Odyssey: Make the World a Better Place, Chapter 2

Amelia was trying to go to bed but the aliens come calling.

Amelia takes about half of their savings and invests it into five separate businesses – three retail, one restaurant, and one vet clinic.  Then she moved one million simoleans into the account for each business.  That gives them more room to continue earning simoleons – this is where a very large portion of the challenge points are coming from.

Rosa has a surprise birthday, because I forgot in the process of buying all the existing businesses in town.  Rosa and Fin need to stay alive until after the update with the configurable stairs (writing this on Wednesday and update is on Thursday).  If everyone survives past the update, the house will get a sixth room upstairs.  Fingers crossed.

Brigitte asks for food and then was forgotten when everyone went off to do whatever.  Only Denim is having to work on skills, and she called him four times to come get her.  He was busy and Rosa finally helped her out of the high chair.

As soon as she is out of the high chair, she is over asking Fin to take her out to the kiddie pool.  She spends several hours in the pool.

When Fin tells her it has been long enough, she heads over to the nearby beach.  She was playing until a stranger came up and started talking to her.

She talked for a few minutes and then she ran home.

It is time for her to blow out some candles, and as she runs to the cake, they notice that Audrey is sitting quietly playing with the doctor’s kit.

Amelia helps Brigitte blow out her candles while Fin watches.

Brigitte rolls Erratic and is the first this challenge to earn me a point for that trait.

With Brigitte outgrowing the toddler bed, they are now one bed short.  It is time to expand the house.

The game has been updated and they have the sixth room upstairs.  Instead of adding a bedroom up there, it is now a general activity loft.  All of the activities have been moved upstairs, except for the toddler items.

The new stairs!  I didn’t quite get the switchbacks right, but I am okay with it.

There is also a basement that is now blocked off, because I had to install a vault to hang on to their cash.  While this is technically an extra room, I am making two allowances – it exists but is not available and this is Coco’s room because she is the only one that can get through the fence.

It still looks good from the outside also.

Fin takes the simoleons down to the basement and adds them to the vault.

They have nine million simoleons in the vault now.  But I am not locking it because it sucks when the sim that locked it dies.

Oh, and the toddlers and infants have been moved into a quasi-room with half walls.  Brigitte now has a bed in the room with Audrey.  Also, they sold all of the businesses.

Hmm, that isn’t right.

Now they are gone, but there is still shadows on the floor.

The girls work on their homework together.  Aunt Audrey and Niece Brigitte.

Patchy the scarecrow is back on his stand.  Surprised me too.

It must be Harvestfest.  I have had to move them out of the way twice – once from the garden where they were blocking the daily harvest and once from the kitchen where they trapped Fin in place while he was trying to make the grand feast for the family.

Amelia must have had to pee.  I am pretty sure that the smelly is not coming from her underarms.

The girls go off to the park in Oasis Springs to get their fishing badges done since the fishing spots in Sulani still don’t work for the scouts.  Coming back, Brigitte begins chatting with the toddler out front.

She has just enough time to complete the Good Deeds (humor) badge.  Of course then the columns in the basement are sticking through the floor again, so the basement has to be revamped.

Everyone begins to settle in for the night, and it is time for Audrey to blow out her candles.

Audrey rolls Hates Children, but I make an executive override and give her Child of the Oceans instead.  She also takes the Beach Life aspiration.

She is now old enough to try out something she had heard about as she was growing up.  Maybe, just maybe it will work.

After eating the kelp, she heads out into the ocean.  And she is missing a tail.  Actually, she is missing her entire bottom half.

She heads into CAS to find her tail.

And, she has a tail, and everything is great now.

She sleeps on her back so that I can get a good picture of her.

As she heads back on the beach, I discover there is a disconnect in the transition between sim and mermaid.

So, she heads back into CAS.  This is much better because both forms transition without leaving her wearing less than she should.

Audrey works on her homework before going to bed.

And then I spend another hour fixing the stairs so they can use the one going to the upstairs.

Denim tests out the stairs and can go from the top to the bottom.  Now maybe I can play.  But then I realize what time it is and that time is bedtime.  And since this needs to post in the morning, it will be a short update.


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