Odyssey: Let There Be Light, Chapter 3

Everyone settles into the new normal with the new baby and without the cats.  Grim hangs around longer than he should – he was glitched when Mata died and then didn’t show up when Louis died.  When I loaded the lot he was just standing there in the spot where he should have reaped Louis.

Grace has her first abduction.  I say first.  Hopefully, her only abduction, but if they only abduct her then there shouldn’t be a worry about about any accidental alien babies coming from Matthew.

Grim is still hanging out, dancing.  Finally he decides he has been here long enough and he leaves.  It is good to know that he isn’t going to be glitched forever.

Grace is really sad so when she gets back from spending time with the aliens, she loves on Joanne.

They had to move the toilet and tub because with the new placement of the garden it was too close and there was a lot of shooing.  With the movement, they also removed the privacy panels, since they really weren’t providing privacy, and added hedges.  Everyone is anxiously waiting for Grace to reach the top of the science career and unlock indoor plumbing.  This really needs to happen before Howl passes, since they need five sims in the house in order to be able to set up the bathroom as the fifth room.  Timing is everything.

Then it is just by accident that I notice Teresa’s age bar is bubbling.

She is able to get the birthday cake made and blow out her candles before the game takes over.

Grace earns a promotion to UFOlogist, level 6.

And, Matthew earns a promotion to Command Center Lead, level 4.  Too bad his career doesn’t unlock anything, but bragging rights.

Howl is still carrying the weight of sadness from losing the cats, and I am tempted to let him retire.  But, he only works two more days on a normal schedule, so he may just stick it out.  Teresa’s work schedule is just two days a week, so she won’t be retiring either.

One of the days Howl doesn’t have to go to work, but will get paid, is Harvestfest.  They now have twelve gnomes and they all pitch in to try to appease and then beg for forgiveness.  By the time they are done, three out of four have reached gold for the holiday.  Only Matthew is still wanting more.

Teresa makes a grand feast of ham and now everyone is happy.

There are so many gnomes and it is going to take forever to clean up when they stop dropping seed packs.

With the holiday in the gold, Matthew heads out for a long jog.  He levels up fitness and completes his daily task for work.

Grace is trying to come up with two breakthroughs for her next promotion, but apparently upgrading the rocket is hard on her hygiene.  She stops to take a bath and gets one of the breakthroughs.  One more to go.

It is time for Joanne to become a toddler, and since Matthew and Grace are otherwise occupied, Teresa is going to help her out of the bassinet.  Except the gnomes have Teresa trapped in the bedroom.  Literally.

Teresa makes it out of her bedroom and helps Joanne take her first steps.  Joanne is a wild toddler.  And she is blonde, like her dad.

Teresa gets her on the potty first thing, but she is already tired so they won’t spend long training.  Despite being tired, she wasn’t defiant and agreed to the potty training, at least initially.

After a disaster with the potty, Teresa puts Joanne to sleep with a story.  They will try the potty again tomorrow.  Teresa also has to repair the toddler bed because the cats had scratched the crap out of it and Joanne was angry about the scratches.

Grace goes for her second abduction.

They are still doing good at getting together for breakfast.  I don’t know if it is their schedule, or it I am getting better at this.  Or if it is just because the household is smaller.

After breakfast, Howl takes Joanne back out for more potty training.  This is her first priority for the day.  Howl doesn’t have to leave for work until early afternoon, so he has plenty of time.

Teresa doesn’t work again for four days so she has the household duties, as usual.  She is cleaning up first and then will be collecting and opening every single seed pack that was left by the gnomes.  Guess who has the most exciting day planned.

Matthew is on the last level of logic that he needs to complete his aspiration.  Once he finishes mastering logic, he will begin working on mastering fitness for his career.

Grace has a few hours before leaving for work and she still needs one more breakthrough, so she is back out working on the rocket upgrades.

Grace has the breakthrough she needs before leaving for work.  She probably won’t be able to get a promotion today, so she will be going alone – and working hard.

Joanne needs help with the potty one more time to get to level 2, but she doesn’t want any more potty training.  Howl insists and back she goes.

After finally getting to level 2, and now having the ability to potty by herself, Joanne heads back to the house to find something fun to do.

Before actually leaving for work, Grace masters Rocket Science.  Unfortunately, she is filthy and doesn’t get a chance to take a bath first.

Joanne struggles to find her happy place.

By the time Joanne masters communication, she isn’t sad any more.  She is just fine, thank you very much.

Matthew checks on Joanne before he leaves for work.  She is having fun on the slide – it is fun sliding down super fast!  Then he goes to work leaving her behind, which makes her sad.

Teresa makes grilled cheese sandwiches because she knows Joanne is getting hungry.

The face is a lie.  Joanne reaches level 3 in movement but has to stop for the day.  She is headed to the potty and then to eat – and she is angry.  Despite her expression.

Grilled cheese sandwiches, yummy.  Teresa reads Joanne to sleep once she is done eating.  Amazingly, there isn’t any passing out, but it is close.

Teresa is the first one up on Saturday and Jake is out, so they have a conversation.  He is complaining about something.

Joanne gets up soon afterwards and she was headed outside but decided that maybe someone should change her diaper first.  She is still using her diaper while she sleeps, but she is trying to do better.

With a fresh diaper, Joanne snags a plate of food and heads out, somewhere…? Where…?

She decides to take her plate to the chairs by the tent at the front corner of the lot.  She bypasses every seat in the house to choose the cold chair outside.

With some free time on her hands, Teresa get her dance-on.

It may be raining, but Joanne has things to do.

She spends the morning on the slide and soon finishes mastering movement.

Joanne now gets to spend the afternoon on the potty.  Teresa’s neat trait comes out as she begins mopping the puddles – something only a neat freak would do on natural ground.  Howl is also there to mop the puddle, but Teresa beat him to it.

Even though Teresa mopped up all of the water, Howl had to get in there and do his part also.  They should just wait until Joanne is done, because she is making a mess every time she uses the potty.

By the time Joanne masters the potty, Teresa has cleaned up all of the puddles and has decided to take a bubble bath.

As the day winds down, Matthew reads to Joanne and then spends time chatting with her and giving her a lot of attention.


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  1. Oh man, Joanne is an absolute cutie pie! I love her little face and the outfits, so adorable!! I love her already. Great job with everything so far, it’s going great and fun to see how you are doing.

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