badge. No comments allowed about it being the middle of the night.

Apparently, I put James and Neville in the same outfit.

Fish-fish-fish. As each one completes the badge, they are sent home.

Luna is the last one done and it is time to go home, collect the badge, and go to bed.

Wednesday was a good day at school. Let’s sort this out.

  • Luna earns an A which also completes her aspiration. She has already mastered her second skill – Motor – so she is eligible to age up early.
  • Neville earns an A and has completed the motor aspiration. He is still working on his second skill.
  • Hermione has her A and is on the last tier of her aspiration. She also needs her second skill.
  • Ginevra has an A and is also on the last tier of her aspiration. She also needs her second skill.
  • James has a C, no improvement for him yet. He is just starting his aspiration and what do you mean he has to master a second skill also.
  • Lily is just about dead even with James – C student and just beginning her aspiration work. She isn’t even thinking about the second skill yet.


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