Odyssey: Make the World a Better Place, Chapter 4

As everyone prepares for the string of birthdays coming up, they all settle into working on aspirations.  Denim is working on Nerd Brain and Amelia is working on Renaissance Sim.  They both have the same achievements on the first tier so they are reading books – three each.

Audrey is working on Bodybuilder, and she makes the best faces.  She might not finish before her birthday and she has to move out once she becomes a Young Adult.

Brigitte is trying to master her mental skill so she can complete the Whiz Kid aspiration.

Denim and Amelia swap books and continue reading.  Then Amelia has to go to bed because she has to work in several hours.  Denim has the day off so he reads the third book and then makes breakfast.

Audrey is now out jogging for two hours.

Brigitte takes the day off from school since she worked through the night, but she has mastered mental and is a Whiz Kid.  It is almost her birthday, so she isn’t going to start working on another aspiration.

The weekly bills are truly scary.

After jogging, Audrey is overcome by sadness from the death of Rosa.  She heads out into the water to swim around and that helps her mood a lot.  And it still isn’t time to go to school.

While Brigitte wasn’t going to put a lot of effort into completing another aspiration, she was home with nothing to do.  So, she is working on aspiration points by completing the easy stuff.

Denim is also home today and he is working on logic.  He needs to master logic and reach level 6 in fitness as a Marine Biologist.

He also uncovers the one artifact that was still a clump of dirt, and he sent off the remaining items for authentication.

Amelia earns her next promotion to level 9, Leader of the Cause.  She has one more promotion remaining to complete this generation – but she needs to collect §20,000 in donations.  She is currently sitting at §6,250, so there is a ways to go.

They actually remember to have a cake for Amelia, but only because it is Brigitte’s birthday also.  Brigitte isn’t bubbling yet, so she is trying to complete the creative aspiration before she blows out the candles.

They were only missing one artifact from the Ancient Omiscan Artifacts, and when they find out that one of the artifacts sent off for authentication was the missing statue, excitement was had because that completes another collection.

Brigitte does it – the creative aspiration has been completed.  And she still isn’t bubbling.

Amelia needs to raise a lot of donations, so she tries to throw a Charity event.  While she manages to get the gold, she doesn’t add to her personal donation total.  That sucks.

So, she starts back with the one-to-one requests.  Matthew donates willingly, but she still needs more than half of the total.

As the day is winding down, it is finally time for Brigitte to blow out her candles.

Brigitte rolls Bro to go with Erratic, and she takes the Nerd Brain aspiration for the boosting trait of Quick Learner.  She is Creatively and Mentally Gifted, Top Notch Toddler, and scouting Aptitude, so she should be a fast learner.  Then she switches into Mansion Baron (complete) and Fabulously Wealthy (complete) for the points.  She spends her points on more traits: Savant, Entrepreneurial, Night Owl, Morning Sim, Incredibly Friendly, and Steel Bladder.  That is a enough to get her started.

Denim heads out to survey ocean wildlife before work, and maybe he should have the aqua zip in his inventory so that travel would go faster.

Back at the house, Amelia is making breakfast while Brigitte completes her homework.  She doesn’t have to go to school today, so she will be working on other tasks.  Probably the school project she never completed as a child.  And also Audrey’s school project that was never started.

Today is Audrey’s birthday, so she takes a vacation day from school and decides to see if she can complete her current aspiration tier.

Denim encounters his first dolphin while he is doing his survey.

This is also my first dolphin since it was released.

Having the aqua zip in his inventory is much appreciated and he even makes it to work on time.

Audrey gets sad because she is being made to workout in the house, so she heads out into the ocean to spend the day swimming.

Amelia decides to work from home and she has to paint a mural and promote the cause.

Brigitte is definitely increasing her skills fast.  She is already level 5 on the piano and is blowing through the logic skill.

Later that night, it is time for Audrey to blow out her candles.

She rolls Loves Outdoors to go with Child of the Ocean and Good.  Her other traits include Top-Notch Toddler, Physically Gifted, Scouting Aptitude, Responsible, Shrewd, and Thrifty. She spends her many aspiration points on Waterproof, Seldom Sleepy, Hardly Hungry, Steel Bladder, and Fertile.  She was two hours away from completing the third tier of Bodybuilder.  The last thing she does before moving out is to take a position in the Conservationist career.

And then she moves out.  I am going to miss her, but she moved into the beach lot across the way.

With the house back down to the primary participants, it seems empty.  Denim is prepared for his next promotion, but Amelia is not.  While he is waiting for work to start, he heads out to take some samples.  Apparently, if he sends his research to the Research Center, then it gives him a boost towards his next promotion.

She plans on spending the day collecting donations.  Brigitte will be working on school projects.  Or, Amelia will begin to help Brigitte with her school projects, and then Brigitte will leave her to finish them.

Once the projects are finished, Amelia invites Audrey over to visit.  She convinces Audrey to make the maximum daily donation.

Then she hits up Patchy and Seance.  This brings her to almost the required amount for her promotion.  One more target.

Denim comes home from work, but doesn’t actually come home.  He heads back out to survey the wildlife – it takes him three attempts to get it done because he really wants to go home and sleep.

Amelia hits up her last target for donations, and she has exceeded the goal.  Bring on the next, and last, promotion.

The tentacle tree has finally grown.  It has taken two years – well, actually it has take six generations.  They finally picked one up out of debug since they spent several generations trying to get the ones on Sixam to grow.  No comment on the how, they are just happy that it will finally be possible to complete the gardening collection.  The fang flower is literally the last plant they need in game.  At least until Realm of Magic drops in two days.

Amelia masters gardening.  She is working up to six skills at level 8 or higher.  So far, she has mastered charisma and gardening, and has reached level 8 in cooking.

Friday was a good day for everyone.  Brigitte brings home an A, Denim earns a promotion to level 8 Fisheries Specialist, and Amelia earns the last promotion to Charity Icon, level 10.  That means the one pregnancy per generation restriction has been lifted.  They can also have smoke alarms now.  And, the limitation on the number of rooms has been lifted.  The only remaining restriction is computers and video games.  And I just realized they added the Button Masher a few days ago.  But, no one has used it and it is being deleted now.


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