Odyssey: Let There Be Light, Chapter 5

I have not played in a few days and I was trying to figure out why.  Then I remembered.

Literally, 30 in-game minutes after I loaded the game.  Howl has been one of the best spouses and I am so sad now.  He completed two aspirations: Musical Genius and Soulmate.  He reached the top of the Musician career, and he mastered three sklills: Guitar, Piano, and Violin.

The entire household comes to say goodbye to Howl, including Marilyn.

After Grim has done his damage, Matthew takes Joanne back to bed.

48 days of mourning, and Joanne sums up how I feel about this.

Matthew tucks her in and then he heads back to bed.  Everyone needs to get some sleep before the day begins.  Life goes on.

Morning comes and everyone begins the process of moving on.  Teresa eats sadly while Grace works on another breakthrough and Matthew is working out.  Joanne wakes up and really has to potty.  She trudges out to the potty, taking so long, that I was surprised that she made it in time.

Matthew realizes that the toilet is broken so he fixes it before things get messy.

Teresa and Grace both head out for work, leaving Joanne home with Matthew for the day.  Today is her birthday and her age bar should begin bubbling soon.

Joanne is “running around”.  She is still using the sad walk state though and isn’t actually running.  At least she is doing this with clothes on for a change.

Matthew is the only one that had a short mourning moodlet, only having the 12-hour witnessed moodlet and not the 2-day death of a love one moodlet.

Teresa decides that she and Joanne need a nap.  They are still walking around in the blue while Grace and Matthew are finding distractions elsewhere.

Matthew is working on fitness while Grace is looking for the next breakthrough.  She finally gets it during a bubble bath.

After their naps, it is time for birthday cake.

Joanne becomes an Outgoing child with a creative aspiration.

Joanne has a long weekend ahead since she has Friday off as well as Saturday and Sunday, but she decides to get her homework done first.

This is the first time someone has gotten out of the tub on the wrong side and gotten stuck..

It took three attempts to get Joanne out of the tub on the correct side.

It takes time but Teresa begins to feel better and not as sad as she had been.

Joanne begins working on her creativity aspiration while they wait for Matthew and Grace to come home from work.

Neither Matthew nor Grace were able to raise their performance enough to earn a promotion due to their moods.  She was too sad and he was too tense.  Now it is the weekend and neither one will return to work until Monday.

Matthew decides to start testing the archaeology “career” and heads off to Selvadorada.  He is the only one allowed to travel until he masters the skill.

He does what he can, but he forgot to check the tables for wares before he headed into the jungle and lost his machete on the first obstruction.  He digs all the sites he can find and then has to head home because it is New Year’s Eve.  Unfortunately, he is only level 2 which means he can’t authenticate anything.  But he also didn’t pick up anything that needs to be uncovered, so he is stuck until he can go back to Selvadorada.  He will try again next weekend.

The adults are able to have a gold holiday without a TV – Joanne also gets her holiday to gold and then everyone goes to bed.

Joanne can’t be trusted to her own devices because everytime she is allowed to choose her own activity, she begins to make a mess.

Grace scolds her, again, but Joanne is not listening.  Joanne cleans up the mess after Grace finishes.

She starts off on the violin and Howl comes out to join her, but she is moved over to the piano just because it doesn’t sounds quite as bad.  That being sad, she is already at level 6 in creativity.

With Sunday morning, the holiday is over so Matthew heads back to Selvadorada.  He needs to get to at least level 3 so that he can authenticate artifacts, and he needs to collect as many artifacts as possible.

Matthew’s goal is to get as far as possible with his aspiration before he has to call it a weekend and head home.

Matthew reaches level 4 in the skill and moves almost all of the way through the second tier of the aspiration.  It is time to head home and work on his day job for the week.


Matthew gets home just in time to say goodbye to Teresa.  Teresa had mastered four skills, completed one or two aspirations, and she reached the top of her career (I forgot to write down all of her accomplishments before she disappeared off of the family screen).

The family cemetery after two generations gone.

It is hard to tell for sure, but I believe Jake is mourning Marilyn and Grim is mourning one of the cats.

Despite all attempts, Joanne refuses to go to school on Monday.

Grace heads to work and I follow along.  While at work she masters logic and completes her aspiration – Nerd Brain.  She switches to Renaissance Sim although she won’t be changing careers so she might not complete the aspiration.

She invents the wormhole generator and that completes all of the devices.  She will begin working on the serums, but those will take longer since she won’t be able to complete them until she actually reaches level 10 in the career.

What sucks is that Grace did not earn a promotion – once again she is just a hair short of getting the check.  Matthew did earn a promotion and is now a Space Cadet, level 6.  It isn’t helping that everyone is still very sad about Teresa – 2 days of mourning.

Dammit Joanne!  She spends literally every unsupervised minute making messes.  She doesn’t even try to do anything else, just make a mess.

Matthew is off work today so he will be working on archaeology while Grace goes to work alone.  Joanne actually went to school for the first time since she became a child on Thursday – today is Tuesday.

Joanne masters creativity and just needs to draw one of each picture to complete her aspiration.  Then she will get busy working on her badges for scouts.

Grace is taking so long to get her promotions, but maybe once she gets past the sadness from mourning she can focus and put more effort into it.


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  1. Oh man, losing both Howl and Teresa really hurt this time! I love Joanne, she reminds me a lot or Ariana in my ISBI. She made messes ALL TIME. No matter how much I scolded or punished she just kept going. Crazy little sim kids. 🙂

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