Odyssey: Let There Be Light, Chapter 7

Apparently, playing the mud puddles is an extremely fast way to improve their fun.

With her social needing to be repaired also, she meets Marilyn for the first time and they chat for awhile.

Once Marilyn heads “home”, Joanne heads over to talk with Grace.  This time the mud puddle got the upper hand.

Friday goes quickly with everyone off the lot.  Joanne is the first one home and she had a rough day.  After a bath she heads to bed.  Grace and Matthew come in exhausted so they both head to bed early also.

Saturday comes and Matthew needs to head back to Selvadorada.  But first, Grace is trying to get her next breakthrough.  This is the last one she needs for her last promotion, but it is not the last one she needs to make all of the serums.  Once she has the breakthrough, Matthew is ready to leave.

But wait.  Matthew is finishing up his daily task.  Once he has finished working out, then he is ready to leave.

But wait.  Joanne is working on her homework and projects.  Grace and Matthew pitch in to help and when she is finished, now he is ready to leave.

Matthew finally gets to Selvadorada.  Since he needs three excavation sites, and he can survey for them, he doesn’t waste any time in the jungle.  He begins immediately near the market.

After he finishes excavating the first dig site, he takes a quick break for some food.  Then he heads out to the trail-head.  While he is here, he wouldn’t mind finding the Alexandrite crystal for that collection.

Matthew works on his second excavation site when he is attacked by bees.  I don’t know why the bees don’t show up in this picture, but he is being very still so they don’t notice him.

He decides to take the chance and head into the jungle a little farther.  He has a history of losing the machete, and he continues his tradition.  So far, he has lost eight machetes in the jungle.

This time he was attacked by lightning bugs.  He may lose the machetes but he has a lot of other items to fight off the attackers.

When his 24 hours are up, he arrives home exhausted.  He can’t even make it into the house to his bed.  He didn’t find the Alexandrite, but his bags are full of artifacts to uncover and authenticate.  And, he is almost level 9 in the skill, so he should be able to master the skill and complete the aspiration without returning to the jungle again.  Thankfully it is Sunday afternoon and Matthew can sleep before he has to go to work or start working on the artifacts.

Joanne finally completes the last badge and becomes a Llamacorn Scout.  She decides to switch to Drama Club, which I have never played

She gets ready to head to Drama Club but at the last minute that is a nope.  Actually, she was supposed to be heading to Scouts at the time she changed to Drama so we get a sneak preview of her work uniform.  She heads back into the house to work on charisma, which is required for drama club.

With the afternoon to herself, Grace begins to make serums for the mini challenge.  She has already invented all of the devices.

Matthew finally wakes up and takes care of dinner after cleaning out the fridge.  Maybe they should get the nicer fridge soon so that their leftovers last longer.

With dinner done, Joanne finishes up the last of her homework with Grace’s help.  Grace has made all of the serums that she knows at this time.  There are still three more that she will need to have breakthroughs for once she reaches level 10 as a scientist.

While the family sleeps, the ghosts are out.  Teresa is cleaning up around the house.

Coco and Mata are both out and playing.

Matthew decided that as the astronaut in the family, he should head to Sixam and see about finding the alien metals and crystals.  That . is . interesting.  Matthew was making progress but then he ran out of time and it was time to go to work.  While he was willing to be late, apparently the game had other ideas because I was transported home and he was sent to work.

Grace heads to work, and she is surprised to receive a large performance boost thanks to taking on a side project for her boss.  But, will it be enough for the last promotion?

Joanne comes home enraged.  School was boring and she is stressed but her anger is from a mood swing.  Teens are so awesome.  Joanne now has to attend drama club during the week instead of scouting meetings on the weekend.  She takes her enraged self off, having completed the daily and advancement tasks.

Joanne gets home from drama club still pissed, but she settles down to work on her project and then her homework.  Matthew has an extra solarium so he is trying to extract the Xenopetrium that need for the elements collection.  They are very close to completing the metals, crystals, and elements.  He pulls a lot of Oxypin and no Xenopetrium though so Grace sends it off to the Geo Council.

And then, Grace comes home with the promotion to Extraterrestrial Explorer, level 10.  the light bulb has now been invented.  Phones and telescopes are unlocked.  They can now take vacation in foreign lands.  And, they can now have indoor plumbing – sinks, showers, toilets, and dishwashers.  This calls for a little bit of a remodel.  Grace still needs the last of the breakthroughs so she can make the last three serums.

The remodeled kitchen with top of the line appliances and a sink plus a dishwasher.

The bassinet was moved from the nursery into the toddler room and was converted into a bathroom.  In addition to moving the toilet and tub indoors, they also have a shower and sink in the bathroom now.  The rest of the house received overhead lighting and had the candlesticks removed.  After taking this picture, the shower was swapped out for the one given from the science career as it has better stats.

The other changes that were made included upgrades to the beds and moving the science related items to the back yard where there is more room.

Grace blew off work and upgraded everything except the Simray.  She ran out of time to get them all done, but she will finish them soon.  And, she did just enough work to not get scolded by her boss – she did an adequate job.

Matthew heads back to Sixam, this time using the upgraded wormhole generator.

He is able to find the last metal to complete the collection, and a lot of other items.  They are still missing two crystals and one element.  He has also collect 5/6 of the geodes.

They have a late dinner before everyone heads to bed.  Of course, by the time they get to bed, it is time to get up because it is morning.

Joanne takes the day off from school and is planning on going to Sixam to continue to collect alien items.  They have been trying to collect the plants, but apparently none of them grow in the fall.

Joanne makes the rounds and then it is time to go to Drama Club.

Unfortunately, she isn’t going to make her club meeting today.

There should be a bathroom of some sort here.  Joanne goes home miserable and embarrassed and she missed her meeting.  Then I spent 15 minutes trying to figure out why they couldn’t use the shower in the bathroom.  Oh yeah, I had locked the door at some point.

While Joanne was on Sixam, Matthew earned another promotion.  He took the Space Ranger path and is now on Planet Patrol, level 8.















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  1. Wow, your generation 3 has been SUPER productive. So far my 3 has been too, it makes me happy how fast Lindsey is getting through archeology. Maybe I can get some collections going finally.

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