Odyssey: Go Out With a Bang, Chapter 9

The kids may have an A but they still have to do their homework. Those with an A schedule tomorrow as a vacation day so that they will be able to work on their aspirations and skills as needed. Those that don’t have an A will, of course, go to school tomorrow.

They are also working on their social and humor badges for scouting. It is funny to see all of the badges pop-pop-pop.

Hermione completes her social aspiration when she becomes friends with Fred and George.

Luna is the first one to wake up, so she evaluates and then wakes up Maggie. She needs to complete the humor badge, and Maggie is the lucky one to participate.

Several art tables are added to handle the high number of artistic prodigies. There are drawing to be drawn, badges to earn, and aspirations to complete.

They have more simoleons than they can use, and way more than enough to put them into first place once the challenge is created, and still I am disappointed that they didn’t win the lottery.

Ginevra completes her aspiration – that makes four out of six done.

Everyone is busy and I haven’t taken a lot of pictures as I try to keep everyone on task. And besides, doesn’t it get boring seeing sims skill and skill and skill? Everything they do is either for their aspiration, the second skill, school, or badges.

James and Lily improve their grades from C to B. So, they get to work on homework and they don’t get a vacation day. Yet.

Neville masters mental and that means he is now eligible to age up. It is time to blow out some candles – Luna and Neville.

Luna goes first with the blowing of the candles.

Neville replaces the candles and he is ready to blow them out. Denali keeps moving from one chair to another. He just wants to make sure he is in the picture.

Luna rolls Snob to join Good and she takes the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration.

Neville rolls Outgoing to join Child of the Ocean and he takes Beach Life for his aspiration.

The day winds down so the kids working on the social and humor badges congregate in the living room where they talk and tell jokes until they finally have to get some sleep.

The neighbors are back. Apparently this is an “Extra Food” event. Whatever, just leave the food on the doorstep and go home.

Hannah fixes the dollhouse that she destroyed.

The only two in the house with an A – they call in a day of vacation with the plan of working on their second skill.

Motor is not their second skill, but I forgot and they blew most of the day like this.

Maggie and Denali are a terrific couple. They woohoo and then they workout together. All autonomously.

Luna wakes up in the middle of the night and she is extremely stressed. That must mean it is time to play a video game. *Middle of the night is actually 9pm. They all went to bed early, apparently.

Hermione masters her second skill and she is now eligible for an early ageup. But she has to wait on Ginevra, who is poking along on mental. Maybe tomorrow Ginevra will be ready.

Ginevra has quite a few levels to go on mental. Hermione stops by to provide her encouragement to get it done.

Luna completes all of the badges and becomes a Llamacorn scout.

Ginevra enters the Bear Phase and now she is trying to play chess with bear paws.

Luna and Neville are reading about Vampire Lore, the adult skill that all of the teens will be mastering before moving out of the house.

James and Lily are making music, and it is getting better. As soon as they have their five hours of practicing and at least level 7 creativity, they will move over and finish up on the art table.

Hermione is distracting everyone, so she is sent outside to play on the space ship.

Oops, we forgot to let Maggie blow out some candles and she is pissed. Not sad, pissed. Self-absorbed much? Denali is hiding in the observatory, also to keep him out of the way while the kids work on their skills.

James and Lily have reached the point where they have to draw all five kinds of pictures. And master creativity.

They really need to lock their doors.

When she gets back from her scouts meeting, Hermione is sent off to volunteer. It gets her out of the way and she can build empathy.

Of course, almost as soon as Hermione leaves, Ginevra masters mental. She is now eligible for aging up, so once Hermione gets home, they will be blowing out some candles.

James masters the creative aspiration and collects the arts and crafts badge.

This is just going to make Maggie’s day even better.

The cake is ready, the candles are lit. Hermione will go first as the older twin, with Ginevra blowing out the second set of lit candles.

Hermione rolls Mean to go with Hot-Headed. She takes the Public Enemy aspiration, because why not with those traits.

Ginevra rolls Vegetarian to join Slob and takes the Freelance Botanist aspiration.

Nooboos!!! Harry and Kallie have a daughter named Kellie.

Ronald and Emma have triplets!!! Janelle, Leanna, and Yasmine. All girls.

Fred and Gracie has a daughter, Sara.

George and Valerie don’t have any yet.

For the record, Ginevra is jogging.

Hermione is making a cauldron of mac and cheese, and this family really needs the full cauldron to get through one meal.

Luna masters Vampire Lore. If only she had an A, and Neville had an A, and Neville had completed his last badge.

Neville is jogging trying to complete his last badge. It isn’t going well.

Lily completes her aspiration so she and James will be working on their second skill. Then once they both get an A in school, they will be eligible to grow up.

This is where they stand at the moment. The white squares are incomplete, so that means they are bad. On the left side, Lily needs an A and James and Lily need their second skill. On the right side, they all need an A in school, Neville needs to complete his badges, and Hermione and Ginevra need everything.

James and Lily were told to sit on the loveseat and chat up their social. But they decided to block the chess table so that no one else can play. Not that anyone else is interested in playing.

The teens are spending their Sunday working on their last badge. It is always the fitness badge.

Luna finds the kitchen and makes breakfast for dinner.

The kids head off to their scouts meeting leaving Denali and Maggie some free time. Which they spend in the shower together.

Hopefully by next weekend, the number of teens and kids will be much reduced.

I don’t know why I thought it would be good to have them master social off of each other. Or at all.

Lily has finally mastered social.

And, James has mastered social. And then I almost had them blow out candles until I realized that Lily doesn’t have an A yet.

Such a mess to sort out here. Denali went to work for the first time in forever. I had actually forgotten he had a career since he has been taking off, using vacation and family leave.

Luna and Neville have both qualified to age up and move out. Woo! Of course, Neville has to get out of the mortified mood before they can blow out the candles or he will die.

James and Lily have also qualified to age up, although they won’t be moving out just yet.

James blows out the candles first and rolls Vegetarian to go with Music Lover. He takes the Musical Genius aspiration.

Lily blows out the candles next and she rolls Lazy to join Goofball. She takes the Joke Star aspiration.

Hermione and Ginevra still have a ways to go until they qualify.

The mortification is a six hour buff so they sleep while they wait.

Finally, it is time for Luna and Neville to blow out their candles and move out.

Luna adds Creative to Snob and Good. Neville adds Insider to Child of the Ocean and Outgoing. They get a house together and begin their lives as free sims. Hopefully they will find sims to marry and then will reproduce more sims. Although there isn’t that much time left in the challenge.

Not much has changed with the older four boys other than their babies are now toddlers. Harry married the redhead, Ronald has triplets, Fred has a toddler while George still does not.


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