Odyssey: Let There Be Light, Chapter 8

Friday morning starts off with breakfast out as everyone heads over to the food stall to take advantage of the free food that comes with the Night on the Town holiday.

Grace spends some time before work visiting with a new acquaintance.

Joanne earns a promotion to Line Learner, level 2.

When Joanne was gathering on Sixam, she picked up the last geode needed to complete the collection.

Grace has her final breakthrough.  She now knows the secrets of all of the serums.  She just needs the alien plants to become harvestable so that she can actually create the last two serums for the mini challenge.

Grace is making dinner when she abandons the spaghetti.

The aliens are back and she is being abducted once again.  This is the fifth time, I think.

Matthew finally masters fitness.  He now has all of the skills needed to get to level 10 as an astronaut, so he will be focusing his free time on mastering archaeology next.  He is already at level 9 so it shouldn’t take him much longer to finish up the archaeology requirements.

Sunday morning breakfast and everyone is having leftovers.  Grace cooked a lot of meals on Saturday so the fridge is full for the moment.  After eating Grace heads to Sixam to check on the plants.  There is hope that something will be ready to harvest eventually, but Grace went ahead and took cuttings from the Quill plant and the Orb fruit bush.  The tentacle tree has gone dormant.  Grace then splices the cuttings on to her existing plants at home, so she will have alien fruits and berries soon.

I am just beebopping along and there pops up a notification that it is almost Joanne’s birthday.  Wah?  The first two generations took eleven chapters each and the third generation is only going to take eight.

The elements collection has been completed and joins the others.

Howl stays out all day playing the violin.  He is still playing the violin when Joanne comes home from school.

Joanne starts to work on her project because I am not used to her having to go to her meetings right after school.  She will never get past level 2 because she is late everyday.

Matthew comes home from work and goes straight to the artifacts.  While technically they can travel since Grace has reached level 10 as a Scientist, I am waiting until Matthew masters Archaoloegy and completes the aspiration before letting the family go on a vacation.  They are missing one crystal – Alexandrite – which is only found in Selvadorada.

Grace  makes the last two serums and completes the mini challenge to invent all devices and create all serums.

This doesn’t count as a collection but there is one of each serum.  Now Grace can clean out her inventory.

Grace heads to work so that she can finish upgrading the Simray, and she finds out that there is a party on Sixam that she is required to attend.  Well, first things first.  The Simray is fully upgraded, as are all of the other devices.  She should not have to have someone join her at work again.

With the devices upgraded, Grace heads to Sixam.

This is completely new to me.  But Grace is down for the party, although she only gets her beaker to silver before she runs out of time.

Wednesday brings Winterfest and everyone is home to celebrate.  They do all the things and everyone has a gold holiday before noon.  This is a good thing.

Matthew and Grace head into work, because why not.  Matthew is still working on his next promotion and Grace went just because.

Before Grace left for work, she baked a birthday cake for Joanne.  Yeah, time slipped right on by and it is now time for her to become a young adult.

Joanne rolls Childish to go with Neat and Outgoing.  She also has Responsible and Good Manners, Top-Notch Toddler, Scouting Aptitude, and Creatively Gifted; then she bought Incredibly Friendly, Entrepreneurial, and Connections.  Her aspiration is still Master Actress.  Her first action is to take a job as an Actress and then she joins the Well Suited Talent Agency.  Because she is going to be courting fame, she steps back into the spotlight.  Currently, she is the only family member that can gain fame.  Because of her connections, she skips the lower levels and starts as an Actress, level 4.

Joanne plays with the dolls while she waits on everyone to get home.  She has a date this evening to meet her special match.

Father Winter shows up and now Joanne is waiting for him to leave and the holiday to be over.  Then she is going to finally meet her special match.

After Father Winter reloads the pile of presents, everyone comes in for another run through the gifts.

Finally, Father Winter has gone and the holiday is over.  Joanne makes breakfast and now she is ready.

Zane Valentin answered an matchmaker’s ad on Boolprop to see if he would be a good match for Joanne.  Zane was created by Livvielove during the Summer Fete 2019.  Quoted from his resume…

“I aspire to be in the sports and athletics field! I love getting to exercise!  I’m pretty good-natured, too, but that’s not just me humble-bragging. I can maintain my cool even when I get stuck behind people taking up the whole sidewalk at a snail’s pace when I’m trying to jog!  I’m energetic and I have fun helping others be energetic too! Though at the end of the day, energy isn’t everything. I certainly don’t mind settling down with a good book!”

Joanne is happy with her first impression and they begin to get to know each other.  She does take a moment to ask him to change into his cold weather clothes, because she doesn’t want him to die by freezing before they ever have a chance,

Of course, Joanne is childish and then she is telling a lot of jokes and the next thing I notice is that she is hysterical.

They head inside the house but there aren’t any mirrors, so she lays down for a nap.  That is enough to get her down to Very Playful.  Now she is going to start being romantic because she can’t afford to be playful any longer.

They are hitting it off really well and quickly have their first kiss.

Joanne knows he is the one and she is ready to propose.

Thankfully, Zane also knows that Joanne is the one because he accepts the proposal as soon as she asks.

The wedding takes place immediately, because there is no time like the present.

Zane and Joanne head back to the house where Zane takes a job in the Athletic career.

Joanne was told to be enticing but first she wanted to let Zane know that she is very happy to have him as her husband.

Then they got their woohoo on while Grace and Matthew are still at work.

As they settle into the house, Joanne was selling what needed to be harvested.  She neglected to change clothes and decided to turn blue.  While the color scheme is pretty, it is not a good thing.  This is her second brush with death today.


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  1. Goodness, it’s hard to believe you are already had Gen 4. It goes by so fast sometimes. Joanne is a really pretty sim though, I’m excited to see what her baby will look like!

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