Odyssey: Make the World a Better Place, Chapter 1

Generation 6a – Make the World a Better Place

  • Heir(ess) must join the Political or Conservationist careers. Spouse may enter the job the heir does not choose, or do any previously unlocked profession.
  • After reaching top of either career, heir(ess) lifts the one child/family law, and smoke alarms are unlocked and able to be purchased.
  • Once the heir(ess) reaches level 10 in the chosen career, the one room per sim restriction is lifted.

Amelia starts off her control of the generation by heading “next door” to meet her new neighbors.  She has two objectives – first she needs to discuss neighborhood changes and then she is looking for a partner, a spouse.  It will be one of these guys.  They were both made by xoxJennxox.  They originally had custom content, which I don’t have, so they were updated to look as similar as possible to Jenn’s vision.

First up is Denim Drizzle.

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His roommate is Seance Valentine.

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Moving along.  Amelia finds that she has a really good connection with Denim and they quickly become best friends.

While Denim makes himself some dinner, they continue getting to know each other.

The romance is strong and that part of their relationship also builds quickly.

There is a first kiss and he becomes her boyfriend.

Then there is a proposal, which he accepts.

Amelia was ready to go swimming, but instead they decided to go ahead and elope.

And with an island spirit as their witness, the wedding is done and Denim moves in.

Audrey is having a good day, and is choosing good activities,  Meaning none of them are making messes.  Yet.

She gets Fin to come play with her at the dollhouse while Coco stretches her claws.

Denim makes himself at home and checks out the family graveyard.

Audrey gets Fin to turn on the stereo so that she can show him the proper way to dance.

Audrey decides to sleep in the tent, and despite repeated attempts to have Fin put her to bed, it takes me way too long to realize the doors are glitched again.  This time they get a new style of door.

Amelia and Denim get right to the good stuff.

Audrey plays in the ocean and wishes she could be a mermaid.

There were consequences to the play time and Amelia gives Denim the good news.

It is Audrey’s birthday and Fin brings her to blow out the candles on the cake.

Audrey gets the first single bed, and for the first time in a generation or two, there are monsters under the bed.

The split in the Political career comes early.  Amelia takes the path of the Charity Organizer and is now a Friendly Lobbyist, level 5.

Audrey goes for a swim at night.  She almost freezes, but she has a lot of fun swimming out into the ocean.

Finley finally reaches the top of the Chef career – Celebrity Chef, level 10.  That was extremely painful.

Today was New Skill Day and everyone completed the tradition except for Rosa.  By the time she came home from work, she only had an hour to try to bump something up, and she ran out of time.

At the same time, Amelia was giving birth to the heiress of generation 7.  Brigitte takes after Denim in coloring.

Brigitte is named about Brigitte Bardot, an French actress, singer and fashion model.

Audrey comes home on Monday with a school project, and everyone pitches in to help her complete it.

Denim is looking pretty good.

Since Fin finally reached the pinnacle of his career, he celebrates with a Dinner Party.  He only invited family that was living in the household, no “outsiders”.

He gets a silver medal with the party, and he completes the Master Chef aspiration.  Then everyone goes to bed.

Fin is home with Brigitte while everyone else heads off to work and school.  She is a pretty easy baby as he is able to keep her happy and still do other things around the house.

The scarecrow tries to help out with Brigitte, and that she is not so sure about.

Somewhere during the day, Fin had a birthday that no one else noticed.

Amelia invites over the sims she knows to see if she can collect donations.  One of the targets decided to die right after showing up.  Sucks to be him.

He screws up everyone’s moods for the rest of the day, and they had to find a spot in the graveyard to put his headstone.

Brigitte becomes an inquisitive toddler.

Brigitte spends the day with Fin as she begins to learn her skills.

She masters communication and then Fin plays with her several times and he reads her several books.

The tent is calling her name strongly.  It has been awhile since the toddlers were this attracted to the tent.  Denim is chasing after her to put her to bed in the house, in her bed.

Brigitte gets up early to get something to eat and then Fin puts her back to bed to sleep some more.

When Amelia gets home from work, she finishes working on her charisma – it has been mastered.

Then she heads in to check on Brigitte, who has just mastered the potty.

Sitting on the potty all day is not fun, so Rosa plays with her a little bit, but it doesn’t bring her fun up a lot.  Instead, Brigitte eats dinner and goes to bed.

Fuifui, the ghost that isn’t family, is out to haunt tonight.  Every night the ghosts break the bathroom sink, shower, and toilet.  Every single night.

Amelia sells the harvests today and completes the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration.  At this point in the challenge, everyone completes the Mansion Baron and Fabulously Wealthy aspirations, pretty much just for existing in the household.  They are now receiving around a million simoleans from their investments weekly, plus the funds from selling the harvests daily.  Their garden currently contains thirteen money trees, so the daily income is not insignificant.

Brigitte is awake and working on her creativity skill.

Amelia takes Audrey and Brigitte into town to the library.  Amelia needs to meet new people and Brigitte is watching her.

Audrey practiced her typing and then she played the keyboard commander game until she gets a high score.  Now it is time to go home.

Amelia is reading stories to Brigitte to help her master imagination and Audrey comes over to listen to the story also.

So far, the only daily task Denim has had is to spread conservation awareness.

Audrey remembers to join the scouts, so she tells jokes to Brigitte.

While Audrey is finishing up the two social badges, Rosa and Denim come in to join the conversation.

Brigitte has enjoyed the attention.

Her sleeping schedule is completely screwed.  She is sleeping during the day and up most of the night.  Amelia is trying to get her back on a normal schedule.

Audrey masters movement and completes the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration.

Brigitte finds the time to master movement and then imagination.

As she is trying to pick up her needs – she needed to eat, potty, and sleep.  She ate a little, and then passed out in front of the potty.

Audrey is trying to work on cleaning up, but first she has to make a mess.  Then I changed my mind and sent her home.

Amelia is working on both her popularity aspiration and the donations for her career.

Brigitte has almost mastered all of her skills.  She is really hoping that is her birthday cake , but it isn’t.

Mastery has been achieved and just in the nick of time since her birthday is tomorrow.

The family has reached the max simoleons allowed in the game – §9,999,999.  They still have a lot of time left and a lot more to earn, so they are figuring out how to play hide and seek with the simoleons.

Brigitte wakes up starving and she proceeds to wake up Audrey.  Then Audrey goes back to bed and Brigitte heads into the kitchen to find some food.


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