Odyssey: Let There Be Light, Chapter 1

Generation 3:

  • Heir must choose between the Science career and becoming a self-employed Archaeologist.
  • Spouse may work in the field the heir did not choose, or any other previously unlocked profession.
    • Only the archaeologist is allowed to travel to Selvadorada and only for work-related purposes, until reaching level 10 archaeology.
    • Cannot take assignments by mail until reaching level 10 archaeology.
  • When the heir(ess) reaches the top of the archaeology or science career, the light bulb is invented and lights can now be placed. Phones may also be used, as well as telescopes;
  • Sims may now use planes to travel to foreign lands;
  • Indoor plumbing has been invented, so dishwashers, toilets and showers may now be placed indoors;
  • Dryers of any quality may now be purchased, and you may now replace the cheap washer with an expensive one.

Gen 3 Mini Challenge: (choose one)

  • Discover all potions and inventions during this generation (scientist). +3 points
  • Discover all relics and assemble all totems (archaeologist). +3 points

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. ~Albert Einstein

Grace decided she liked the shorter hairstyle so that is the one she is sticking with.  She needs eight breakthroughs before she can earn her first/next promotion.  She also needs to snag her spouse.  Since MCCC will pair him up quickly, she decides he is more important than the breakthroughs and heads over to meet him.

Matthew Diamond is the 7th child from the 7th generation of the Diamond Legacy by Skyegal19 from back in 2014.  He is Active, Genius, and a Glutton, with the Nerd Brain aspiration.  He is going to become an Astronaut, so he needs to learn Logic, Fitness, and Rocket Science. He comes with some skills and a portion of the aspiration completed, but not overwhelming so.  Grace has the responsibility for the science career with the unlocks for the generation, so Matthew’s existing progress doesn’t give her an unfair advantage.  The legacy that Matthew comes from isn’t being updated any longer, but here are some of skyegal’s other Sims 4 challenges: Star Legacy, Rose ISBI, Sunnyside Valley Prosperity, Whitestone RLC, Scarlett 100 baby challenge, Monroe Apartment Switch, and The Greenwoods Epic Challenge.

Grace and Matthew spend the next few hours getting to know each other.  Because of her Good Manners, they are friends immediately and good friends soon afterwards.

Once they become best friends, it is time to start the next phase.

Grace moves them into romantic territory and they take one step backwards for every two steps forward, which is funny to watch because they are both really into each other.

She finally gets a successful first kiss and the romantic relationship quickly maxes out.

Grace knows that it is a risk to propose so quickly, but she takes the chance and is rejected.  Matthew is nice about it, but it is still a rejection.  It is a good thing that Grace is extremely energetic because the embarrassment is hidden deeply.

It is hidden so deep, that she is able to propose again immediately without waiting for the mood to wear off.  This time Matthew is happy to accept.

They go for the immediate elopement right then and there.

Grace puts the ring on Matthew’s finger with a flourish.

And Grace and Matthew are married.  Time to head home.

Back home, Howl is sporting a very feline looking rash, which goes away quickly.

The first thing Matthew does is to pick up a job in the Astronaut career.  Then everyone gets to woohoo.

Also, it was time to add landscaping to the house.  I probably went overboard, but this allowed both Teresa and Howl to complete the Mansion Baron tier and move up to the next one, which surprisingly, they are only three windows short of completing (27/30 windows).  Of course, the last tier requires 20 columns and they don’t have that.  And now I see some siding under the roof that was missed when I changed that in the last upgrade, so that is fixed now.  The three windows were also added so that now the house needs to gain §100,000 in value and find a place for 20 columns.  Before Teresa and Howl die.

Matthew is missing some pants.  That will be fixed momentarily.

There, he was just missing his jeans.  But he found them.

Howl finishes practicing the violin for today and heads downstairs.  He gives Matthew the side-eye as he watches him dancing to pop music.  Dude, everyone loves Britney Spears, right?

Matthew takes the hint and heads downstairs to begin working on his skills for work.  He starts as an Intern, level 1 so he will be working his way up from the very bottom.

Grace begins building the rocket because she needs activities that will let her come up with breakthroughs.  And.Oh.Hell.No.  I am canceling everything and trying to send her to the mirror because she is too young to die and/or has not provided the next generation.

Before I can finish canceling her current activity, she drops from Hysterical to Very Playful with a look that says, just kidding.

Teresa and Howl are dorks.  ‘Nuff said.

While Teresa cleans up the dirty dishes (can’t wait for indoor plumbing), Howl sits down and begins getting to know Matthew.

Louis and Mata are both elders now but they still get out of the house to run around and play.  Of course, they also run around in the house and play.

Matthew needs to repair and upgrade five items but he currently has no handiness skill at all, so he begins making sculptures on the woodworking table to build a little bit of skill.  He will need it because the first item to break is the stereo and he doesn’t need to die young either.

This is the only time Matthew will be pictured eating on purpose.  Glutton.

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Howl catches up with Grace and they chat about various things.  It looked like Howl was giving her a list of items to invent.

While she waits for time for work to begin, she heas back over to the rocket.  She still needs a lot of breakthroughs.

There hasn’t been a cat fight in a few chapters, but Mata and Louis are fighting on the food dish again.  This one is probably my fault because I misread Louis’ remaining time and thought it was his time to go, so I down sized the cat’s bowls to just one.  Then realized, at the time, he was still an Adult and not an Elder, but I never added the second bowl back because the cat food was spoiling.

And there he goes, Louis is running away again.  The last time he ran away was because he had gotten into a fight over the food bowl.  And lost.

Today I will join Grace at work.  I didn’t go with her on the first day because it caught me off guard and I wasn’t ready to leave the household at that moment.  She is nowhere near ready to be promoted, but here we are.

The first thing she has to do is post the alert for the missing cat.  Louis was still in the process of running away when Grace left for work, so Teresa didn’t get a chance to post the alert.

Getting right to work, Grace spends time with the Invention Constructor, chatting with the robot and then inventing the Momentum Conserver.

When that is done she greets a coworker and soon has her beaker full for the day.  Then she makes a point to meet all of her coworkers, asking each one for metals and crystals.  She is trying to build her collection and she doesn’t want to use her metals and crystals when she begins inventing devices. She would much rather use theirs.

She works on the rocket hoping for more breakthroughs but only comes up with one more (3/8) before she has to call it a day.  She finds a place to rest until the day is officially over.  Of course she wasn’t expecting a promotion, and she didn’t get one.

I expect that we will see Matthew making food most of the time.  {glutton}.  He is also Active, so he will begin boxing also after dinner tonight.  He didn’t earn a promotion today either.

Louis returned home soon afterwards – before dark, and around dinner time.

Grace works hard the next day at work – it is collections day so she was digging up metals and crystals, among other things.

She was even able to get a DNA sample from a coworker and has all of the performance she needs for a promotion.  Now, she just needs the breakthroughs.  And, a bath.

Matthew is grilling baked potatoes today.

Teresa piddles with the violin while Howl is at work.  She is actually better than he is on it – she has a higher level 6 than he does.  Because of her traits, she learns skills a lot faster than he does.

Matthew finally finds the punching bag.  He grunted a lot.  He is also going to try jogging, but probably won’t really get into the fitness until it is a job requirement, and it isn’t just yet.


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  1. Wooo, another generation started. I think Grace and Matthew make a good couple. Things seem to be progressing just fine so far. I’m excited to try out gen 3. I kind of think I’m going to send Lindsey into archeology, but we will see.

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