Odyssey: Let There Be Light, Chapter 2

I realized that I haven’t mentioned the points so far, at least I don’t think I have.  Well, as of the end of the generation 2, they have 92 points.

  • Gen 1 Mini Challenge +3
  • Gen 2 Mini Challenge +3
  • Randomize all Traits +5
  • Matriarchy +10
  • All Gnomes +9
  • Unique Gnomes +7
  • No Services +5
  • Completed Collections +50

I don’t think I have ever noticed that +1 on extra levels of the careers.  Of course, most of my sims never reach the top of their careers, much less overlevel them.

Grace has her fifth and sixth breakthroughs during her morning bath before work.  She will be going to work by herself until she has all of the breakthroughs for now.

Grace finishes building the rocket and is still sitting on 6/8 breakthroughs.

Matthew does the first upgrade on the rocket for his aspiration and then he heads off to work.

Grace tends to the garden hoping for another breakthrough, but nope.  She leaves for work still looking at 6/8.

After work, Grace and Matthew play chess to complete his daily task and so she will hopefully have another breakthrough.

So, I am sitting here playing and I hear a cat meowing.  I pause the game because it sounds like it is outside my window, then I realize that is it Louis.  He is such a pretty cat, even if he has been a spoiled pain in the ass.

Mata is also in the same area, so the meowing could have been her, although I am pretty sure it was Louis.

Coco comes out to visit, and she is mad about something.  She gets happy quick enough though.

Grace works on the next upgrade on the rocket and gets the seventh breakthrough.

Grace finally gets her eight breakthroughs and just in time, because it is early Friday morning.

Howl is stringing out his last promotion as long as possible.  He will finally earn the promotion to level 10 on his next work shift.

The younger generation are doing a little better.  Matthew earned a promotion to Technician, level 3 and Grace earned her promotion to Technological Innovator, level 5.

One thing about being an adult is that you can choose to eat anything you want for breakfast.  Even hot dogs.

Since Coco isn’t around any more, Mata has taken over the sick-cat responsibility.  She isn’t supposed to be this color, so there is a vet visit coming up.

Matthew went for a jog and came back for hot dogs.  He has his priorities – he is an active glutton, so he loves exercise and eating.

I was hoping Grace would get both of her breakthroughs before Teresa left for the vet, but she didn’t.  Not that it matters since it is Saturday and she has plenty of time over the weekend.

Teresa was finishing her painting before leaving.  All three of these are masterpieces, but there isn’t anywhere in the house to hang them, so they are staying on the easels.  They are starting to think that they might need a larger lot, again.  And once Grace unlocks indoor plumbing the house will need to be remodeled because they don’t have a place for an actual bathroom.  There are already five rooms in the house and they are currently sitting at four sims, plus the future baby to make five again.  They definitely need a remodel soon, at least, to restructure the house.

Teresa takes Mata to the vet and while she is checking her in, the veterinarian is showering in the rain.

Mata is examined by a different vet and finds out that she has Frozen Mange.  Once she is treated, they both head back home.

Speaking of the next generation, Grace decides it is time since she is level 5 in her career, so she lets Matthew know.

I missed the confetti and she never went to tell Matthew because I was trying to reset the tea maker which was bugged out.  It was showing spoiled but still brewing.  Oh well, Grace is pregnant, and generation 4 is incoming.

Matthew needs to build rocket skill so he can continue to help with the upgrades, so he takes the ship out on a mission.  Maiden voyage.

Mata chooses probably the worse place to sleep.

Mathew is returning home and still Mata sleeps.

Zero fucks were given on this day.

She never even twitched.

Matthew took the rocket back up and still Mata sleeps.

Howl has finally earned his lat promotion to Concert Virtuoso, level 10.

Howl and Teresa celebrate the end of their work – today is Howl’s birthday and his age bar should be bubbling momentarily.

Howl’s bar is bubbling and he remembered to get up to make himself a birthday cake.

Funny how that back starts hurting almost immediately.

He decided to sit on the stool on the other side of the room to eat his birthday cake, while Teresa has a baked potato at the table.

He hasn’t retired yet – he is waiting for the grandbaby before he considers it.  So, he is still practicing the violin.  Teresa decided to join him on the guitar.

The family decided to go ahead and move to a new lot, so they moved to Newcrest.  This means they are now going to have a real winter, but they also have a thermostat so the house should have the appropriate climate.  The house was remodeled from a two-story to a one-story and they are back to four rooms until the baby is born and Grace unlocks indoor plumbing.

Grace also stops over and makes sure the bonds are strengthened with Coco.  Marilyn and Jake are still good and tight, and they are on call, so to speak.

Matthew takes the rocket up for a mission and levels up so that he can begin the next upgrade.  While he is doing this, Grace has moved over to tending the garden and making sure all of the plants made the trip in one piece.

Howl enjoys watching Teresa play the violin, and she still plays much better than he does.  But, he doesn’t really care.  The house is still undergoing redecoration, and they are impatiently waiting for lights to be unlocked so they can get rid of all of the candles.

Howl’s hair is the same color as Louis now. {sad}

Mata is exhausted and having trouble getting back to the house.  Howl went over to pick her up, but when he got there she was able to get up and run home.  Then he got stuck in the loop waiting for her and had to be reset.

Grace and Matthew get up and start the day with breakfast.  They pass by the table and sit in the living room for some reason.  Maybe because it is the only part of the house that still looks like the old house.

Matthew finishes breakfast and heads out to complete his last upgrade on the rocket.  Teresa and Howl join Grace for breakfast in the living room.

Coco comes out to check out the new homestead and Mata is right on her ass chasing her around the much bigger lot.

They finally settle down and they all congregate together near the new garden.  Coco may be happy but she is still showing her attitude.

Howl and Teresa are still making music together.

After a few hours of living with the changes, and some more tweaking of the decorations, they have finally (probably) reached a good point with the new renovations.  Only four of the rooms are being used – as there are only four sims in the household at the moment.  The small empty room will be the bathroom once Grace has reached the top of the science career and unlocked indoor plumbing, assuming there are five sims in the household at the time.

Grace heads to work on Monday to get the week started.  She fills her beaker and then spends the rest of the day inventing all the devices.

They have a quiet time in the new house, waiting on the birth of the next generation.  Matthew meets Jake and they get to know each other.

Jake is even caught grilling food, which he places on the ground where no one can see it until after it spoils.

The day finally comes for the baby to be born.  Grace is sent home from work early, which sucks.  She gets something to eat and then heads to bed to sleep off the labor as best as she can.

My heart is hurting.  Mata passes before Louis, and while I knew it was coming, it caught me off guard.

At the same time, Grace decides it is time to have the baby.

She has a little girl, named Joanne.

Joanne is named for J.K. Rowling, British author best known for the Harry Potter series.

The timing of everything hung up Mata’s reaping though.  Mata had to be reset and then so did Grim, but Mata’s grave has been added to the family plot.

As everyone is going to bed, it is time for Louis to join the rest of the cats.

This is a sad way to end the update, but here is where the update ends.  After losing both Mata and Louis at the same time, I have to take a break here.


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  1. Awww….the kitties are gone now!!!! 🙁 So sad. Joanne arrived well though and that is good. I like the new house, very cute so far. I feel like I will nee to move my guys again soon too, but don’t want to lose the rooms they have currently. After Lindsey grows up maybe.

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