Odyssey: Let There Be Light, Chapter 6

Grace begins the update with an immediate abduction.  This is her third one, and again they are thankful that she can’t get pregnant from the aliens and also that they are not abducting Matthew.

The next morning, Matthew leaves for work early giving Grace and Joanne a chance to have some mother-daughter time at breakfast.  Joanne is working on the social badges as she can.

After she cleans up the breakfast dishes, she checks out the trash can to see if she can find any voidcritter cards – she does but it one she already has.

Soon after, Joanne completes the creativity aspiration and then switches to the social aspiration.  She is outgoing so it makes sense for her to attempt to complete the social aspiration, although I am not looking forward to it.

And, Matthew just had his birthday.  He is now an Adult.

He is now sad because he is lonely and his birthday was forgotten, so he takes it out on the punching bag.

Joanne runs out to greet Grace when she comes home from work.  Then everyone settles in for their evening of activities.  Matthew is working on fitness, Grace is trying to come up with another breakthrough, and Joanne has some homework to finish up.

The charity badge is much easier with a computer, but sucking it up, Joanne takes the time to give Matthew however many gifts necessary to complete the badge.

Joanne makes short work of the badges and she has completed all except the fitness badge.  She will work on that one later.  Unfortunately, she worked through the night and now it is time to go to school.  Sleep is for sissies.

It is once again Saturday, and they completely missed the Love Day activities on Friday.  Everyone went to work and school and then came home and struggled the rest of the evening.  Grace is having a hard time getting the breakthrough and none of her activities helped – the next thing I knew the holiday was over.  Matthew needs to head back to Selvadorada for the archaeology aspiration stuff.  He needs to establish three excavation sites and collect more artifacts to uncover and authenticate.  He isn’t worried about finding or exploring the tomb at this point since he can complete the archaeology requirements without doing so.  Hopefully this time he can stay longer since no one is expected to die over the weekend.  Before he can leave, Joanne needs to finish her homework and Grace is going to try to get the breakthrough she needs.  There are a lot of needy sims at this table.

Grace is still trying for the breakthrough as she tends the garden and sells the harvests.  The family has had a great amount of success in revenues because they have just received the Rosebud achievement for gaining §1,000,000 simoleons in a single household.  And this is only the third generation.

Then Grace passes out as she is heading back into the house, so Matthew decides she will need to work on her breakthroughs after he returns.

Matthew gets lucky and is able to pick up several more machetes at the local market before heading into the jungle.

Matthew receives a Blessing of Bones and becomes a skeleton for 12 hours.  While he is still lonely, the rest of his needs are maxed out and static.

The skeleton is attacked by the spiders, but he was well-protected.

After 24 hours, Matthew heads home.  He never reached the point where he was able to establish excavation sites, but he was able to pick up more artifacts to work on during the next week at home.  Maybe next weekend.

Another birthday missed – Grace becomes an adult soon after Matthew gets home from Selvadorada.

Somehow Joanne has been working on her social aspiration without my help and she reached the point where she needed a BFF.  She was able to quickly make best friends with Teresa and is now on the last tier of the aspiration.  This is probably as far as she will get as her birthday is coming up soon.

Breakfast on Monday morning includes Teresa, who hasn’t poofed back to the netherworld yet.

Grace is struggling getting the breakthrough.  She doesn’t have the performance yet, but she is getting closer.  If only she could say the same about the breakthrough.

Joanne earns her A, finally.

Matthew comes home with a promotion to Astronaut, level 7.  He is beginning to catch up with Grace, which is not helpful since his career is not one that unlocks anything.

Matthew sets up the table and begins working on the artifacts he brought home.  It is time to get serious.

So, about this point I realize that Grace has had her breakthrough and is, once again, a sliver away from a promotion.  I have no idea when she got the breakthrough — oh wow, 49 minutes ago.

Tuesday looks to be a good day.  Matthew is planning on spending the entire day authenticating artifacts while Grace is expecting to bring home a promotion.

And, Grace has earned her next-to-last promotion to Mad Scientist, level 9.  Now to work on some more breakthroughs for the last promotion.

Grace was trying to go to bed but instead she was abducted for the fourth time.

Late that evening it is time for Joanne to blow out her candles.

Tempting.  Knowing that Joanne is going to be an actress, it is tempting to leave her with this hair, but it is not one of my favorites.

But, nope.  Joanne rolls Neat to go with Outgoing and picks up the Master Actress aspiration.  Then she gets a makeover.

The dollhouse has been fairly lucky this challenge, but Teresa got caught red-handed repairing what she destroyed.

Teresa joins them for breakfast the next morning.  Grace is the only heading to work as it is Matthew’s day off and Joanne doesn’t have to go to school yet.

They tend to the garden daily but one of the money trees is still trying to die.  For the first time ever, Grace has the option to revive the tree for §1,000.

Matthew works on his fitness for his daily task and continues until he reaches level 9.

Joanne needs a skill for school so she begins to work on acting.

Matthew tries to practice analysis on one of the fossils but that seems so slow.  He will return to Selvadorada one more time this coming weekend, and will hopefully be able to finish up what needs to be done.  Now back to working on fitness.

Joanne needs a break from practicing her acting so she goes out for a jog.  The timing isn’t wonderful though because now she is tense from being out in the thunderstorm.

Instead of sleeping, Matthew decides to play in the mud.  But, finally everyone heads to bed, hopeful that Friday will be a good day.


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