Odyssey: Make the World a Better Place, Chapter 3

Once a ghost pet joins the household, they are there forever.  Unless they move out with someone, there is no other way to get rid of them.  That being said, they love Coco and she is a most excellent cat.

Even though Harvestfest is over, the gnomes are still actively spitting out seed packs.  They were all placed into inventory and Fin collected, and opened, all of the seed packs.

Brigitte comes home from school and she is headed to the slip and slide.  But she is caught before she gets very far and she heads inside to complete her homework first.

Brigitte decides her scouting badges are more of a priority than completing her homework, so she chats with Amelia for the social badge.

Then she gives her a bunch of gifts for the charity badge.

Audrey heads out into the ocean to improve her hydration and work on her fitness skill.  She really enjoys being in the water.

Brigitte works on her art badge next.

Audrey heads back to the house so get her homework and school project done.  Apparently even mermaids can get sunburned.

Denim is parked at the chess table to work on his logic skill.  He needs to get ahead of his promotion requirements.

They got the house upgraded just in time.  Fin is moving on.

He mastered two skills – Cooking and Gourmet Cooking.

Fin also completed aspirations: Master Chef, Fabulously Wealthy, and Mansion Baron.

This was a surprise.  The best I can tell is they earned it because this is the fifth generation beginning to die off.

Everyone wakes up and the household is sad over the loss of Fin.

Rosa is sent out to sell all of the harvests and then she stops by Fin’s grave to mourn.

Amelia earns her next promotion to Non-Profit Director, level 8.

Audrey completes her last badge and becomes a Llamacorn Scout.  Now she can focus on getting the A in school.

The family tree has been created and updated at the Plum Tree website.

Amelia heads out to talk to Fuifui to see if he will be interested in donating to her cause – he wasn’t.

She stops to grill some fruit and gets struck by lightning.  She heads inside to try again with Fuifui.  He still says no.


Amelia goes out to finish the grilled fruit and gets struck by lightning once again.

The glowing eyes and crispy look actually seems to look good on Amelia.

Rosa finally realizes that she never retired.  She meant to retire a week ago, but this time she gets it done.

Amelia heads into the city to work on her requirements for her next promotion.

She has to make a friend in the Uptown and then get to know three sims in the Spice Market.

During all of this she has to collect more donations.  With everything done, she heads home.

They are both sucking on their fun, so they sit down to watch a movie together, before the girls get home from school and Denim comes home from work.

The girls come home and Audrey has her A, now she is just waiting for her birthday so that she can move out and have a life.  Brigitte still is rocking a solid C, but she is going to be working on that now that she has completed 8/9 badges.

The focus turns to Brigitte for now.  Amelia is just waiting on promotions and at the moment, no one else has anything of consequence to get done.

Everyone heads to bed and Audrey heads in for a long, soaking bath.

Brigitte is sent out to play on the monkey bars to complete the last badge.

And she has reached Llamacorn Scout as a child.  She really wants to go to bed but it is almost morning and time for school.

Audrey slept through all of the warning signs that she needed to pee, and when she woke up, it was too late.

Denim earns a promotion and he is now at level 6.  Amelia will reach the top of her career first.  And then they can have another child, or add a fire alarm to the house.

And then I realize it is a holiday.  Happy Winterfest.  So much for Amelia getting a promotion today.

While the day passes by, Brigitte plays several games of chess with Denim.

At the end of the day, Father Winter comes by and Brigitte is able to ask for a present.

The girls are over the idea of going to school every day.  They want more holidays.

Audrey switches her aspiration to Bodybuilder and then she heads out to workout at a gym.  She doesn’t stay long and heads back home, because Willow Creek is freezing.  Apparently it is winter.

Grace comes out to break the plumbing and destroy the dollhouse.

There are only a few more days of school for Audrey, but Brigitte still has quiet a few days.

Amelia disappoints me by not coming home with a promotion.  Now she has three days off before her next day at work.

Audrey puts out an aquatic lure.  Maybe it is supposed to increase the number or types of fish caught.

Then she joins them fishing.  And that was a mistake.

Apparently, mermaids should not be catching fish.

Rosa knows that her time will soon be up, so she heads into the jungle to see if she can add any more pieces to the uncompleted collections at home.  She makes a fast run to the temple and into the heart of the temple.  She brings home several items that will need to be authenticated and she adds two more gold frogs to the collection.

Denim received a promotion while Rosa was traveling.  He chose the Marine Biologist branch and now he needs to survey ocean wildlife.

Rosa’s time is over.  She mastered five skills: Charisma, Fitness, Gardening, Handiness, and Logic.  She completed several aspirations: Fabulously Wealthy, Mansion Baron, and Nerd Brain.  With Rosa’s death, they are now finished with the fifth generation and beginning the backside of the challenge.  They currently have 383 points.  While my goal was 500, it is now 750.  I think they can actually do this.


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